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Jawbone Songs From The United States (sound file & videos)

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This is Part II of a three part series about songs that include the verse "jawbone walk, jawbone talk/jawbone eat with a knife and fork." This post showcases one sound file and two videos of "Jawbone Walk" songs from the United States.

Part I contains information and lyrics of several old time songs from the United States that include that "jawbone walk, jawbone talk"... verse. Click for that post.

Part III of this series focuses on the Caribbean song "Tingalayo". Click for that post.

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Example #1:Leadbelly - Jawbone Walk

benigadol, Uploaded on Nov 7, 2010
I've not been able to find a transcription of this song online. I can decipher the "jawbone walk, jawbone talk/jawbone eat with a knife and fork" verse. However, unfortunately, I'm not been able to decipher enough of this song to post a transcription.

The lyrics to Leadbelly's version may be the same as or similar to the lyrics which are included in Part I of this series. That link is found above.

Also, click for lyrics to a version of the Jawbone song.

Notice the jawbone instrument that is played in the following videos.

Example #2: Walk Jawbone

Dmculgan, Uploaded on Apr 26, 2011

Written by Silas S. Steele in 1844 for Cool White. A fellow sings of his simple life's pleasures even as his situation goes from bad to worse. Performed by the Camptown Shakers at a 2010 concert (Dave Culgan- banjo, Renny Allgyer - fiddle, King Bennett - tambourine).
"Cool White" was the stage name for a popular White minstrel singer.

I can decipher the verse "Walk Jawbone... Heree come Sally with the booties on" [or "her big boots on"] _

Example #3: Joe Bone Plays Walk Jawbone at the Stephen Foster Old-TIme Music Weekend, 9 12

Chuck Levy, Published on Jan 1, 2013
Joe Bone (Greg Allen, Bob Murphy, and Caitlin Murphy) at the Florida Masters concert at the Stephen Foster Old-Time Music Weekend, September, 2012.
I'm unable to transcribe this song. I'm unsure if it contains the "jawbone walk/jawbone talk" verse. However, I think the chorus is something like "jawbone jawbone walk away".

Thanks to all those vocalists and musicians who are featured in these examples. Thanks also to the publishers of this sound file and these videos.

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