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Mai Charamba - Ndirangarirei (with English translations)

Edited by Azizi Powell

This post showcases the song Ndirangarirei (Remember Me) by the highly regarded Zimbabwean Gospel vocalist Mai Charamba. Information about Mai Charamba is also included in this post.
English language lyrics for this song & English language comments about this song are also included in this post.

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"ZIMBABWE gospel diva Olivia Charamba is following her husband's footsteps as she recently graduated to be a pastor.

In an interview, Amai Charamba said she recently attained a Diploma in Theology...

Amai Charamba said she decided to become a pastor because she believed God chose her to minister his word.

"I believe that God prepared me for the job that he gave me as you know that I have been ministering through music. So I decided to advance my biblical understanding by going through diploma training on Theology," she said.

The musician said that her passion for music was something that came from within.

"The family that I grew up in was more into music as we were members of the Salvation Army. So music became a part of me as I became part of the church choir," she said.

Amai Charamba said while in the church choir she became one of the best lead vocalists as she had a powerful voice.

"I actually discovered that I was a talented singer in the 1980s as I was a member of the church choir. A lot of people in church used to tell me that I should take music as a career as they believed that I had the voice. I used to enjoy listening to Hosanna music that was more of praise and worship kind of music. This genre inspired me to an extent of singing songs that had been recorded by other musicians," she said.

Amai Charamba said while in the church choir she got an
opportunity to be exposed to musical instruments.

"I developed a passion for playing instruments like any other musician. During that time I learnt to play a guitar while singing my own compositions," she said.

Amai Charamba said in 1995 she moved to join the Apostolic Faith Mission and that is where she met her husband.

The gospel diva said she later fell in love with her husband, as he was a God-fearing man....

The musician said Baba Charamba realised that she had talent and gave her some songs to record.

"I actually invited my best friends Tariro Muringa and Siphiwe Murerwa to record Amai Charamba and Friends," she said.

The musician said she got overwhelming support from gospel fans that were blessed by the album.

"I can safely say I never experienced the challenges of being an up-and-coming musician. I just made the grade with my first album and since then we have been working hard," she said.
*Editor's note:
That article indicates that Amai Charamba's husband is also a pastor. Several of the comments to that article were critical of a woman being a pastor.

Click "Zimbabwe: Mai Charamba Mingles With Inmates" [April 2013] for more news about Gospel singer Amai Olivia Charamba and her husband Charles Charamba.

Ndirangarirei -Mai Charamba from

gospelzim, Uploaded on Oct 6, 2008

Promoting Zimbabwe gospel artists through the internet.


"It's a song about her sacrifice to follow the Lord instead of the world where many people are great at.She goes on by asking the Lord to remember her and to be transformed into His likeness. Amen"
-gospelzim, 2008

"she is saying Lord I am a failure but in your presence I am a victor.Remember me Lord that always m seen in your me from this world and help me achieve my eternal life with you."
-chomuekez, 2010

[Translation #1 from video commenter Major Chir, 2010]

Most of us are great at deeds of the world
We do not know the future of our spiritual being
Remeber me Remember me Lord Jesus
When I am seen let it be in your image

Lord remember me
Help me Lord Jesus Christ
Father remember me
Help me Lord Jesus Christ
amen Aleluyua
Let me be seen in your image
Heaven and Earth - The Word says they shall end
The joys of the world - The word says they shall end
Rember me Remember Lord Jesus christ...

[Translation #2 from video commenter toallya, 2010]

Most of us are so bothered about the things of this world,
that we don't know God's will for our lives
Lord remember me, Lord Jesus remember me X2

chorus- Lord remember me
Help me Lord Jesus Christ
Father remember me
Help me Lord Jesus Christ
amen Aleluyua
Let me be seen in your image

many israelites left egpyt
but most of them didn't reach Canaan
bcoz they displeased the Lord x2

the word say Heaven and Earth will pass away
but remember me O'Lord
I changed this comment to line formation with a space between the chorus and the verse.

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