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Nigerian Insult Traditions (Yabbing) Part II, Dont jealous me- Super Bass Cover

Edited by Azizi Powell

This is Part II of a two part series on Nigerians tradition of yabbing (giving insults). This post features a Nigerian vlogger (video blogger) Tboy (Don't Jealous Me). This post also includes my transcription of that video.

Click for Part I of this series. Part I provides some information & comments about insult traditions in Nigeria. That post also includes some examples of insults which were posted on a Nigerian blog.

The content of this post is presented for folkloric and cultural purposes.

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SHOWCASE VIDEO: Dont jealous me- Super Bass Cover

Uploaded on Jun 16, 2011

Tboy kills its again with his sickk rapppp loool enjoy...
"Don't Jealous Me" means "Don't be jealous of me" (because I'm great i.e - I'm so good at what I do).

Here's my transcription of that video. Additions & corrections are very welcome.

Don’t jealous me
Sh……at, man
Oh, Tboy is back in your hood.
Back in your farm
in your village,
in your estate,
in your city,
in your country.
In fact, check your wardrobe.
And get set chillin like this [does a rapper’s chillin (relaxing) pose]
You know I'm standing like my grandfather.
In fact I’m pimpin like my grandfather.
Oh! You don’t believe I’m the baddest guy?
You don’t believe I’m the baddest guy?
Check the website w.w.w.baddestguydotcom.
You see my face like this [stares with a wide eyed serious expression]
Just chillin there.
Yes. Oh, you don’t believe me.
How can you?
After all you are lose wig.
You are a, you are a lip.
That’s what you are. You are a lip.
That’s what you are. Yes.
You are a nose and you are a throat.
In fact, you are a uncompleted mansion
You are an unwanted house party customer.
You belly button head. That’s what you are,
a belly button head.
You are a overgrown toenail, chillin like that [holds one finger with the nail pointed down]
Like this. Hideous.
Let us forget that one. That’s not why I’m here, you flat sim card.
The reason why I’m here-by the way, sim cards aren’t flat. Forget that.
The reason why I’m here is because I am making a cover.
My homegirl Nicki Minaj she holler at her homeboy [makes a “talking on the phone” gesture]
She said “You know my song “Super Bass”.
I said “Of course I know that sweetheart.”
She said she wants me to make my own remix.
So I said why not.
Let me spin that track so you can hear what I did over you.

[rapping over instrumental music]
This one’s for everybody’s mouth that is smelly.
Toothpaste is a must, come on.
That, it’s 2011.
Let’s go. Let’s go.
This one’s for the mouth that’s smelly.
You need to brush your mouth. It’s smelly.
This one’s for the throat that’s smelly.
You need to brush your throat. It’s smelly
You need to gargle your mouth. It’s smelly.
You need to gargle your life. It’s smelly.
Come on, wash your insides. It’s smelly.
Come on. Come on. Come on. Come on.
I said, excuse me, you’re a hell of a girl,
But your breath does really really smell.
I mean, brush your mouth, brush your mouth.
Are you tryin to kill me? That stuff is foul, come on.
Baby girl, use mouth wash.
Come on, use tooth paste.
You are a big disgrace.
Baby girl, use tooth paste.
[Singing] Gargle your throat, baby girl.
We have had enough of your smelly throat.
Please don’t kill us.
Please don’t kill us.
We have had enough, 'Ma pami ooo'*
___!** And I’m out.

*I got this phrase from a commenter Matilda Oduntan.
“ 'Ma pami ooo' oh lawdd I almost cried”
And also from two other commenters.

I’m not sure what it means. My apologies if it means something vulgar.

Btw, that phrase is in lyrics for Knock Down(Azonto Gangnam Style) by YahooPapi.

**I'm not sure what he said here.
Thanks to Don't Jealous Me (Tboy) for this video.
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