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J. Blackfoot - Taxi (sound file & lyrics)

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This post showcases a sound file of & lyrics to the 1983 hit song "Taxi" by J. Blackfoot. Information about J. Blackfoot is also included in this post.

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"J. Blackfoot (born John Colbert, November 20, 1946 – November 30, 2011),[1] was an American soul singer, who was a member of The Soul Children in the late 1960s and 1970s, and subsequently had a moderately successful solo career. His biggest hit was "Taxi", which reached the charts in both the US and UK in 1984...

John Colbert was born in Greenville, Mississippi, moving to Memphis, Tennessee with his family as a child... he acquired the nickname "Blackfoot" as a child, for his habit of walking barefoot on the tarred sidewalks...

In 1968, after Sam & Dave had moved from Stax to Atlantic Records, Porter and his songwriting and production partner Isaac Hayes decided to put together a new vocal group of two men and two women. They recruited Blackfoot, together with Norman West, Anita Louis, and Shelbra Bennett, to form The Soul Children. Between 1968 and 1978, The Soul Children had 15 hits on the R&B chart, including three that crossed over to the Billboard Hot 100, and recorded seven albums.[3][4]

The Soul Children disbanded in 1979. Blackfoot worked with bands in the Memphis area, and recorded solo for the local Prime Cut label. In 1983, he began working again with writer and producer Homer Banks, with whom he had recorded with The Soul Children, and recorded "Taxi", a song originally written for Johnnie Taylor but not recorded by him. Blackfoot's record rose to no. 4 on the R&B chart and no. 90 on the pop chart, also reaching no. 48 in the UK.[5]"...


J. Blackfoot - Taxi

SuperXavier30, Uploaded on Sep 30, 2009

1983, J.BLACKFOOT Ex lead singer with The Soul Children delivered his debut album [City Slicker], from that came this gem "TAXI" his most successful release to date...Enjoy!. Oh & don't forget the reply version from Anne Lesear.

(composer- Homer Banks)

Man, man, what time is it
Man, I gotta hurry up and get there
I don't see no cabs nowhere
Yeah, there's one over there

Taxi, take me to
The other side of town
Just as fast as you can
Taxi, before my lady put me down

Please won't you hurry
Can't you see she's got me worried
I don't wanna lose her love
I don't wanna lose her

The crosstown is too slow
Hitchhiking is a no-no
She's all I'm thinking of
All I'm thinking of

Taxi, I've got some
Patching up to do
Yes, I have now
Taxi, like a fool
I broke her heart in two
Sure didn't mean to do it now

So start your meter running
And get your engine humming
I just wanna see her
Just wanna see her
Log on to Top40db.

With the pedal to the metal
There's this matter I've got to settle
I decieved her and oh
I know it grieves her, taxi

La da da da......

Taxi, take me to my baby's place
Just as fast as you can
Taxi, don't get me there too late
Sure don't wanna lose her


Thanks to J. Blackfoot for his musical legacy. Thanks also to the composer at this song & the publisher of this soundfile on YouTube.

Hat Tip to Davis Whiteis, author of the 2013 book Southern Soul-Blues and the 2006 book Chicago Blues: Portraits and Stories for introducing me to J. Blackfoot and other Southern Soul vocalists.

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