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Three Examples Of "Run On For A Long Time" (God Gonna Cut You Down)

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This post showcases three examples of the song "Run On For A Long Time" (also known as "Run On" and "God Gonna Cut You Down").

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"God's Gonna Cut You Down", also known as "Run On" and "Run On for a Long Time", is a traditional folk song which has been recorded by numerous artists representing a variety of genres. The lyrics are a warning to sinners that no matter how hard they try, they will not avoid God's judgment; in the chorus, God tells the narrator of the song to

Go tell that long tongue liar,
go and tell that midnight rider,
tell the rambler, the gambler, the back biter,
tell 'em that God's gonna cut 'em down.

The song has, in the past, been modified to fit the boundaries of genres like country, folk, gospel and techno"...

(These videos are presented in chronological order based on the date of their YouTube posting, with the oldest dated videos posted first.)

Example #1: The Jubalaires - God Almighty's Gonna Cut You Down

upgrayeeed, Uploaded on May 21, 2010

Left to right: Orville Brooks, Ted Brooks, Caleb Ginyard and George McFadden.
[picture from]

Example #2: Odetta - God's Gonna Cut You Down

hakinder Uploaded on Oct 27, 2010

From the album Odetta sings balads and blues.

Example #3: The Blind Boys of Alabama - Run On For A Long Time (Live in New York 2001)

RealWorldRecords, Published on Feb 15, 2013
# Discover more about The Blind Boys of Alabama -

The Blind Boys of Alabama performing their song 'Run On For A Long Time' live in New York. The song features on their album 'Spirit Of The Century', now re-released as part of the Real World Gold series.

Click for the lyrics to this song as sung by The Blind Boys of Alabama.

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