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More Videos Of Concentration 64 Hand Games

Edited by Azizi Powell

This post presents five videos of the concentration 64 hand game and a bonus video clip from the American television game show ConcentrationMup.

The content of this post is presented for recreational and educational purposes.

This post serves as a companion post to Concentration 64 Handclap Game

That post includes videos of concentration 64 and my speculations about how that game came to be called "concentration 64".

All copyrights remain with their owners.

(Notice that like other hand games, Concentration 64 can be played as a two person partner game or as a group game. Concentration 64 (and other hand games) can also be played as a three person game.

Also notice the different words that people use to begin this game and the different ways that people use their hands to clap this game.

Example #1: ESL FUN GAME - Concentration

Uploaded on Aug 24, 2008

Video clips of one of the ESL fun games we played during Elsa's Farewell Party. In this particular video we played the game called "Concentration."

1. Players should sit or stand in a circle.
2. Everyone should know and remember every player's call name.
3. Everyone should follow the rhythm with 4 beats or counting. Tap your laps first, then clap your hands together, after that, snap your fingers on your right hand and followed by snapping your left fingers.
4. While snapping your right fingers, you should say your name and then say the name of the person you wanna call when snapping your left fingers.
5. Everyone should chant this rhyme together specially in the beginning of the game:

"Concentration, United Nations.
Follow the rhythm. (optional)
Concentration now begins.
My name, your name...."

6. While the game is going on someone will surely make mistakes. Therefore, whoever makes mistake shall be asked to give anything from them like a watch, pencil, etc. Collect them all until the game ends and punish them accordingly.
7. Since this is a concentration game. It can't be avoided that players would make mistakes, especially, to those people who have bad memory about English names. Everyone should be alert and concentrate on the rhythm while remembering the players names.

Example #2: concentration game

che3na23, Uploaded on Mar 14, 2008


Example #3: Concentration 64, Avocado, and cherry cherry ding dong

TheMusicislife2698, Uploaded on Jul 16, 2011

Fun games are played

Example #4: concentration game

cholocs2000, Uploaded on Jul 26, 2011

pilapil pre-reunion get together

Example #5: Concentration 64


michie1688, Uploaded on Jan 12, 2012
Kids playing concentration, while waiting for lunch to be served at the restaurant.

Editor: This is a video clip of the final round of one program of the American television show Concentration. In the final round the contestant has to remember & match numbers of examples of cars or on other shows examples of another item that is pictured in the boxes.

Marla Wins At The Final Second!

classicconcentration Uploaded on Apr 23, 2010

After Alex gave her a car, Marla just barely wins one on her own!

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