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The Maxixe Dance (Brazilian Versions & United States Versions)

Edited by Azizi Powell

This is Part II of a two part series about the Maxixe dance.

Part II presents film clips of Maxixe dancing in the early 20th century USA, and re-enactments of early 20th century Maxixe dancing. Part II also features selected videos of contemporary Maxixe dancing in Brazil. Additional information about the Maxixe dance is found in several video viewers'comments which are included in that post.

Part I of this series provides historical information about the Maxixe dance, and descriptions of the early 20th century forms of this dance.

Click for Part I of this series.

The content of this post is presented for historical, folkloric, entertainment, and aesthtetic purposes.

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This post was previously published under the name "Maxixe Dance (History & Videos)"

(All of these examples are posted in chronological order in their section based on the date of their posting on YouTube with the oldest date presented first.)

Film Clips & Re-enactments Of Early 20th century Maxixe Dancing (USA)

Example #1: Dance Through Time2 Maxixe

DancetimePublication, Uploaded on Mar 12, 2009

Maxixe, a popular 20th Century Couple dance, is performed by professional dancers. This is an excerpt from the DVD: How To Dance Through Time Vol. 2, which is available at
Here are a few comments from this video's viewer comment thread

If the Maxixe dance looked like this, it would not have been forbidden
-SCchicana, 2010
"The Maurice Mattchiche by L. Dugue & E. Costa; 1913"
-DancetimePublication, 2012
"It's not the REAL maxixe! It's a social adaptation of the original dance, introduced in order to allow people (dancers) to accept the new style with no shock. The original MAXIXE is a forbidden dance, too erotic, that brought all the sensuality and the "naked" spirit of brazilian people, in a period that "sex" and its equivalences are prohibited to be done, felt and expressed"
-MrLcaa57, 2012
"Yeah, Maxixe is a brazilian dance style, well known as the Brazilian Tango. It influenced many modern brazilian dances such as Samba de Gafieira, Lambada, Forró, Frevo and others ... This video shows a more americanized style, because the original one it's more sensual. That's why it was considered forbidden in the past :) Mexixe in Portuguese is also a name of a frut."
-BSBcty, 2013

Example #2: Castle Maxixe

DancetimePublication, Uploaded on Jun 5, 2009
This dance is called Castle Maxixe from the year 1910. Just one of the many dances that are featured on the Dancetime Publication's DVD: AMERICA DANCES: Social Dance in Film from 1897-1948, available at
Commenters on this video's viewer comment thread indicated that this is the only surviving film of Vernon and Irene Castle, and that it was filmed in 1913.

Re-Enactment Of Early 20th Century Maxixe (Brazil)

GFAB - Maxixe - Danças Folclóricas

Uploaded by gfabfolclore on Sep 2, 2008
This uploader summary provides extensive comments in Portuguese about this dance.

Video Examples Of Contemporary Brazilians Dancing The Maxixe

Example #1: Maxixeiros

Uploaded by miojjo01 on Aug 4, 2008

Mostrando um pekena amostra de dança de verdade...
"Maxixeiros" is a Portuguese referent for Maxixe dancers.

Example #2: Figuras do maxixe (dança)

joicets, Uploaded on Nov 8, 2008

Rodrigo professor de maxixe, joice prendendo a dançar maxixe.

Example #3: Vem dançar maxixe

elianecostabr, Uploaded on Apr 17, 2009

A dança intitulada maxixe, ou como preferem dizer seus adeptos, vanera suingada, nasceu no Rio Grande do Sul ligada ao movimento Tchê Music

Example #4: Maxixe-A M P Amigos Maxixeiros Luis e Aninha dançando maxixe

Aninhathiesen, Uploaded on May 1, 2009

Apresentação de maxixe

Example #5: Festival de Maxixe - Clube Tradição - Canoas (High Definition)

joaolmed, Uploaded on Aug 8, 2009

Thanks to those who originated, documented, and still dance the Maxixe in one form or another. My thanks also to those commenters I quoted and to the uploaders of these featured videos.

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