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Made Up YouTube User Names On Two Olatunji Comment Threads

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Revised February 16, 2016 [with the link and references to my no longer active Cocojams website removed]

This post showcases two video performances of Babatunde Olatunji. Olatunji (April 7, 1927 – April 6, 2003) was a Nigerian drummer, educator, social activist and recording artist. Information about Babatunji Olatunji can be found by clicking this link to his Wikipedia page:

This is a companian piece to this pancocojams post: YouTube User Names That Refer To Race, Skin Color, Ethnicity, Or Nationality

All of those posts focus on examples of user names that are found in the viewer comment threads of those featured video/s. By "made up names" I mean a name other than a person's first name & last name, or a person's first name, middle initial, and last name, or a person's first name & the initial of his or her last name. Those names are often referred to as a person's "full name" or a person's "real name". In this context, a person's first name could also be a nickname that is derived from that first name.

I'm interested in documenting types of made up user names on YouTube comment threads because I believe that a review of those types of names can be of folkloric & sociological value. That documentation is of particular urgency because, since June 2012, YouTube has tried to convince its commenters & its video uploaders to switch to the use of their "real names". And it appears that many people have done so.

The content of this post is presented for folkloric, historical, entertainment, and aesthetic purposes.

All copyrights remain with their owners.

This isn't meant to be a complete listing of all of the made up user names on these videos' viewer comment threads. However, I believe that these featured user names are representative of the types of user names that are found on those particular comment threads. I also believe that these examples are representative of many of the types of user names that are currently found throughout the internet.

My failure to include any user name in this post should not be construed to mean that I didn't like those names or didn't approve of those comments.

To further enrich this reading experience, I've included the featured comment made by these selected bloggers on those videos' discussion threads.

WARNING: YouTube comment threads often contain profanity, racist, homophobic, sexually explicit, sexist, and violent language. None of those comments are included in this compilation.

These user name examples are placed in chronological order with the oldest comments posted first, except for any response to a comment. The user names for a particular year are placed under that year.

Example #1: Baba Olatunji & his Drums of Passion- Ajaja

BabaOlatunjiMusic, Uploaded on Jul 17, 2008

Baba Olatunji & his Drums of Passion perform at a New Years Eve Concert in 1986 opening for The Grateful Dead. Concert intro song Ajaja.
User Names & Comments from
[Total Comments as of 10:00 am EST 3/4/2013 - 29]

"great seeing this!"
[This user name might be the blogger's real name or it might be a user name that was selected in homage to Babatunde Olatunji. "Olatunde" is a traditional Yoruba name. To figure out that name's meaning, read my comment below.]
[Ashe, "Ase"; "Ase o" can be translated to English to mean “Power”.]
"yeah, reminds me his The Who's introduction in Tanglewood, Massachutes."
"as we call upon the spirit of the ancestors"
"ase o"
[This comment is a request for Olatunji's song "Odunde".]
"absolutely beautiful. respect for sharing the sacred with all.
just want to dance now :)
om śānti śānti śānti"
drdreadfullyawesome pp
"KSI's DAD!!!"
"Blu Phi!"
[This is the signature call for members of the historically Black Greek lettered fraternity Phi Beta Sigma, Inc. My guess is that this comment was written because the blogger saw the blue & white colors of a drummer's top and a dancer's cloth wrap; "Royal blue and Pure white" are the colors for Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc.]

Example #2: Baba Olatunji & his Drums of Passion- Odunde

BabaOlatunjiMusic, Uploaded on Jul 17, 2008

Baba Olatunji & his Drums of Passion perform at a New Years Eve Concert in 1986 opening for The Grateful Dead. Concert intro song Ajaja.

This is from Olatunji’s performance at a Grateful Dead concert.
In his introductory remarks for this song, Baba Olatunji described “Odunde” as a harvest song & dance
User Names & Comments from
[Total Comments as of 10:30 am EST 3/4/2013 - 26]

"As the second commentor, I should very much like to ask: Do I see among the players the Right Honoralbe Trevor Huddleston from South Afrika? Please let me know as soon as possible as I so marvel to see the greats praising the Holy Spirit! Trevor played with Hugh Masekela, Mama Miriam Makeba; and all brought Us into a new consciousness. Yetha Moya, Oyingwele! Oh Moya Wami!"
"I had an audience recording of this performance when I just started trading Dead tapes; I played the hell out of this recording. 8 months later I was in a West African drumming class led by a master drummer from Ghana. I got to see Olatunji as part of hte Planet Drum tour in 1991; they had to carry him on and off the stage, but MAN ,what a presence. Though I never met him, Olatunji changed my life with this performance."
"i love AFRICA,is it mother of humans."
"Blessings on Baba where ever he is!"
"Just incredible"
"I saw him at the wetlands perserved right after Jerry Garcia Died and he deadicated the show to Jerry and all the deadheads. IT WAS AMAZING
"There's no doubt. Baba was the very best"
"such spiritual greatness!"

Thanks to Babatunde Olatunji for his musical legacy. My thanks to all of the musicians, vocalists, and dancers who are featured on these videos. My thanks also to all of the commenters whose user names & comments are featured in this postThanks also to BabaOlatunjiMusic, the uploader of both of these videos.

Thank you for visiting pancocojams.

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  1. For those interested in name meanings, here's the meaning for the Yoruba (Nigerian) male given name "Babatunde" and the Yoruba name "Olatunji":

    Yoruba names are composed by combining name elements.

    "Baba" is a Yoruba name element that means "father". "Tunde" is a Yoruba name element that means "returns" or "has returned". Therefore "Babatunde" means "father returns" or "father has returned".

    According to, Babatunde "generally refers to a male ancestor such as a deceased father, grandfather, or great grandfather."

    "Ola" is a Yoruba name element that means "honor" or "wealth" (Since honor usually brings wealth, those two meanings are complementary. "

    Tunji" is a Yoruba name element that means "return again". So Babatunde Olatunji's name means "Father has returned. Honor (or wealth) returns again.
    Visit this page of my cultural website for more examples of Yoruba names: "Yoruba Names & Their Meanings" by Fela Sowande