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3LW- "Playas Gon' Play" & Jill Scott - "Hate On Me"

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This post provides definitions of the African American Vernacular English terms "playa" and "hater" and the saying "playas gonna play and haters gonna hate".

This post also showcases videos of and song lyrics for the 2000 3LW song "Playas Gon' Play" and the 2007 Jill Scott song "Hate On Me".

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"Playa" (pronounced "play-yah") is the Hip-Hop form of the word "player".

In its page about the "haters" meme, cites ICE T’s 1999 explicit Hip Hop track “Don’t Hate Tha Plaar” es that "One of the earliest references to “haters”. That Hip Hop track also includes the word "player"

[Chorus: Ice-T]
Don’t hate the player, hate the game
Ni&&as*, sharpen your aim
Every baller on the streets is searchin’ fortune and fame
Some come up, some get done up, except* the twist
If you out for mega cheddar, you got to go high risk
*This word was fully spelled out in those lyrics and on that page.

In standard English, the word "player" is neutral and means a participant in a game. In that Hip Hop track, a "playa" isn't used negatively. That word just refers to a person who is playing "the game of life", and/or some specific venture that that person is engaged in. However, within the same African American population, over time, a "playa" has come to be viewed negatively.

Although a person can be a playa in any aspect of life, the term "playa" is often used as a negative referent for someone who "plays with" ("messes over") someone else's emotions, especially someone who pretends to have romantic feelings for someone.

* The word "except" in that lyric transcription is probably an error or typo for the "accept". The end of that verse indicates that a person who is playing the game of life [i.e. a "baller"] should "accept the twist" [acknowledge and prepare for that aspect of "the game"] because he or she has to take high risks to reap high rewards [i.e. lots of money; "mega cheddar".]

Here's a definition of "playa" from
"someone who dates more than one person at a time, usually just for sex or other perks. Will typically do anything to have sex with someone. Carries a heavy negative connotation. Usually used to describe males, but could be used to describe females who act in this manner. Often pronounced 'playa.' "
The saying "playas gonna play" means that it's some people's nature to be "players", i.e. "to play with (mess with) other people's feelings"- to not be "for real" when it comes to being faithful to someone they are romantically involved with.

"Haters" is an African American Vernacular English originated noun form of the verb "hate".

A "hater" is a person who constantly insults, criticizes, and/or puts another person down for no real reason.

The above mentioned "Know your memes" page about the word "hater" documents that "The earliest known usage of the term “haters” online appeared on Urban Dictionary[1] in August 2003":

Overused word that people like to use just because someone else expresses a dislike for a certain individual.
PERSON 1: I don't like Beyonce's new song.

PERSON 2: You're a hater!!!

by BFG December 05, 2003

A 2005 definition for "hater" that appears on that same page and is also listed as the top rated definition for haters (as of November 12, 2017) on another page is:
"Hater (n.):

A person that simply cannot be happy for another person’s success. Instead of giving acknowledgment in courtesy, a hater often pursues his/her point by exposing a flaw in the target subject. Hating, the result of being a hater, is not exactly jealousy. The hater doesn’t really want to be the person he or she hates, rather the hater wants to knock somelse [sic] down a notch."

Susan: You know, Kevin from accounting is doing very well. He just bought a house in a very nice part of town.

Jane (hater): If he is doing so well why does he drive that '89 Taurus?

by dion February 04, 2005"

"Haters Gonna Hate is a catchphrase used to indicate a disregard for hostile remarks addressed towards the speaker. This expression has its roots in American hip hop, and spawned an image macro series featuring pictures of celebrities, animals and cartoon characters strutting or posing in a conceited manner.
kelvinkarimi: 2012
"Haters gonna hate" means that this person will always find something negative to say, and will never have any words of motivation or to uplift you. Someone who does not motivate you and who is always fault finding and trying to bring you down, is called a hater."

"Haters Gonna Hate

A phrase that represents ones complete and total disregard of another's negative comment towards the original person.
*Guy 1 is walking down the street and passes Guy 2*

Guy 2: Why are you so ugly?

Guy 1: Haters Gonna Hate. *Keeps on walking*

Dude 1: Hey Fatty!

Dude 2: Haters Gonna Hate

#hgh#haters#low self esteem#high self esteem#dont care
by WhyDoesUKGottaHateOnTheUS? August 19, 2010"
This is the earliest dated entry for the saying "haters gonna hate".

The top rated definition for "haters gonna hate" on that page is:
"Haters Gonna Hate
A colloquial saying. It means that people who don't like you will always find a reason to dislike you, no matter how stupid that reason may be.
"Dad, Jane says she doesn't like me because I write my math problems in pen!"

"Don't let it get you down son. Haters gonna hate."
by Unholyhair January 28, 2012"

On December 14, 2011 kabu3000 December 14, 2011 posted a definition for "haters gonna hate" on that page which indicated that haters gonna hate is "Usually used as a comeback at a person who expresses an opinion that the user of the phrase disagrees with and/or feel personally offended by, often for completely irrational reasons."

Among other entries on that page, on February 05, 2012 mainlyachocolatepinecone wrote that "haters gonna hate "Probably one of the most overused and annoying phrases of the year 2011 and will be for 2012".

Example #1: 3LW [3 Little Women]- Playas Gon' Play

3LWVEVO·5 videosUploaded on Feb 26, 2010

Music video by 3LW performing Playas Gon' Play.

The hit maker
The playas gon' play
Them haters gonna hate
Them callers gonna call
Them ballers gonna ball
(Let 'em know)

I, I don't mind (ha)
What people say or do (nah, nah)
But I, I do mind
What you believe is true
You are the only one
Getting all my love
'cause what they do (what they do)
Ain't nothin' new

Playas, they gonna play
And haters, they gonna hate
Ballers, they gonna ball
Shot callers, they gonna call
That ain't got nothin' to do
With me and you
That's the way it is
That's the way it is

So-called friends
Don't want to see me with you
Behind your back
Callin' my cell and pager too
No matter what they do
I will stay true
Only to you
Only to you

Playas, they gonna play
And haters, they gonna hate
Ballers, they gonna ball
Shot callers, they gonna call
That ain't got nothin' to do
With me and you
That's the way it is
That's the way it is

I want you to know (I want you to know)
I'll never let you go (I'll never let you go)
We gotta talk about everything you hear
'cause I know that it ain't true
You can trust my love
And I can trust yours too
Our love will be forever, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Little Women
They gon' ball shorty
They gon' play shorty
That's how they do shorty
We comin' through shorty
The hit maker shorty

Playas gon' play
Playas, they gonna play
And haters, they gonna hate
Ballers, they gonna ball
Shot callers, they gonna call
That ain't got nothin' to do
With me and you
That's the way it is
That's the way it is

Playas, they gonna play
And haters, they gonna hate
Ballers, they gonna ball
Shot callers, they gonna call
That ain't got nothin' to do
With me and you
That's the way it is
That's the way it is

Playas, they gonna play
And haters, they gonna hate
Ballers, they gonna ball
Shot callers, they gonna call
That ain't got nothin' to do
With me and you
That's the way it is
That's the way it is

Playas gonna play (uh)
Haters gonna hate (right)
That's the way it is (yeah)
That's just how it's been (let 'em know, let 'em know)

Playas (Little Women why'all)
And haters (9 lives why'all)
Playas (the hit maker why'all, woo)
And haters

Playas gonna play (oh, oh)
Haters gonna hate (yeah)
Ballers gonna ball (oh, oh)
Callers gonna call
In the context of this song a "baller" is "a person who is flashy with their money. Someone who has lots of money and enjoys showing it off in front of others buy buying expensive and extravagant things such as cars, clothes, jewelry, etc."
Last edited on Sep 03 2011. Submitted by The Last Don on Aug 30 2011.
In the context of that song [and that definition] "to ball" is to act like a big baller. (A "baller" is often referred to as a "big baller").
In the context of this song, a "caller" and a "shot caller" is someone who is in charge, i.e. someone who "call the shots", make all the decisions. A shot caller is considered or wants to be considered the most important person in any setting.

Examples #2: Jill Scott "Hate On Me"

hiddenbeachmedia, Uploaded on Aug 9, 2007

If I could give you the world
On a silver platter
Would even matter
You'd still be mad at me
If I can find in all this
A dozen roses
Which I would give to you
You'd still be miserable
In reality
I'm gon be who I be
And I don't feel no faults
For all the lies that you bought
You can try as you may
Break me down when I say

That it ain't up to you
Gon on do what you do


Hate on me hater
Now or Later
Cause I'm gonna do me
You'll be mad baby

(Go head and hate)
Go head and hate on me hater
I'm not afraid of
What I got I paid for
You can hate on me...

Ooh if I gave you peaches
Out of my on garden
And I made you a peach cobbler
Would you slap me out?
Wonder if I gave you diamonds
Out of my on womb
Would you feel the love in that
Or ask why not the moon
If I gave you sanity
For the whole of humanity
Had all the solutions for the pain and pollution
No Matter Where I live
Despite the things I give
You'll always be this way
So go ahead and ...

[Chorus x2]

You Cannot...
Hate On me
Cause my mind is free
Feel my destiny
So Shall it Be
[Repeat x2]
"Hate on me hater" is a statement that indicates that the speaker isn't going to let the hatred (expressed by putdowns, and other statements or actions) bother him or her.

As an aside, at .05 of this video, Jill Scott makes a "side eye" gesture. That gesture shows what she feels about those who "hate on" her. Click for a post about side eye.

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