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Piney Brown - Sugar In My Tea (Cream In My Coffee)

Edited by Azizi Powell

This post presents a sound file of and lyrics for the 1959 record Sugar In My Tea (Cream In My Coffee) by Piney Brown and his Blues Toppers. Information about Piney Brown is also included in this post.

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"Piney Brown
One Of These Days

Bonedog Records is proud to announce the release “One Of These Days” a new CD by the R&B icon Piney Brown. Piney’s recording career began in 1947. Over a seven decade span he has been held in the same reverence as other “Big Voice” R&B singers such as Big Joe Turner, Wynonie Harris and Roy Brown among others .The eighty four year old entertainer is also featuring his BMI award winning song writing talents on the disc, penning eleven of the disc’s twelve tracks. This Cd establishes Piney as one of America’s great national treasures.

Octogenarians like Pinetop Perkins, B.B. King & Piney Brown never get old and apparently never shake the Blues. Brown made his mark in the 40s with hootin’ & hollerin’ Jump Blues and kept pace with changing styles through the 60s and 70s but, after all but retiring, staged a comeback in 2000 with the Bonegog Records release “My Task”. Six years later we have the solid “One Of These Days” (***), consisting of eleven Brown originals and two sturdy covers...

Piney Brown first recorded, with his Rhythm & Blues Band, in 1947 on Esquire/Miracle Records – the band featuring the great Eddie Chamblee and Sonny Thompson. Amazingly,nearly sixty years and seven decades later, Piney is still singing/shouting the blues withan emotional intensity and vigour that would shame artists forty years his junior..."
Because of the respective dates of these song, I don't think that the Piney Brown that recorded the 1959 R&B record "Sugar In My Tea" was the same "Piney Brown" who was eulogized in the 1940 Big Joe Turner record "Piney Brown Blues".

I would appreciate any information which could clarify this point and any biographical information about the R&B artist "Piney Brown". For what it's worth, my guess is that the nickname "Piney" comes from "pine tree" and is a descriptor for someone who is tall. That said, it might also have been a nickname that was passed on to one or more male family members.
Click for a sound file of "Piney Brown Blues".

Click for information about the Kansas City men (Thomas Jefferson) "Big Piney" Brown and (Walter) "Little Piney" Brown, and Big Joe Turner.

Piney Brown and his Blues Toppers - Sugar in my tea (cream in my coffee)

Glendoras, published on Jul 16, 2012
Killer rhythm and blues popcorn on Mad! It was released in '59 with My love on the flip side. Audio transfered from original vinyl 45.
Another sound file of the same song can be found at

(composers: Piney Brown And Edna Price, recorded by Piney Brown and his Blues Toppers, 1959)

Umm, cream in my coffee
Sugar in my tea.
You cream in my coffee, baby
Sugar in my tea.
No matter where you go
Or what you do,
You always belongs to me.

You catch a plane,
Or baby ride a train.
Even board a ship
And sail the seven seas.
No matter what you do, chile
Or where you go
You always belongs to me.

‘Cause you’re cream in my coffee
Sugar in my tea.
Yeah, Yeah, cream in my coffee, baby
Sugar in my tea.
No matter what you do
Umm, or where you go,
You always belongs to me.

Umm, I traveled this world
For many miles
And I hope to travel more.
But I never had a woman in my life
Could make love like you before.

Star light, star bright
You the first star I seen tonight
I wish I will, well I wish I might.
To hold the girl I want tonight.

Cause she cream in my coffee
Sugar in my tea.
Yeah, cream in my coffee, baby
Sugar in my tea
No matter what you do, chile
Or where you go,
You always belongs to me.

Ah yeah, cream in my coffee
Sugar in my tea.

Transcription by Azizi Powell. Corrections & additions are welcome.

Click for information about an old fiddle song "Sugar In My Coffee" which may have been part of the inspiration for Piney Brown's recording of "Sugar In My Tea" (Creme In My Coffee).

Thanks to Piney Brown And Edna Price for composing this song, and thanks to the music legacy of Piney Brown his Blues Toppers for this song and for other early R&B songs. Thanks also to the uploader of the sound files of this record.

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