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Videos Of Togo, West African Vocalist King Mensah

Edited by Azizi Powell

This post showcases seven videos of Togo, West African superstar vocalist King Mensah.

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King Mensah (born August 12, 1971) known as "The Golden Voice of Togo", is one of the most popular musical acts from Togo, West Africa. Though based in Lomé, he regularly records and promotes his albums in Paris, and has embarked on several world tours since 2005. Singing in Mina, Ewe, and French, King Mensah's sound fuses elements of traditional Ewe music (Agbadza and Akpessé), and Kabye dance-drum music, with funk, reggae and West African Afropop. King Mensah's lyrical themes are steeped in religion and hopeful encouragement for the orphaned, oppressed and downtrodden....

(These videos are presented in no particular order.)

Video #1: Togo - King Mensah - Enouoledjo

Uploaded by idamawatu on Jan 3, 2012

Here's a comment from that video's viewer comment thread:
"don't really know the words bt i understand it, it like the dream they had when they were kids came tru 4 all of them love the song :)
-jsweettosweet33;, January 2012

Video #2: King Mensah - Aya (VIO Africa)

Uploaded by vioafricaNet on Feb 5, 2012

Artiste : King Mensah
Song : Aya
Dir : Jeff Attiogbe
Prod : Bomb Factory Studio

Here are two comments from this video's viewer comment thread:
"Aya means poverty in Mina, a dialect spoken in the south of Togo. The artist tells about how some people are affected by poverty. That we should be thankful for what we have because some people don't have anything"...
-yoyeossi, May 2012

"please but ''aya'' doesn't mean ''poverty''.it means ''suffering''.as you can see in the clip the woman is struggling or suffering to give birth to a baby.i'm togolese and i speak mina."
-Paul AGBENOHEVI; June 2012

Video #3: King mensah-Migavon O.

Uploaded by muzikplustg on Nov 10, 2010

Label de promotion de la musique togolaise,

Video #4: King Mensah Atah

Uploaded by 21rastafly on May 17, 2011

Paroles altruistes sur un rythme reggae.. tire de l'album 'da' de 'king mensah'.
Il nous incite plus au pardon qu'a la vengeance et rancune,,
UPDATE: 11/11/2O12
Here's a comment about this song that I received from Egbeviwo on 11/11/2112 in response to my request for information:

"ATAH, ATA or TATA is the same as MAWU, SOGBOLISA KITIKATA which means GOD in EƲE (EWE) language spoken in the southern part of the Volta Region in GHANA, southern part of TOGO, BENIN and Gbadagry, the border town of NIGERIA. In short he is asking ATAH, MAWU to FORGIVE his enemies. TATA should bless and shower all his enemies just as has done to him".....By EGBEVIWO

Example #5: King Mensah - Togo - Milé Nonvissi

Uploaded by rpecmidza on Jul 18, 2009

Le message de l'Artiste togolais KING MENSAH à toute la diaspora togolaise. Ce morceau vous est dédié par RPEC. Merci à vous. Visitez et son réseau social

Video #6: Fétou- King Mensah

Uploaded by Chapeauson on May 16, 2011

L'un des meilleurs morceaux de King Mensah

Video #7: King Mensah- NENEYE(c'est comme ca)

Uploaded by BIGDAVOLK on Apr 28, 2010

Click for a video of King Mensah and a band performing this song during a 2011 USA concert tour in Washington, D.C.

A video featuring King Mensah is presented as Video #2 on this pancocojam's post: "Agbadja Music & Dance & Gbessi Zolawadji". That post includes information about Agbadja [Agbadza] music.

Thanks to Gbessi Zolawadji, and the musicians, singers, and dancers who performed in these featured videos. Thanks also to the videographers, video uploaders, and commenters who I have quoted on those video's comment threads.

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