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Seven Videos Of African Reggae Artists

Edited by Azizi Powell

This post showcases seven videos of African Reggae music.

The content of this post is presented for historical, folkloric, entertainment, and aesthetic purposes. All copyrights remain with their owners.

My thanks to the composers of these songs, and the vocalists and musicians who are showcased in these videos. Thanks also to the producers and uploaders of these videos.

(These videos are posted in alphabetical order based on the first letter of the artist's first name or the group's name. The artist's or group's nation of origin is given in brackets.)

Video #1: Alpha Blondy - Jerusalem [Ivory Coast]

Uploaded by fania9876 on Oct 11, 2010

Alpha Blondy - Jerusalem (HD,1080)

DVD Live In Peace Tour

[UPDATE: 6/17/2014 The account for this video below has been terminated and unfortunately, I can't find another example of this song. I'm featuring another Black Missionary song for Example #2 and I'm retaining the song title and comments for their informational content. Thanks to the commenters!

Video #2a: Black Missionaries - Ndilibe naye Chifukwa [Malawi]

Uploaded by herchaklan on Jan 31, 2007

malawian reggae, roots!!!!!!!!
Here are three comments from this video's viewer comment thread
"Bwanji a Malawi? very good song, extremely good. i love that it is in Nyanja( or Chewa like you call it there - am in Zambia), am not very familiar with this band or the song, it sounds like a song about persecution, can anyone with more info enlighten me."
-jobkunda, 2011
"the guy they singing about, matafale, died in police custody. he was arrested after writing a letter against the govt. Matafale was a member and leader of this band"
-baef2a1808; 2011
"rest in peace matafale"
-bigmpha, 2011

Video #2b: Black Missionaries - Mulomo

Moving Minds Multimedia April 12, 2014

Video #3: Dub Colossus - Uptown Top Ranking [Ethiopia]

Uploaded by RealWorldRecords on Oct 8, 2010

Video #4: Isaac Black – Omonozozo [Nigeria]

Uploaded by iiyobo on Oct 27, 2011

This is a non-fading EDO/BINI reggae tune. It´s such a beautiful song, that it was an instant hit when it came out. Additional to that, it remains ever-green. It´s a powerful, touching, moving and emotional song by the beautiful voice of our own ISAAC BLACK ...... (R.I.P.)

Video #5: Lucky Dube - Together As One [South Africa]

Uploaded by david29609 on Apr 7, 2011

Video #6: Majek Fashek - Send Down the Rain [Nigeria]

Uploaded by goldice05 on Nov 16, 2008

Video #7: Tiken Jah Fakoly - Plus rien ne m'├ętonnes [Ivory Coast]

Uploaded by sim00367 on Sep 14, 2010

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