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Examples Of The Grand March - Europe

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Late Nineteenth-Century Dance: Grand March

uploaded by AdaziDotCom on Jan 29, 2008
also known as The March, Polonaise, Grand Promenade, Opening March

This is Part I of a three part video series on The Grand March.

Part I provides an introduction to The Grand March in Europe, the continent where that dance originated.

Part II provides a video introduction to the Cake Walk in the USA and The Grand March in The USA & Canada. The Cakewalk began as an African American parody of The Grand March and other formal European dances.

Part III of this series presents a video introduction to The Grand March in Liberia, West Africa.

These posts are presented for their historical and aesthetic value.

The Grand March in Europe: Example #1
Late Nineteenth-Century Dance: Grand March
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Romantic Era (1850-1869)

The Grand March created the grand opening for balls during most of the 19th century. Dancers paraded around the room in simple formations for “as many as will.” It was an opportunity to see and be seen—to view prospective partners for the evening’s dances. A Dancing Master led the formations, allowing easy participation by all.


"The Grand March is a traditional way in which to being [sic] a formal ball. All the couples line up in promenade order, and prance around the hall in various figures."

Editor: That site includes examples of simple line drawings of the formations that are generally performed for The Grand March.

The Grand March in Europe: Example #2
Pawling 2009 - The Grand March

Uploaded by alfredS582 on May 21, 2009

Scottish Country Dancing

Note: The actual dance in this video doesn't begin until 1:48.


The Grand March is still occasionally performed - to the accompaniment of bagpipes or (in places such as Shetland and Orkne)a band - as the first 'dance' at a Scottish wedding. Strictly, more of a march than a dance it is led by the bride and groom followed by the maid of honour (chief bridesmaid) and best man then both sets of parents followed by the wedding guests. Variations may continue elsewhere in Scotland.

The Grand March in Europe: Example #3
Grand March Fall Round Up 2010 Gelsenkirchen

Uploaded by uhhms on Sep 9, 2010

Grand March Fall Round Up 2010 Gelsenkirchen mit Sabine Aschemeier und Joachim R├╝henbeck

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