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Hollywood Shuffle Movie Scene - Black Acting School (video & comments)

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This post highlights the creativity of and the serious messages clothed in comedic language in Robert Townsend's 1987 movie Hollywood Shuffle. "Produced, directed, and co-written by Robert Townsend, the film is semi-autobiographical, reflecting Townsend's experiences as a black actor when he was told he was not “black enough” for certain roles".

This post focuses on the powerfully scripted & portrayed "Black Acting School" scenes from that now classic movie.

Warning: This video contains profanity and therefore may not be suitable for viewing by children.

Hollywood Shuffle (1987): Black Acting School Scene

trademarktaz, Published on Jan 11, 2013

Scene from the 1987 film Hollywood Shuffle starring Robert Townsend

Black Acting School Hollywood Shuffle 1987

kingcoose1 Published on Jan 13, 2014
This clip is the end of the scene that is shown above.

Selected comments from the discussion thread of an apparently no longer available video Uploaded by boobidyboo on Jul 18, 2009 which I had originally embedded in this post:
Though this is quite funny, I hope everyone realizes that this film parodies black stereotypes to bring attention to the fact that white people in power create the black man's image (stupid, violent, etc.) in film and television, not just for an ironic laugh. Townsend criticizes distorted representations of groups in the media in a smart and entertaining way. "

"This movie was WELL ahead of its time; and sadly, not much has changed for us in terms of representation on the big and small screens."

"a white guy is the instructor of jive one o one lol"

"really shows how white people are behind the camera and really show how they create the "stereotypes" for black people!"

"This movie was made in 1987. Sadly, not much has changed (anyone see "The Help"?). And the white man's influence over our images has taken over the rap game, showcasing only the most ignorant bull___* to make money while making us look like fools."
*expletive deleted by pancocojams editor

"Wow......This is still halarious! White people teaching people how to act "hood" U couldn't even think of trying to get away w/ a scene like this in today's movies! LMAO!!!"

" "i don't why we leavin massa. he feed us sataday , cloth us on sunday & then beat us on monday" "

"You know the movie is a Comedy, but if you watch the movie you would realize it is seriousness involved in the joke. Have you ever watched good times. Perfect example Jimmie Walker is collge educated, and sounds nothing like JJ. But people never realized this because of these stereotypes of hollywood. Going to auditions, and someone truly says your not black enough. "

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