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Burkina Faso's Don Sharp 2 Batoro's 2012 POWERFUL Video "L'Afrique Vous Parle" (Africa Is Speaking) with English subtitles

Edited by Azizi Powell

This pancocojams post provides information about Burkinabé rapper Don Sharp 2 Batoro (also given as Don Sharp De Batoro).

This post also showcases Don Sharp's 2012 YouTube video entitled "L'Afrique Vous Parle" (Africa Is Speaking). Thankfully, this video includes English subtitles which I have transcribed below that embedded video.

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Thanks to Don Sharp 2 Batoro for his musical legacy. Thanks also to the producer and publisher of this very powerful video and thanks for including English subtitles.

From [translated from French to English] THE DONSHARP 2 BATORO BLOG
..."The name Don Sharp was given to him by his friends for his poignant flow. His first name was Sharpman because he did not mince his words. His rap was also hardcorp. Sharpaman means the man with sharp flow. This name will evolve to give Don Sharp in 2001, and Donsharp 2 Batoro to stay in the Burkinabè tradition. Donsharp 2 Batoro drops his bags in his country of origin Burkina Faso for reasons of studies after obtaining his baccalaureate. Once in Ouagadougou, the young Gourounsi, a people from the center-east of Burkina, educated in Baoulé culture, people of the center of the Ivory Coast must fight to insert in the Ouagalaise life dominated by the Mossi culture. It is in Burkina Faso that Donsharp Batoro really starts a musical career. While continuing his studies, he continues in the rap movement. He creates a group with the name "Campus Platform Form" CPF. This group participates in many events and competitions organized in the capital of Burkina Faso. In 2003, his group CPF won the prize for the best artistic group of the University of Ouagadougou with the musical genre Rap. The following year, Donsharp 2 Batoro was named best rap artist at the University of Ouagadougou in a competition organized by the National Center for University Works (CENOU) of the University of Ouagadougou. From consecration to consecration, he participates with the CPF in his first compilation in a sounding album. He is the artistic director of the bobolais rap group KRONIK.

Donsharp 2 Batoro, the perseverant
The CPF group is struggling to find a producer and breaks up. Donsharp 2 Batoro does not despair. His dream of making music is stronger than ever. Despite difficulties, he holds up and continues to work solo. In October 2006, he found a job in a Burkinabe company as a commercial agent in a province of Burkina Faso. Meanwhile, he is saving money in hopes of one day making his album. A year later, he returned to Ouagadougou and returned to the studio where he recorded the "PP in B", the relationship to joke in the Binon. The dream has come true. The campus title, where the artist tells the story of life on the university campus, revolves around the various TV and radio channels in Burkina. The dedication of his first opus took place at the University of Ouagadougou in the legendary A 600 amphitheater. Donsharp 2 Batoro is asked for many shows in his country. His fame is growing. The Ministry of Culture of Burkina falls under the spell of this album and decides to finance the realization of the second clip "Marriage".

In 2008, Donsharp 2 Batoro won the third tier contest in Burkina Faso. This is a contest rewarding the best traditionally inspired song. This confirms the talent of this young artist who decided to promote the culture of his land especially the Binon, a traditional gourounsi.”


graphic architect, Published on Jul 1, 2012

Here's my transcription of the English subtitles from this video*

At the beginning was the Word
The Creative Word of God
From Heaven when He wants
He say “be” and His wish is fulfilled
“Be” and so was Africa!
The word is a weapon and a therapy
Sometimes it bleeds sometimes it heals
Between the Black and the Negro,
the first is a color but the second is a merit
But in terms of its story told, its past told,
on the other side of the countries
The version that we have beheld, its past told
it is not contradictory to the one to countries
The version that we have been finally reported
Is it not contradictory to the one told by the griot Konte?
Africa is speaking to you and it instructs me to convey this...

Women repeatedly singing the same brief lyrics *

Lend your ears to the wind of history
And you’ll hear secrets, secreted in secret
It is ancient Egypt that calls on the theory of the Aryan race
To drink at the source of knowledge of Timbuktu
All Bantus men and women were coming from everywhere.
Do you agree with me to say that:
If man is a being of reason by nature, and
If Africa is the cradle of humanity according to science.
Therefore it is also the cradle of intelligence and science.
So why when 2Batoro is ringing his balafon
Nothing calls your subsoil; to look civilized you prefer the violin.
When Djeliba pinches his kora, to look civilized, you prefer the opera.
When Ibrahim Ologuem plays his djembe djembe is to wish you
“ an badew salam an hou aw sambe sambe”
“You my Muslim brothers happy new year”
Rather Come listen to them and you will know that:
Africa is land of lands, mother land and brother land, nourishing land
but so why be silent?

Women repeatedly singing the same brief lyrics *

Culture, Yes!
-Culture is nothing but the relationship
of the individual to his environment
If you change, it changes.
This is why the toubaboo tche (you white man)
I accept your lemonade, but I do not forget my zom koom
(water of flour)
I accept your pizza, but I do not forget my benga (bean)
If I accept your jacket, tie,
it is because I know it’s my cotton it’s B.A.B.A (father).
Give and give; Win and win.
Give and give; Win and win.
This is how Africa speaks to you.
She instructs me to transmit to you this:
The next migration
It is sure
It will be towards Africa.
I am sure.

Don Sharp singing and the females singing the same brief lyrics as they previously sung in response to his singing; Don Sharp ending by saying something in French(?)

*This transcription doesn't include the spelling with accent marks for a few of these words. It also doesn't include what the women sang or what what Don Sharp sang and said towards the end and at the end of this video.

If you understood what was sung and spoken, please share that information and what language or languages they sung/spoke. Thank you.

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  1. Yesterday, while "surfing" YouTube for possible videos to showcase on this pancocojams cultural blog, I happened upon a 2015 video entitled De Batoro-"Yidjindja". I really liked that video and left this comment in its discussion thread:

    "I'm an African American who just happened upon this video while looking for African music and dances. I hope that someone will share (in English or French which I'll translate through Google translate) what the title of the song means, what this song is about, what nation the singer is from, and what language this is."

    This morning I decided to do some Google searching for the words "De Botoro; singer". That search finally resulted in my learning that "Don Sharp 2 Batoro (or de Batoro) is from Burkina Faso, West Africa.

    My continued searching led me to the blog entry which is given above (translated from French to English) that explains how Don Sharp got his name.

    I then returned to YouTube and watched a number of high quality Don Sharp 2 Batoro videos which-unfortunately- had no English language (or French) summaries or lyrics, or comments that shared what the videos were about.

    And then I struck gold when I decided to view the 2012 Don Sharp video "L'Afrique Vous Parle" that is embedded in this pancocojams video. Thank you whoever decided to add the English language subtitles!!!

    Using the hip language of today, this video is straight fire!

    It's a sin and a shame that Don Sharp 2 Batoro's "Africa Is Speaking" YouTube video has only 4,119 views (as of April 24, 2018).

    I call on all woke people to share this video with its English sub-titled spoken word composition throughout the world.

    Imagine if this high quality and deep video were played prior to the Black Panther movie.

    It certainly fits the ambiance and message of that megahit movie.

    My only quibble is with the line in the spoken word composition about Black and Negro, but I think that being from Burkina Faso, Don Sharp may not have known the nuances associated with the referent "Negro" for Black folks in the United States.

    That said, I definitely rank Don Sharp 2 Batoro's "Africa Is Speaking" among the best of the best spoken words that I've heard and watched on YouTube.

    Thank you my brother. One love! Keep on keepin on!