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Tinariwen (+IO:I) - Sastanàqqàm (Mali, West African music group information, video, lyrics, & comments)

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This pancocojams post showcases a video of the song "Sastanàqqàm" by the Northern Malian music group Tinariwen (+IO:I). Tinariwen (+IO:I) are protégés of the award winning music group Tinariwen. As is the case with Tinariwen, Tinariwen (+IO:I) is composed of musicians and singers from the Tuareg people of the Sahara Desert region of northern Mali.

This post also includes the lyrics to that song as well as selected comments from those videos' discussion threads.

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Thanks to Tinariwen (+IO:I) for their music. Thanks also to all those who are quoted in this post and thanks to the publisher of this video on YouTube.
Click for a pancocojams post that includes information about and three music video of the award winning Mali, West African Tuareg music group Tinariwen.

SHOWCASE VIDEO: Tinariwen (+IO:I) - Sastanàqqàm

Tinariwen, Published on Feb 11, 2017

"Sastanàqqàm" from the album 'Elwan,' ...

“A thousand miles from their homeland in northern Mali, across a vast expanse of desert, the music of Tinariwen has found shelter in the hearts of six young musicians from M’hamid el Ghizlane. They were only boys when the desert rockers first visited their home, back in 2006, but they saw an immediate reflection of their own dreams and aspirations in the music they heard. In the years that followed they learned the Tinariwen songbook note for note, word for word, even though they couldn’t speak a word of Tamashek, the language of the Touareg.

When Tinariwen returned to M’hamid in 2016 to record a new album, those young disciples from M’hamid had achieved a remarkable mastery of the desert guitar repertoire. The torch had been passed from hand to hand and heart to heart across the great desert. The young musicians from M’hamid were invited to perform Abdallah’s ‘Sastaqanam’, standing in for their older brothers and playing with uncanny fidelity. But first the members of Tinariwen wrapped new turbans around the heads of their young acolytes, marking not only the passage from boyhood to manhood according to ancient desert custom, but also the transmission of their music across the generations, a transmission that is taking place in the hearts of youth from every corner of the great Sahara.”


Ténéré, can you tell me of anything better
Than to have your friends and your mount,
And a brand new goatskin, watertight,
To find your way by the light
Of the four bright stars of heaven,
To know how to find water in
The unlikeliest of places,
And enlist the momentum of the wind
To help you move forward.

Tell me, Ténéré, how you and I
Can remain united, with no hate for each other.
Ténéré, I can now admit that
I have travelled far through this wide world.
Ténéré, I give you my oath
That as long as I’m alive,
I will always come back to you.
Click for information about the award winning Northern Mali, West African music group Tinariwen.
Here are some comments from this video's discussion thread:

Numbers are assigned for referencing purposes only.

1. Soufiane Artwood, 2017
"african pride ♡"

2. ameno khalm 2017
"proud of my culture, the Best. this song is all about Tenere, it means the desert. tahoul nawan vous faites notre fierté !!"

3. MtlSidiaissa, 2017
"The group is from Algeria"

4. Slowtta Derrar, 2017
"Actually they're from Northern Mali the band was founded in Algeria"

5. Nedjoua Khechai, 2017
"the language is tamatchek , from south of algeria, its typical culture touareg , actually we are trying to preseve and concerve this old and rich culture, existing from long deep time ..."

6. Brahim Timyaoune
"MtlSidiaissa. No. No"

7. khadi kitty, 2017
"Rania Nana you can read their description box, the group said they are from mali !"

8. Ronaldo Fenomeno, 2017
"MtlSidiaissa from mali but the same culture .. algeria and mali are amazigh"

9. Hejji, 2017
"These are touareg people who roam the Sahara, they've been nomads for ages and now suddenly because they're getting popular you want to put a label on them? Their only identity is Touareg, not mali, not algeria, not morocco, not tsjaad, ... Just Touareg"

10. Khalid Mohamed, 2018
"MtlSidiaissa they are from Mali but they are living in Algeria they said that on radio interview"

11. bloop blooper, 2018
"In fact, they are from Great Afrika.
They are free travelers."

12. zineb s-j, 2018
"no they are not sorry, they are Tuareg musicians from the Sahara Desert region of northern Mali. The band was formed in 1979 in Tamanrasset, Algeria, there is a difference between from and formed :)

13. braz D Blood, 2018
"doesnt matter from morocco till siwa.
down to mauritana north mali en north chad.
are all amazigh we should reunite"
"Amazigh" is the preferred referent for the population more commonly known as "Berbers". Tuareg are Amazigh people.

14. moroccanevil, 2018
"On the discription of music they said that they are from mhamid el ghizlane , it's a district next to zagoura and ouarzazate, i don't know if there is place somewhere else called mhamid ghizlane anyway yhey are touareg ppl of the whole desert from libia to morocco"

15. ameno khal, 2017
"BIZOU BRAZZA they are singing in our native tongue, the tamasheq, a berber language."

16. ameno khal, 2017
"inesita365 the touareg way of life is a célébration itself :-D this song is actually a tribute to our motherland the desert."

17. Marcus Henry Weber, 2018
"This video is great, Tinariwen passing on the music to the next generation. Mashallah."

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