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Ricky & Kayliyah Weems- "Kickin It With My Daddy" (video and lyrics)

Edited by Azizi Powell

This is Part I of a two part pancocojams series that features the children's Rap entitled "Kickin It With My Daddy" (also given as "Kickin It Wit My Daddy") by Ricky & Kayliyah Weems.

This post showcases a video of that rap and and includes that rap's lyrics.

Click for Part II of this pancoocjams series.

Part II provides an analysis of categories of comments from the YouTube discussion thread for this video. This analysis pays particular attention to the use of African American Vernacular English terms and grammar as well as the use of internet/text writing by commenters who appear to be children or pre-teens. That post also pays particular attention to some comments about that refer the desired relationships and actual between commenters and their fathers.

The content of this post is presented for cultural, linguistic, and entertainment purposes.

Thanks to Ricky Weems Jr for composing this rap and thanks to Ricky and Kayliyah for performing it. Thanks to all those who are quoted in this post and thanks to The Real Daytime (television) for featuring this father/daughter duo on their show and for publishing this video on YouTube.

SHOWCASE VIDEO: Kayliyah Weems Performs Kicking With Her Dad

The Real Daytime, Published on Sep 23, 2014

Kayliyah Weems, a 10–year-old YouTube sensation, performs her viral hit “Kickin’ It With My Dad” live on “The Real” stage with her pops by her side. Get ready for for cuteness overload!

Click for the original YouTube video of "Kickin It With My Daddy!!". As of November 1, 2017 at 10:00 AM EDT, that video which was published on Aug 4, 2014 has 13,264,268 views total views and another copy of the same video has 11 million views. I chose to feature the video from The Real Daytime television show (which just has 2,566,030 views
as of November 1, 2017 because its video quality is better than the video which was produced from home.


[Bongo beats]
Ricky - Hit it!
Kayliyah - Kickin it with my Daddy
(Ricky - Ayy!)
Kayliyah - Kickin it with my Daddy
Ricky - Hey!
Kayliyah- Every moment we’re with him
He really makes his daughters happy
(Ricky - Ayy!)

Kayliyah- Kickin it with my Daddy
(Ricky - Ayy!)
Kayliyah - Kickin it with my Daddy
(Ricky - My Daddy)
Kayliyah - Even when we saw no way
He always makes it happen.

Ricky - Kickin it with my daughters
(Kayliyah - Ayy!)
Ricky - Kickin it with my daughters
(Kayliyah - Hey! Hey!)
Ricky - I brought them in this world
So I’m gonna be there and support ’em
(Kayliyah- Say this!)
Ricky - Kickin it with my daughters
Kickin it with my daughters
I thank the Lord above
For two blessings
that’s so gorgeous.

Kayliyah - Kickin it with my Daddy
(Ricky - My Daddy)
Kayliyah - Kickin it with my Daddy
(Ricky - My Daddy)
Kayliyah - We be having fun
playin games
We be laughin
(Ricky - We be laughin)
Kayliyah - Kickin it with my Daddy
(Ricky - My Daddy)
Kayliyah - Shoppin mall cash
(Ricky – Whoo!)
Kayliyah -on some shoes
clothes, all the latest fashions
(Ricky -There it goes!)

Kayliyah - Hi. My name Kayliyah
(Ricky - Ayy!)
Kayliyah -I’m my daddy’s oldest
(Ricky - Hey, it’s on!)
Kayliyah - He always say he love me
And my daddy show it
(Ricky– He do!)
Kayliyah - Doing big things for his pretty little girls
On my eighth birthday
Kayliyah and Ricky – He took me to Disney world
(Ricky - Mmkay!)
Kayliyah- Finished third grade
Now I’m going to the fourth
(Ricky- the fourth)
Kayliyah- I get good grades on my papers and reports
(Ricky- I do!)
Kayliyah -Got a lot of awards for jobs for well done
Kayliyah and Ricky- Two times in a row I made student of the month
(Ricky– Leggo!)
Kayliyah - Kickin it with my Daddy
(Ricky – My daddy!)
Kayliyah- And my daddy cool
(Ricky - Yass!)
Kayliyah -In the winter snow man in the summer swimmin pool
(Ricky- Swimmin pool)
Kayliyah - Kickin it with my Daddy
I’m the princess
He the King
He took me the movie
Kayliyah and Ricky – And the Chucky Cheese!
Transcription by Azizi Powell. Additions and corrections are welcome. Shout out to “Kickin It With My Daddy” This Father-Daughter Rap Is Everything"
August 12, 2014 | By Veronica Wells for including a partial transcription of this song/rap.

Notice the call & response pattern of this rap/song, with the responses given in parenthesis. Also, notice the use of the African American Vernacular English grammar construct "we be..." (for instance, in the line
"We be having fun" and notice the lack of a verb (for instance, in the line "and my daddy cool").

A lot of the comments in the discussion thread for this video and for the other children's Hip Hop videos that I've showcased on pancocojams are written without verbs, which can be very problematic if those who use this style of writing and speaking don't code switch to mainstream styles when they are in school and in other formal interactions.

"Ayy!" might be "Hey!". Click for this pancocojams post about the exclamation "Ayy!" "Theories About African American Uses (If Not Origins) Of The Word "Ayee" ("Ayy") And Similarly Spelled Words On Internet Social Media And Elsewhere"

"Kickin it" is an African American Vernacular English term that means "hanging out with" (spending enjoyable, leisure time with), relaxing with".

Click for examples of the hand clap rhyme/foot stomping cheer "Hollywood Swingin". One example that I collected from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1998 includes the line:
My name is Teneisha and I'm number 9
I'm Kickin it with Ginuwine*

Another Hollywood Swinging example that I collected from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 2008 includes the line:
"My name is Raya and I'm number 2
Kickin it with Scooby Doo"**

*"Ginuwine" was a popular R&B singer.

**Scooby Doo is a well known cartoon character (dog).

This concludes Part I of this two part series on "Kickin It With My Daddy"

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