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Oum- Taragalite (Soul Of Morocco) (information, lyrics, video, & comments)

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This pancocojams post provides information about the Moroccan fusion singer Oum and showcases her song Taragalite (Soul Of Morocco).

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SHOWCASE VIDEO: OUM - TARAGALTE (Soul Of Morocco) Official Video

OUM OFFICIAL, Published on Jan 4, 2013

Une chanson en hommage à la ville de M'hamid El Ghizlane et à son Festival Taragalte des Musiques du désert et du Monde, dont Oum a été la marraine de la quatrième édition.
Cette vidéo rapporte tous les moments forts de ce séjour dans le désert marocain. Des moments partagés avec les habitants de M'hamid, mais aussi avec des artistes venus du Mali (Tartit), de Mauritanie (Noura Mint Seymali), de France (Nico Wayne Toussaint).
L'édition 2012 du Festival Taragalte avait pour thème: Femmes du désert.

C'est à Taragalte que Oum a choisi de présenter Soul Of Morocco accompagnée de son nouveau quartet:
Google translation from French to English:
A song in homage to the city of M'hamid El Ghizlane and its Festival Taragalte des Musiques du Désert et du Monde, of which Oum was the godmother of the fourth edition.
This video reports all the highlights of this stay in the Moroccan desert. There are moments shared with the inhabitants of M'hamid, but also with artists from Mali (Tartit), Mauritania (Noura Mint Seymali), France (Nico Wayne Toussaint).
The 2012 edition of the Taragalte Festival was devoted to Women of the Desert.

It was at Taragalte that Oum chose to present Soul Of Morocco accompanied by his new quartet:
Alain Debiossat: Baryton, saxo alto, soprano, flûte (+guitare)
Patrick Marie-Magdelaine: Guitares
Patrick Goraguer: Batterie, percussions
Damian Nueva: Contrebasse

Paroles, mélodies et arrangements: Oum….

"Oum El Ghaït Benessahraoui[1][2] أم الغيث بنت الصحراوي, known as Oum, born on 18 April 1978[3][4] in Casablanca,[3] is a Moroccan singer-songwriter. Considered an ambassador of Moroccan culture,[5] she mixes hassani, jazz, gospel, soul, afrobeat and Sufi music influences in her songs.[5]

At a very young age, Oum joined a gospel choir where she played her first solos at fourteen with a voice that impressed the listeners.[6]

At seventeen, her first song, "This is your heart" that she wrote to support the charity operation "Les malades du cœur", helped to successfully secure her first appearance on television.[6]

In 1996, she entered the National School of Architecture in Rabat.[6] She pursued her studies there until graduation in 2002.[6]

At the same time, she began to perform in public.[6] With a powerful and expressive voice, she takes over the repertoire of Aretha Franklin, Ella Fitzgerald or Whitney Houston.[6]

In 1998, Oum did her first attempts with hip-hop and RnB with Djo Catangana, a producer and creator of the French hip hop collective Mafia Trece.[6]

In 2002, she was noticed by Philippe Delmas who invited her to Paris. For two years, she alternated recording sessions and concerts in Casablanca with the Brotherwood band.[6] In 2004, she ended up her Parisian experience.[6]
Back to her homeland Morocco, she enters new musical universes: the Gnaoui and the Hassani.[6] Oum's decision to introduce such local forms of rhythms not only influenced her songs' tunes but also her lyrics. She performs with Barry, a musician known for his fusion of musical styles and repertoires, on the stages of the Gnaoua World Music Festival in Essaouira, the Tanjazz in Tangier and the Barcelona Acció Musical in Barcelona.[6]

Oum, who grew up in Marrakech, is a soul singer. Yet, her style remains unique since it's highly inspired by influences such as the Hassani poetry (Moroccan desert culture) and African rhythms.
Her first album Lik 'Oum appeared in Casablanca in May 2009.[7]"....

(written by Oum)

زرناك و بهواك راحنا متعلقين
عشنا و شفنا ماحنا ناسين
لباب الصحراء حنا جينا
بروح إفريقيا غنينا
لصمت النجوم سمعنا
الفن كل ليلة ليلة
الاشعار و الانغام الزينة و الكل كان زين

تارغلت تارغلت يا مرحبتي
محمد يا زين الغزلان خير الناس فيك
فيك أكرم أكرم خيام يا وني يا وني بيك

Join us,
Come and join us at Taragalte
To the Sahara's gate
Come on and join us
Listen to the sound of peace,
Love, simplicity, complicity
Come on, come on, come on, join my people of Taragalte
Oasis of cultures and place of peace and dreams
Place of soul.mystery
Come to the desert,
Come to Taragalte.
Come into my people
Come join us

Come on
Come on
Play that beat
Play that rythm


These comments are given in chronological order excerpt for replies, and are numbered for referencing purposes only.

In addition to the congratulatory comments and information about Morocco in these comments, I'm interested in documenting how these comments are written, particularly how some of these comments include Caribbean vernacular terms/phrases such as "big up" and American vernacular terms such as "you rock". I'm also interested in documenting a number of commenters' use of internet/text lingo and spelling.

"god bless morocco from tanger to Lagouira"

jonathan logan
"why we change the name of cities from Amazigh to arabic?
TARAGALTE, Mogador, Tangis, Mazaghan..."

Mehdi Maaroufi
"Proud to be Moroccan."

fatima zahra belcaid
"I'm just in love with Sahraha, the place where i grow up, and tnx Oum for this amazing SOng
Love you :)"

Ilyass Mardy
"a7la tzghritta big up to you oum chapeau"

Howard Keller
"What a beautiful woman, beautiful voice, song, and video. Very impressive! Thank you for sharing!"

Fadwa Asbi
"You took the Moroccan music to the next level !! This is amazing !!"

Najma Nuriddin
"Beautiful! Mama Africa!"

karim abderrafiq
"song with deeep verrrry deep meaning
thx OUM"

feyrouze lamarocaine
"Sérieusement oum tu est un exemple pour moi!tu représente la femme marocaine d'aujourd hui et ca Jen suis très fière :tu as ton propre style ta propre façon de parler et surtout de penser!vraiment ...chapeau!je taime oum!"
Google translation from French to English
"Seriously oum you are an example for me, you represent the Moroccan woman of today and ca Jen am very proud: you have your own style your own way to speak and especially to think ... really ... hat, I taime oum! [Thank you Oum]"

Eniola Apata
"This look like Merzougha i am very proud of this people of Sahara to hold on their African root. These people are native of our beloved continent. It give me joy with all our diversity as people, we can still come together. With all force from western imperialism to divide our people in the continent, the so called sub Sahara African and our North African brother and sister are been living together long before Arab and European set their foot on this beloved and amazing continent. T"

E. Zouhair
"Big Up Pour Toi Oum ! Excellente Combinaison , On est fan de ce que tu fais (y)"

"fabuleuse OUM. U're the Soul and Pride of our dear Kingdom Morocco."

"Oum!! i live in the coldest country on earth Ive been away from home for over 3 years and this song made me warm made me miss home ,got tears.
You basically inspired many moroccans.
I wish you the best of luck. Tbarkalah 3lik"

Blvck White

kaoutar hrari
"the song is outstanding!!
the headwraps are killing me!!
u simply rock"

"MOROCCO have a beautiful soul !"

Haro Wanderlust
"Let the music feel your soul.."

saida saadoun
"ça c'est une chanson
ça c'est de la musique
ça c'est une Diva
Bravo Oum .. rarissime les chanteurs de ton genre (y)"
Google translate from French to English:
"this is a song
this is music
this is a Diva
Bravo Oum .. rare singers of your kind (y) "

"Youssef Ayour
"Beautiful song .. thumb up from a Moroccan in south of Mississippi"

Louie Noujoum
"Ilove both of you Oum and Gad you are the big mirror of our culture..the big MOrocco."

ameltrust Kaci
"So nice... I'm from Algeria, we are lucky because we are from North Africa on the Mediterranean, we have the most beautiful artists, a wonderful food, and nice people... Vive les méditerranéen"

fati mokhtari
"Words cannot describe what I feel when i listen to this Lady. She know how to use the spirit of Morocco."

"go on Oum! you rock !!

Morocco Maroc
"I couldn't be more prouder as a Moroccan to hear such a beautiful Moroccan singer singing such a beautiful song. Very moving voice indeed ! WOW, the combination of Moroccan & English lyrics made it even more attractive. Very rarely you find singers singing the same song using multiple languages, My Friends, this is made in Morocco !!

This is TRUE MOROCCAN BLUES ! I wish if BB-King listens to this song. She will be invited to one of his concerts for sure.
Plz visit us at MoroccoUSA [.] com"

kaoutar EL KADIRI
"Peace and love OUM ..."

Boumliha Zakaria
"Oum je ss pas quoi dire !! . juste formidable, syma la ziik ... Ga3 tes musiques kay mezkonii !! ... #1.LOVE
Google translation from French to English:
"Oum I ss not what to say !! . just great, syma la ziik ... Ga3 your music kay mezkonii !! ... # 1.LOVE"

Ayoub Belhachmi
"soooooooooooooooooo nice"

laura kira
"Eu gosto oum é um grande artista marroquino e digo mais uma grande cantora internacional! ela tem um carisma que difere de todos os cantores, no mundo árabe, é a originalidade de Marrocos"
Google translation from Portuguese to English
"I like oum is a great Moroccan artist and I say another great international singer! she has a charisma that
differs from all the singers in the Arab world, is the originality of Morocco"

Tarik Mahmoudi
"go ahead (y) u doin' right masha allah 3leek ;)"

"Respect OUM <3"

Hassan Medbouh Mezian
"Jolie chanson et belle voie. Sahara fusion."
Google translate from French to English:
"Pretty song and beautiful voice. Sahara fusion."

iliyas snow
"Really really Nice song love it Maximum peace oum we <3 you !! "

Redwane Ouahim
"WAAAAAAW Amazing Tuuuuuuune <3"

H. Hamza
"You are AWESOME. I can't wait to see you in Casablanca
This song reflexes what we really are: Africans, Arabs, Berbers ,and above all, MUSLIMS."

Majda Ben el mouaz
"Excellent travail !!
Quel goût, quelle classe et queeeelle voix!
Bravo :)"

nabil tayaa
"Pchaaakh a lidam !! La scène marocaine se porte bien actuellement grâce à la talentueuse OUM et quelques autres ARTISTES ( Wa Sma3 a hadak l Bou3ar Dyal l Bigg Dyask Kidayrine, Galik wlmaghrib Wrah Pfff)
Pchaaakh a lidam !! The Moroccan scene is currently doing well thanks to the talented OUM and some other ARTISTS (Wa Sma3 hadak l Bou3ar Dyal l Bigg Dyask Kidayrine, Galik wlmaghrib Wrah Pfff)
Excellent work !!
What taste, what class and what voice!
Bravo :)"

Panda lover
"Good job Oum. this vidéo Just makes me want to go to the south ♡"

"La musique est douce dommage que je ne comprenne pas les paroles; bisous à Gad et à Oum"

this is a song
this is music
this is a Diva
Bravo Oum .. very rare singers of your kind (y)
Google translation from French to English:
"The music is gentle pity that I do not understand the words; kisses to Gad and Oum

Keith Kadmiri
"A mystical desert pilgrimage in Southern Morocco, every soul should experience at least once in a lifetime. A place where one meet his/her own soul, away from man-made pollution... Well done " Oum Deesse Du Sahara Marocain"."

Ely L B
"The best morocain jazz"

Mohamed EL BAKI
"Très belles chansons et musiques: musiques traditionnelles et "Soul". une belle initiative que celle de ce Groupe.Très belle est la voix de la chanteuse.
La diversité marocaine dans sa grandeur et sa splendeur.
Arabes,Amazighes,Sahraouis,une Histoire et une civilisation arabo-bertbèro-musulmanes.Des langues régionales,des coutumes et des traditions,mais une seule identité MAROCAINE.
France,Haute-Savoie : 24/10/2013.
Google translation from French to English
Very beautiful songs and music: traditional music and "Soul". a beautiful initiative than that of this Group.Very beautiful is the voice of the singer.
Moroccan diversity in its grandeur and splendor.
Arabs, Amazighs, Sahrawis, an Arab-Muslim-Arabic history and civilization. Regional languages, customs and traditions, but a single Moroccan identity."

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