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Black French singer Willy Williams - Ego (biographical information, video, & English translated lyrics)

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This pancocojams post provides information about French singer Willy William and showcases a video of his hit song "Ego". The lyrics for that song are also included in this post.

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"Willy William is a French-trained musician, a DJ , a singer and a composer. Born in 1980 in Champagné, France to Afro-Jamaican parents, he has become known for his club remixes and collaborative work with pop musicians. William won the title after his "B Boyz Shake da Body" hit with DJ Flex. Later, the musician was distinguished by the work of solo performers such as Les Jumo, Will.I.Am and others. Besides the fact that he writes music for many performers, he also authored their songs. Willy Williams does not just make remixes of the stars, but also adds vocal parts that make the songs sound new.

In 2013, he is featured in the song "Li Tourner", written by DJ Assad and Alain Ramanisum , after which he joined the "Collectif Métissé" collective, which he has until now. In 2014, with the help of Tefa & Moox , the artist created a clash of Sting's world-famous hit "Englishman in New York" with a rhythmic style, with reggae-ton elements. In 2015, the song released its first " Te quiero " single, after which Willie became known to the whole world. The song took the 24th place in the French mainstream and 70th in Belgium.

Already a few months later, Willley released his second single called "Ego" , also known as "Ale ale ale". This time, Willie Williams is in the 17th place in France and the 6th in Belgium. The song of this song, downloading "Play On Label" collects over 50 million views in just four months."...

Born 14 April 1981 (age 36)
Champagné, France
Dance reggaeton moombahton
DJ record producer singer
This biography was reformatted to enhance its readability.

Notice that this biography gives Willy Williams’s birth year as 1980 and as 1981.
"About: Willy William
DJ, producer and singer Franco-Jamaican, Willy William is discovered by the general public thanks to the success of his group Collectif Métissé. It was in 2015 that he decided to go solo with the singles "Te Quiero", "Ego" and "On s'endort" with Keen V, preparing the release of a first opus in 2016, One life.".


Ego Italy Published on Nov 20, 2015

Willy William is a French Jamaican producer and DJ. He is famous for his remixes and collabs (in France he hit gold and platinum records, as well as an NRJ DJ Award).
His “Ego” is already Top 10 on Shazam France, #2 Shazam Future Hits, Top 10 iTunes Dance, the video is aiming at 1 million views and the track is already on air on two of the most listened and famous French radios, NRJ and Fun.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?
Allez allez allez. Get ready for the French touch and a good dose of... Ego!
Statistics as of September 16, 2017 [12:35 PM EDT}
The discussion thread for this song appears to have a lot of comments in Turkish and also has comments in French, Arabic, and other languages. There are very few comments in English, prompting this exchange:

Shichi, September 2017
"English comment passing by"

Elleanor Gray, September 2017
"Shichi lol me too. Why the sudden explosion of Turkish people. This song was for 2015?"

(composer [?] Willy William)

Tell me who's the fairest of them all
Even if I become a megalomaniac
Come and stroke my ego
Go, go, go

Let me enter your matrix
Taste your delights
No one can dissuade me from it
Go, go, go

I'll do anything to accompany you
I'm really one-track-minded
I'm fine in my bubble
Go, go, go

Everything is beautiful
Everything is rosy
For as long as I need it
Tell me, who's the fairest?
Go, go, go

Go, go, go


What have you done with my head?
This dishonest transformation
It's not what I asked for
Go, go, go

The buzz is nothing but a fake
I'm no longer in the matrix
There's no longer anyone to talk to about it
Go, go, go

I'll do anything to recover
What I'm currently ruining.
Finally I've left my bubble
Go, go, go

Everything is beautiful
Everything is rosy
Before my ego imposes
I'm done with looking at you
Go, go, go

Go, go, go
Go, go, go

Ego Ego (x10)
Go, go, go

Submitted by mayasurya on Thu, 24/12/2015 -
"i hope this translation was useful to you. use it wherever, i don't mind.
i write evocative translations rather than precise ones so this might not be word for word"
This was the first French-English translation of Willy William's "Ego" that was given on that page, but that page has numerous other French to English translations of this song

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