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Big Mama Thornton - Everything Gonna Be Alright (sound file & lyrics)

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This pancocojams post showcase a sound file of Big Mama Thornton singing "Everything Gonna Be Alright". The lyrics to this rendition are also included in this post.

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TravelerIntoTheBlue, Published on Sep 22, 2011

Big Mama Thornton With Muddy Waters Blues Band 1966

Willie Mae " Big Mama" Thornton Vocal
Muddy Waters.. Guitar
Ottis Span.. Piano
James Cotton...Harmonica
Francis Clay Drums
Luther Johnson Bass
Samuel Lowhorn ... Guitar


Come here, baby
Sit down on my knees
Right here pretty baby
Ah, sit down on, on my knees
You know i wanna whisper in your ear, baby
Tell you what you mean to me

I know I love you baby
With all my heart and soul
I give you everything I got, baby
I’d even go to Fort Knox and rob it of all its gold
Yeah, baby, it’s gonna be alright
Because I need the one and the money
And cause everything is gonna be alright tonight

[instrumental music]

Everything gonna be alright baby
I know because i feel it in my bones
Everything gonna be alright baby
Because I feel it in my bones
Hey hey hurry baby
I don’t want you to leave me alone
Come on, come on baby you got it
Get it baby, get it! You got it

[instrumental music]

Come here, pretty baby

[instrumentall music]
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