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Five Videos Of The Swahili Gospel Song "Yesu Ni Wangu" (with lyrics & comments)

Edited by Azizi Powell

This post showcases five videos of the popular KiSwahili Gospel song "Yesu Ni Wangu" ("Jesus Is Mine"). These featured renditions of "Yesu Ni Wangu" are performed in the United States, Uganda, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Song lyrics and comments about this song are also included in this post.

The content of this post is presented for religious, cultural, and aesthetic purposes.

All copyrights remain with their owners.

Thanks to all those who are featured in these videos, the producers of these videos, and the publishers of these videos on YouTube. In addition, thanks to all those who are quoted in this post.

These videos are presented in chronological order according to their publishing dates with the oldest dated video given first. Lyrics and selected comments from some of these videos' discussion threads are included after the video itself.

Example #1: Charles Jangalason- Live concert in U.S.A -yesu ni wangu

CHARLES JANGALASON, Uploaded on Sep 15, 2009 [USA]

Charles Jangalason is a Gospel singer from Tanzania.

Example #2: Yesu ni Wangu wa Wa Uzima wa Milele

shiliTV, Uploaded on Jul 6, 2010 [USA]

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Selected comments:

shilitech, 2011
in reply to HaninJoseph
This is was Christian Fellowship @Overland park -Kansas ,KS -USA"

shiliTV, 2012
"It means (Jesus is mine forever)

mel b, 2012
in reply to AmeerySmith
"@AmeerySmith lol thats not what it means, it means Jesus is mine for life forever.
Yesu = Jesus
Ni wangu =Is mine
wauzima =For life
wamilele =Forever"

Hakema Peter, 2012
"haha!we used to sing this is kenya church,ooh i miss home,!!"

Example #3: Yesu Ni Wangu

James Faux, Uploaded on Jul 30, 2011 [Uganda]

The official music video for Kyampisi Children's Choir performing 'Yesu Ni Wangu' (Jesus is Mine) in Kyampisi village.
Click for information about the Kyampisi Children's Choir

Selected comments (including lyrics)
figog360, 2013
"I remember singing this song back in the day when i was at their age, it brings back memories i love it, ndiyo, yesu ni wangu."

Sashahon, 2013
" "Yesu ni wangu, wa uzima wa milele" (Jesus is mine forevermore)
"Wa uzima, wa milele" (forevermore)
"Anatupenda, wa uzima wa milele" (He loves us forevermore)
"Eh Yahweh Yahweh, Eh Yahweh" "
jeni jeni, 2012
"Jesus is mine, He's mine for Ever!
In swahili Language
Amen and Amen! God Bless you lovely beautiful people! <3 <3" ****


chromavidz production, Published on Feb 27, 2014
Selected comments:
Sister Mariam, 2014
"I like the kibembe part"

Junny Kado, 2014
"Am proud to be a bembenian,, Keep it cool kigusile..."
Here's some information from
"Bembe (Ibembe) is a Bantu language of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Western Tanzania. According to Ethnologue, it forms a dialect continuum with the Lega language through Mwenga Lega. It has no connection with the Bembe (Kibembe) language of the Republic of Congo."...

Example #5: Yesu ni Mungu by Mungu Jakisa Jackson

MUNGU JAKISA JACKSON, Published on Jul 16, 2015
I've not been able to find information online about Mungu Jakisa Jackson and his group. Notes for two other videos that I've found for this singer indicate that the songs are preformed in the Congolese beat. For that scant reason, I'm guessing that this vocalist and his group are from the Congo. Please confirm or correct this information. Thanks!

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  1. Mungu Jackson's song says:
    They tell me Jesus is a European (white man)
    I say no. Jesus is God.
    Jesus is God of the Europeans,
    Jesus is God of the Africans,
    Jesus is God of the Nigerians,
    They tell me Jesus is a Jew
    I say no. Jesus is God.
    Jesus is God of the Europeans,
    Jesus is God of the Africans,
    Jesus is God of the Nigerians,
    Jesus is the true Saviour
    We praise him
    We worship him
    for he is good
    He is good to me
    let us worship him
    he is all powerful
    Jesus is God
    (Of various listed countries)
    Our all powerful Saviour
    He can raise us all
    He delivered us from evil
    He will raise us all like those who have been victorious
    He defeated Satan
    We will rejoice with him
    Singing loudly
    Our God is able
    Jesus is God (of various listed countries)

    1. Joe Gichuki, thank you very much for translating this song.

      How wonderful it is!

      God bless you.