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Videos Of Nigerian Gospel Singer Pastor Kingsley Ike - "Wamilele" And Other Makossa Syle Praise Songs

Edited by Azizi Powell

This post showcases videos of Nigerian Gospel singer Pastor Kingsley Ike and his group performing the song "Wamilele" and several other Makossa style praise songs.

Information about Kingsley Ike is included in this post. Song lyrics with English translations for "Wamilele" and selected comments from one of these video's discussion threads are also included in this post. Information about Makossa music is also included in this post.

Note that videos of Pastor Kingsley Ike performing newer Gospel songs that the ones featured in this post can be found on YouTube.

The content of this post is presented for religious, cultural, and aesthetic purpose.

Thanks to Pastor Kingsley Ike for his musical and religious legacy. Thanks also to all those who are featured in these videos, the publishers of these videos on YouTube, and all those who are quoted in this post.

"Kingsley Ike is a multi-talented gospel artist and minister often referred to as “Wamilele King”. Since he came to stardom through his keep moving album in the late 90’s he has stayed true to his calling and has continued to lift up the name of Christ. He is a quintessential praise and worship leader. His fusion of both western and traditional form of music laced flavor has endeavoured him to many.

He started his music career as a choir member in People’s Gospel church Lagos Island in 1984. It was there he acquired the knowledge on how to play musical instruments. He joined Bethel Worship center for all Nation in 1986 pastored by Apostle Gabriel Oduyemi where he spent over a decade serving as a music Director.

In 1993 he released his first album titled “HE’LL BE THERE”"...
I've not been able to find any biographical information about Pastor Kingsley Ike. If you know where and when he was born or have a website link to that information, please add it in the comment section of this post. Thank you.

"Makossa is a noted Cameroonian popular urban musical style. Like much other late 20th century music of Sub-Saharan Africa, it uses strong electric bass rhythms and prominent brass. In the 1980s makossa had a wave of mainstream success across Africa and to a lesser extent abroad.

Makossa, which means "(I) dance" in the Douala language,[1] originated from a Douala dance called the kossa. Emmanuel Nelle Eyoum started using the refrain kossa kossa in his songs with his group Los Calvinos. The style began to take shape in the 1950s though the first recordings were not seen until a decade later."...

(Kingsley Ike)

Wamilele Wamilele mugwa Baraka ni Yesu ee (2x)

Nacotinkate Yesu a linganga ni yesu e
Wamilele Wamilele mugwa husima ni Yesu ee
Let everything that has breathe praise the Lord
Let everything that has breathe lift him up
We going to praise the Lord for the Lord is good
He keeps on pouring His blessings everyday
Worship Him in the beauty of his holiness

O mi Yesu ee
Ni Yesu ee
Whatever situation u find yourself praise the Lord
Since I was young now I am old I have never
Seen the righteous forsaken nor beg for bread
Have u heard what the Lord has done
He has destroyed the work of satan
He has given us the victory
That’s why we sing oseiye

Oseiye (2x)
U don win o
Patapata o
U don win o

Lift King Jesus higher
Lift him higher
Hallelulah Hosannah
Babala, Babala

Source -
Other English translations:
English translation of the KiSwahili (Swahili) word "Wamilele" = eternal*

English translation of the KiSwahili words "wamilele mungu wa baraka"= "may God increase"
Source -

*Note that a number of YouTube commenters on Swahili Gospel songs' discussion threads give the word "forever" as the English translation for "wamilele".

English translation of the word "oseiye" (ose iye) = thank you
Source -
MorFamous-Kali, 2013
"Oseiye is closely related to the word Ose, which in the Youruba language in Nigeria means Thank you. But in the Ghanean language, the say Oseiye. the "iye" seperates the Nigirean and Ghanean language. As I said, those two words are colosely related."
Also, click for a Nigerian song with that word.

English translations for the Yoruba word "pata pata" = absolutely, completely, entirely
Source =

English translation for the Yoruba word "babala" (baba la)= father
Source - Google translate
(in the context of the song "Father" means God.)

These videos are presented in chronological order based on their publishing date on YouTube with the oldest dated videos given first.

Example #1: Kingsley Ike - African Praise

Nigerian Music Channel, Uploaded on Mar 25, 2008

Nigerian Gospel Music
Selected comments from this video's discussion thread

demarrow, 2008
"Naija",also given as "9ja", are contemporary colloquial references for Nigeria, West Africa.

Jane Enwereji, 2007
"we need more igbo gospel live performers like dis. Ones dat wont mind performing on stage like dis from time to time in front of a live audience."
okechukwuboegbu, 2009
"Good guy.........good song and good Naija...hehehehehe, united we stand !!"
mychumy, 2011
"how is it POSSIBLE that people will hear such sweet praises to God and still be siting down...oh they no sabbi..kai,i wish i was der,chair must break!"
Tina Marshall, 2013
"yes chair must break .... every breakable must be broken , every shiftable must be shifted, every possiblity must become possible in Jesus name . amen."
Click for the video Kingsley Ike (The African Praise Experience 26-Jul-13)

[embedding disabled by request]

Example #2: Coro Gospel de Madrid. Kingsley Ike s Wamilele.divx

Julio Gutierrez, Published on Dec 22, 2012

Concierto en San Chinarro el 01/12/2012

Example #3: Kingsley Ike - Makossa Praise

EfikZaraMusik, Published on Dec 23, 2012

Hey everyone, this is video number thirteen and hopefully the first but not the only video that showcases Makossa style praise music =D!...

NOTE- None of the credit for these stunning pictures goes to me. You can thank high powered Satellites and their makers for them ^_^. I did make the video and compile the pictures however =D!

Example #4: Ikwokirikwo Power Praise By Pst Kingsley Ike

Segun Lott, Published on Jun 11, 2015

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