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Ugandan Singer Dr Phoebe Abe - "Oprah" & "Naomi Campbell" (Acholi Songs & Dances)

Edited by Azizi Powell

This post showcases two songs by Dr Phoebe Abe. Both of these songs refer to two Acholi (Luo) females, one who is named after a Black female celebrity from the United States and one who is named after a Black female from the United Kingdom.

This post provides some information about Dr. Phoebe Abe's foundation and also includes selected comments from these YouTube videos' discussion thread.

The content of this post are presented for cultural, entertainment, and aesthetic purposes.

I'm particularly interested in the dances that are shown in these videos, and especially in the females dancing while balancing a number of clay pots on their head.

All copyrights remain with their owners.

Thanks to Dr. Phoebe Abe for singing these songs. Thanks also to all those who are featured in these videos, those who are quoted in this post, the video producers, and the publishers of these videos on YouTube.

"The primary aim of The DR ABE FOUNDATION is to support young people, especially single mothers and widows, by investing in their education and empowering them.

Acholi Heart Beat [AHB] is a dancing, singing, acting and performing charity organization founded by Dr. Phoebe Arach Abe Okwonga, (a medical practitioner in Great Britain) in July 2003.The members consist of students who are mostly orphans, teachers and villagers (people living in internally displaced peoples camps)."...

Dr Phoebe Abe (Oprah)

DirePRwotAwich, Uploaded on Aug 22, 2010

Oprah has chosen to marry Akem
Selected comments from this video's viewer comment thread. These comments are presented in chronological order based on the year that they were posted to this discussion thread with the oldest comments posted first.


Mary W Goler, 2012
"This is one of my favorites. I love the way Luo tribe people dance and this song guaranteed to leave you smile. Simple things make happy. Please, comment if you like it"
Note: The Acholis are also called "Luos".

ric ricland, 2012
"Could someone provide some background infomation? Who are these people? What country, etc?"

in reply to ric ricland
jauze2, 2012
"they look like the acholi tribe of south sudan but originally from northern uganda judging by the colors of their feathers(ugandan country colors). its a nice song."

in reply to ric ricland

"@ricland these are acholis from northeren uganda "

Micah Kenyi, 2013
"This is very traditional, enticing and reflects more of the cultures of the people of South Sudan. Brings into memory the richness of the traditional culture that is embedded in the people's culture in South Sudan. Also reminds me in particular of the bye gone days of my venture and journey into Uganda attracted by................. Oh, yes those beautiful moments"

OpioChris, 2013
in reply to delagrazia
"I know this area very well; the clothing is traditional, but the tune is synthetic. The local instruments do not sound like these ones. The women are performing in a traditional way."

Susan Go-Deos, 2013
"I love everything about this video but it's not a fair play. More focus on Akem's happiness and how Oprah should do all to make Akem happy- Where do you put Oprah's happiness??? There is a missing link with the current situation where culture is dynamic. - A woman deserves happiness as well. I know there many women who will agree with me in this part of the world. Great dance though.&

Example #2: Dr Abe tribute to Naomi Campbell

Wilson Okwonga, Published on Apr 9, 2012

Acholi from Northern Uganda
Acholi Heartbeat dancers
Performing:Carrying Traditional clay pots of Acholi people
Larakaraka dance (youth dance)
Naomi is wearing Ceno traditional outfit
Here are two comments Selected comments from this video's viewer comment thread.
MUSE93, 2012
"Nice. It's incredible how the girls can carry those clay pots. Great video"

Wilson Okwonga, 2013
in reply to annalarosa
"Thank you very much Much appreciated by those children in the Northern Uganda they lived all their lives in the camps They will be happy to know that you appreciate their efforts."

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