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Acholi (Luo) Traditional Dancing (Uganda)

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This post features seven videos of Ugandan Acholi (Luo) music and dancing.

[Revised January 9, 2016 to add information about Acholi and to add two videos because the previously elected videos were no longer available.]

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"Acholi (also Acoli) is a Luo Nilotic ethnic group from Northern Uganda (an area commonly referred to as Acholiland), including the districts of Agago, Amuru, Gulu, Kitgum, Nwoya, Lamwo, and Pader; and Magwe County in South Sudan. Approximately 1.17 million Acholi were counted in the Uganda census of 2002, and 45,000 more were living in South Sudan in 2000.[1]

...Its current population is estimated to be around 600,000 individuals, or four per cent of the total national population.[4] While Acholi also live north of the South Sudanese border, the Sudanese Acholi are often excluded from the political meaning of the term "Acholiland"...

The word 'Acholi' is a misnomer that became adopted for convenience over the years. It refers to people known locally as Luo Gang. That is why the Lango neighbours refer to the Acholi as Ugangi, meaning people of the home."

These videos are presented in chronological order based on the year that they were posted on YouTube with the oldest videos given first.

Example #1: Luo Cultural Dance Part 4 of 15

Edpiloya, Uploaded on Mar 29, 2008

Another Clip from the LuoTube ( Luo Cultural Dance video called (Acholi Ki Ker Megi). Captured Live
Here's a comment from this video;s viewer comment thread. WARNING: Some comments on this video’s discussion thread contain profanity and sexually explicit language.
Kphilj, 2008
I love Luo traditional music and dance... Absolutely superb! Please never let this music and traditions disappear!!!

Example #2: Luo Traditional Dancers (Susana's Wedding) -

edpiloya, Uploaded on May 13, 2010
Great music video done at a wedding ceremony by Geoffrey Twongweno. This video is taken from the latest album compiled with over 30 songs by Geoffrey. The video will be available for sale on Visit so you don't miss out.

Selected comments from this video's viewer comment thread:
susanKalokwera, 2010
"I knew this song was called IRENE SUSANA but when i searched for it they said that there is know such thing as a song called IRENE SUSANA!"

Pentracy, 2011
"Wao the source of the Nilotic Group was in Sudan and were 3 groups according to my P3 history the river lake LUO, plain and highland. And that's how Luo settled to shore of Lake victoria because they were farmers and fishermen and we have Luo in UG/Kenya, Tz and Ethiopia. somebody can correct/add if i missed something out"

Imelda O, 2013
in reply to pentracy
"Actually 4 groups not 3 and nilotes are a much larger group of different tribes with similar characteristics. The luo were divided into the jokajok, jokowiny,jokomollo,luo abasuba, where as the migration groups were nilotes, cushites,bantus and semites."

Alfredo Bucko1, 2013
"all of you are really wonderful,lovely luo bros and sisters. by the way we have luo people in ethiopia too they too have beautiful music .the anyuak luo of ethiopia check it out too.for those of you who did not understand the words .the song is just about how worthy the bride is in simple terms.apwoyo matek."

Example #3: Jahria Okwera (Bila Pa Lukwiya)

DirePRwotAwich Uploaded on Aug 25, 2010

The horn of Lukwiya.
Here’s a comment from this video’s discussion thread:
Peter Muroyi, 2013
the tune and dance is very much like that of the shangaan of South Africa... great

Example #4: Mwel Bwola (Acholi Royal Dance)

Embedding disabled by request.

Te Kal Acholi, Uploaded on Oct 17, 2010

This Acholi traditional dance is performed to welcome and entertain Achoil royalty Rwot (King)

Example #5: Dances of Acholi: Ajere.mp4

johannesfilm83, Published on Mar 12, 2012

Ajere - the traditional way of flirtation. The Ajere is one of the less known dances of Acholi. It is a courtship dance. Meaning that this dance would give an opportunity for young Acholis to demonstrate their interest in a potential partner. David Opio is the leader of the Ker Kal Kwaro Acholi Cultural Group that you see in this video.

Example #6: Racheal & Eric Traditional Wedding Song

Eric Gechure, Published on Oct 9, 2012

Traditional Acholi wedding between Racheal Aye and Eric Gechure

Example #7: Acholi Dancing in Rackoko, Pader district, Uganda - IMG 0076

Geoff Walker, Published on Oct 6, 2013

Traditional dancing at the celebration of a chief Francis Odida
Here are two comments from this video’s discussion thread:
Gibbs Jakatiga, 2014
"Us Luo-Kenya we've lost a lot of that beautiful Luo culture."

Twon Dako, 2014
“If ur listening to and watching this video and u had not heard the Acholi signature drum beat thru-out the song/video, then the lady in black and red behind the lady in green at time 1:45 definitely draws your attention to that signature. Its the only reason I watch this video and I watch it over and over and over and every flipping day...I wish the camera had focussed more on her....And then when she finishes that particular dance style she turns around as if nothing just happened-but you can also hear her saying "Ah! "I really enjoyed that one!"

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