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Southeast African Dance With Arms Held Angularly

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This post showcases a YouTube video of an unnamed dance by a Southeastern African ethnic group.

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Thanks to the featured dancers, musicians, and singers. Thanks to this video's publisher and thanks to the commenters who are quoted in this post.

SHOWCASE VIDEO: Southeast African dance

thotsins, Published on Oct 8, 2009

Traditional dance. Cultural comparable. This ethnic group traces it's origins back to the early kingdoms of eastern africa/southern arabia, home of the Kami people, as all Africans do.
I think that that publisher may have been talking about the Kemetic (Egyptian)culture. Those angular arm moves certainly look like what many people, including me (probably stereotypically) imagine when we think of Egyptian dancing.

However, the "Kami" people mentioned by the video publisher in his or her summary might be this ethnic group: "The Kami are an ethnic and linguistic group in Morogoro Region, Tanzania. In 2000 the Kami population was estimated to be 16,411".
Several people who wrote comments to this viewer comment thread wondered what African ethnic group this is. Here are three comments from that video's viewer comment thread:

Hamza Lixle, 2011
"I have never seen this dance, tribe or culture and I'm an African from East Africa. See how Western media blinded us from our own backyards? Tell me is this from Tanzania? I have a feeling it is. Woow something awesome, the girls r beautiful!"

DeeDee .Last, 2011
"they look alike ethiopian or Somalis:D"

"The sound of their reed flutes and cadence of the accompanying percussion instruments is a bit like the tunes of the Ethiopian Highlands or someplace in the Horn of Africa. Beautiful piece!!"
If you know which ethnic group nation these dancers are from, please add a comment to that video or to this post. Thanks!

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