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For My People - Balele (Nigerian Rap with French & English lyrics)

Edited by Azizi Powell

This post showcases a YouTube video of a song by the Nigerian (Fulani) Hip-Hop Group "For My People" that encourages African peace and unity.

This video includes sub-titles in French for most of the song. I used Google translate to convert those lines to English, and sometimes added my corrections of that translation into Standard American English.

Unfortunately, there are no comments on this video's viewer comment thread to date, except my comment about this post. I'd love to know more about this group. Additions and corrections to my correction of the Google Translate lines are very welcome.

The content of this post is posted for folkloric, cultural, entertainment, motivational, and aesthetic purposes.

All copyrights remain with their owners.

Thanks to the featured rappers, dancers, and musicians. Thanks also to this video's publisher.

SHOWCASE VIDEO: Balele (For my people)


qwxcf, Published on Jul 13, 2012

For my people est un groupe de RAP nigérien de la ville de Maradi qui s'est reconvertit en moderno-traditionnel. Ils chantent ici la paix en Afrique en langue fulbe (peulh)

Google translate from French to English* : For my people is a group of Nigerian RAP city of Maradi which converts into moderno-traditional. They sing here peace in Africa Fulani language (Fulani)

[Converted to Standard American English:
"For My People" is a Nigerian Hip-Hop (Rap) group from the city of Maradi. The group's style is modern-traditional. In this video they rap and sing in the African Fulani (Fulbe, Peul) language.
*The publisher's summary says that the song [rap and singing] is in Fulani, but the words in the sub-titles are French.

I'm not sure if "Balele" means "For My People" in Fulani, or if that is the name of the group and the title of this song. From its use in this song, I think that "Balele" (given in this post without accent marks) means "For My People". However, I'm not sure about that: in f


FRENCH [words given without accent marks)

(chorus- Balele)

Je lance un appel a tous les citoyens:
Ill es temps qu’on s’unisse
Seule le’union est source du
developpment de toutes nos nations
On est contre la guerre
Notre devise est la’amour, la joie, l’unite
Telle est la voie du development de toutes nos nations

(chorus – Balele)

(a portion of rapping whose words aren’t given in subtitles)

(chorus – Balele)

Tous le africains duinvent prendre le bon example
Sachez que la guerre detruit un people
Raison pour laquelle toute l’Africains
dout s’unir pour combattre ce fleur
Paix pour une Afrique unie
Venez cher africains
Nous jeunes, unissons-nou!-
Et nous nations se developperont
L’avenir nous appartient

(chorus Balele)

(instrumental and singing)

ENGLISH (FROM GOOGLE TRANSLATE (GT), including in brackets my "translations" of some of the Google Translation results into Standard American English

I appeal to all citizens:
Ill es time we unite [It's time we unite]
Le'union is only source of [Unity is the only way]
developpment of all our nations [our nation will flourish]
It is against the war [Otherwise is war]
Our motto is la'amour, joy, unity [Our motto is love, joy, and unity]
Such is the way of the development of all our nations [That is the way all our nations will flourish

(chorus –Balele)

(a portion of rapping whose words aren’t given in subtitles)

(chorus –Balele)

All the African duinvent take good example [All Africans who (are alert and aware)? take heed to all the good examples (that you can easily think of]
Know that the war destroyed people [Know that wars destroy people]
Why all Africans dout unite to fight this flower [Why don’t all Africans unite to fight this virus? (unhealthy growth (of hatred)
Peace for a united Africa
Come dear African We young, Unite new! - [Come young Africans- Unite anew!
Nations and we shall develop [to strengthen our nations]
The future is ours

(chorus Balele)

(instrumental and singing)
Note that I'm not sure if the group is talking about African nations (plural) or nation(singular, meaning "Nigeria".)

Corrections and additions are welcome.

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