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More Protest Chants From North Carolina's Moral Monday Movement

Edited by Azizi Powell

This post includes a list of Moral Monday chanted slogans that were included in Bill Moyer's televised documentary State of Conflict: North Carolina (January 5, 2013). A YouTube video of that documentary is also provided in this post.

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"Words & Songs From North Carolina 's Moral Monday Movement".

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"Moral Monday" is the name of a broad based, multi-racial coalition of organizations and individuals that since April 2013 have been protesting the agenda of the Republican led General Assembly of North Carolina (United States). Persons supporting this movement convene on Mondays at the North Carolina General Assembly to protest Republican policies on social programs, health care, education, voting rights, criminal justice, and taxes.

for more information about Moral Mondays.

FEATHRED VIDEO: State of Conflict: North Carolina | Bill Moyers

Eric Preston, Published on Jan 4, 2014

January 4th, 2013 - Fusion Films is proud to have provided footage for this important report by veteran journalist Bill Moyers.

This version identifies the footage that Fusion Films provided.

"State of Conflict: North Carolina" offers a documentary report from a state that votes both blue and red and sometimes purple (Romney carried it by a whisker in 2012, Obama by an eyelash in 2008). Now, however, Republicans hold the governor's mansion and both houses of the legislature and they are steering North Carolina far to the right: slashing taxes on corporations and the wealthy, providing vouchers to private schools, cutting unemployment benefits, refusing to expand Medicaid and rolling back electoral reforms, including voting rights.

The time in brackets indicates where the chant is found in the video. The type of chant (chanted in unison or in a call & response pattern) is given after the time.

These chants are numbered for reference purposes.

Excerpts from Rev. Barber's speeches to participants at Moral Monday rallies are identified as such within the brackets. Rev. Dr. William J. Barber, II is the President of North Carolina NAACP, and is one of the leaders of North Carolina's Moral Monday movement. My transcription of these chants may not represent the chant in its entirety. That is particularly the case with the chants which are part of speeches given by Rev. Barber. Additions and corrections are welcome.

Information about individuals mentioned in two specific chants is given below those chants.

1. [4:38, unison]
Day or night
We stand for what is right.

2. [4:52, call & response]
Fed up
Response- Fed up!
Fired Up!
Response- Fired up!

3. [9:32, call & response, Excerpt of speech led ]
We’re gonna walk together
Crowd response - walk together!
And go forward
response – Go forward!
response- Until
response- Until
Response- Until love is lifted
Response – Love is lifted
Response- Until Justice is realized
response- Justice is realized

4. [10:05, call and response]
Same struggle, same fight
Response- Same struggle Black or White

6. [10:37 call and response]
Hey Hey
Response- Hey Hey
Ho Ho
Response - Ho Ho
All- Art Pope has got to go.
Art Pope is a conservative multi-millionaire who is North Carolina's Budget Director. He is considered by many to be the master mind behind the right wing take-over of North Carolina.

7. [29:51, call and response]
(Say) Hey Hey
response- Hey Hey
Ho Ho
Response - Ho Ho
All- Pat McCory has got to go.
Pat McCory is the Republican Governor Of North Carolina.

8. [30:12, call and response]
When voting rights are under attack, what do we do?
Response- Stand up. Fight back.

9. [43:45, type of chant?; Excerpt of speech by a Rev. Barber’s Moral Monday speech
There is No


Thanks to all those involved in the Moral Monday movement. Thanks also to Bill Moyer's for producing this documentary. Thanks also to the publisher of this video on YouTube.

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