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Eunice Njeri - Nimekubali (with partial Swahili & English lyrics)

Edited by Azizi Powell

This post showcases a video of the 2011 Kenyan Gospel song "Nimekubali" recorded by Eunice Njeri. Partial lyrics to this song are also included in this post.

Eunice Njeri is an award winning Kenyan Gospel singer who is known for her popular Gospel hits "Umeniweza" and "Bwana Yesu" among others. For more information about Eunice Njeri click

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SHOWCASE VIDEO : Eunice Njeri - Nimekubali

JoashStillTheMan, Published on Apr 21, 2012

-Kenyan Urban Christian Music-
Music video by Eunice Njeri performing Nimekubali.
© 2011 Eunice Njeri. Album: Nimekubali.
Produced by Robert 'Rkay' Kamanzi/Moja Entertainment.
Video directed by Kennedy Heman/Eagles Films [2012].

Nimekubali, nasema ndio
(I surrender, I say Yes)
Kwako ni salama, nasema ndio
(I'm safe in You, I say Yes)
Nimekubali, nasema ndio Bwana
(I surrender, I say Yes Lord)
Najitoa dhabihu iliyo hai, Bwana nitumie
(I give myself as a living sacrifice, Lord use me)

[Notice that the "hook"/chorus is given in the video summary found above.]

Lord i have accepted and agreed to be yours.
I agree that i am safe in your arms,
Lord i agree to what you say Lord...
i give myself a living sacrifice, Lord use me.
-graca2410, 2013
This comment was posted in response to a request for lyrics of this song from Swahili speakers.
*In the English translation of the hook that is given in this video's summary, the Kiswahili word "nimekubali" is translated as "I surrender".

An English translation of the Swahili word "Nimekubali" as "I Agree" is found at

An online Swahili to English translation feature gave the "agree" as the meaning for "nimekubali".

Thanks to Eunice Njeri for her musical legacy. Thanks also to those who are quoted in this post & thanks to the producer of this video & its publisher on YouTube.

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