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Chris Tomlin - "I Will Follow You" & Gloria Muliro - "Follow You"

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This post showcases a video of American contemporary Gospel singer Chris Tomlin's original composition "I Will Follow You". This post also showcases a video of Kenyan Gospel singer Gloria Muliro's version of this song which is entitled "Follow You". Links to the complete lyrics of both of these songs are given in this post.

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Chris Tomlin - I Will Follow - Lyrics

JakeSD19, Uploaded on Sep 19, 2010
Here are the lyrics to the song that are also found in Gloria Muliro's recording:

"Where You go, I'll go
Where You stay, I'll stay
When You move, I'll move
I will follow You"
Click for the complete [English language] lyrics to this song as found in the summary of this video.

Gloria Muliro - Follow You


Johni Celeb, Published on Dec 19, 2012

The Latest video by Gloria muliro who brought the hits songs Sitolia feat Willy Paul and Kando. Feel free to write your comments below.
Click for the complete lyrics to this song.
There are a number of comments in this video's viewer comment thread critizing Gloria Muliro for recording a song that was originally recorded by Chris Tomlin. Here's one response to that criticism:
"Congrats Muliro.. It is a blessing for those who does not know English if you do more of the hillsongs in Swahili. There is no copy paste when i comes to Gospel... Look at the song above all, chris tomlin, lenny le blank, women of faith, michael smith, don moen... all sung. In fact all version in Enlish... Thanks to God Gloria did it and added a Swahili version.. It is a way of spreading the Gospel in all Languages"
-Linderson Johns, 2013
I think "hillsongs" is a typo for "hit songs".
Many of those who questioned Gloria Muliro's use of this chorus indicated that they wouldn't have any problem with that if she had credited Chris Tomlin, the original composer on her record notes. I don't know if she did so or not, but I agree that there's nothing wrong with performers singing another person's song as long as they don't take the credit for that composition.

Thanks to Chris Tomlin and Gloria Muliro for their musical legacy.
Thanks also to the producers of these videos & their publishers on YouTube.

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