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Youthful Praise feat. Kerry Brown [Gospel] "He Rose" (with partial lyrics)

Edited by Azizi Powell

This post showcases three renditions of the Gospel song "He Rose". A partial transcription of the lyrics to this song is also included in this post.

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Example #1: Youthful Praise feat. Kerry Brown - He Rose

spursfan4life, Uploaded on Apr 23, 2011
From"Youthful Praise is an American gospel choir led by James "J.J." Hairston who directs the choir and composes most of their material."
Here's my partial transcription of "He Rose" by Youthful Praise featuring Kerry Brown:

Lead [spoken]- Come' on. Clap your hands everybody!

Choir- I owe God praise for what He’s done.
He loved me so that He gave His only Son.
He came to earth just to save us all.
By laying down His life on the rugged cross.
The devil thought he had Him.
He thought He was dead.
But what he didn’t know
that it was all part of the plan.
‘Cause He rose
with all power in His hand.
in His hand.

[repeat Chorus with Lead and Choir overlapping lines such as]

Lead- Oh I owe God
Choir [overlapping with Lead] - I owe God
Lead- Oh yeah
Choir - Praise for what He’s done
Lead- Praise for what He’s done...

Choir - He conquered hell for me.
Lead- He conquered the grave for me.
Choir- He conquered the grave for me.
Lead- Yeah!
Choir- And He rose.
Lead- He rose.
Choir-For He rose.*
With all power
Lead - With all power
Choir -In His Hand
Lead- In His Hand

Repeat Chorus

Choir- He conquered hell for me.
Lead – He conquered the grave for me.
Choir -‘Cause He rose with the power
Lead-With all power
Choir - In His hand...

Choir-Hallelujah He rose
Lead- He rose for me
Choir -Hallelujah He rose
Lead -He rose for me.
Choir- He rose for me
Lead- Oh yes.
Choir- Hallelujah He rose
He rose.
Lead- He rose
Choir- He rose
Lead- With the power
Choir- With the power
Lead- In His hand
Choir- In His hand.
Choir- In His hand
Partial transcription by Azizi Powell. Much of this song consists of the Lead extemporaneous repeating previous lyrics & the choir repeating what the lead sings. Addition and corrections are welcome.

*For He rose may be "'Cause He Rose".

Click for a transcription of this song that I found after I made the transcription given above.

Example #2: MTSU Gospel Choir "He Rose"

jairusb, Uploaded on Apr 11, 2010

MTSU Gospel Choir "Generation of Praise" ministering "He Rose" by J.J. Hariston and Youthful Praise at our 5th Annual Spring Concert. April 11, 2010
Click for another video of this same performance which more clearly shows the Choir director leading the choir.

Example #3: 2012 Good Friday Concert - Bibleway Concert Choir

apostolic660,·Published on Apr 7, 2012

Bibleway Concert Choir singing at Bibleway Annual Good Friday
Concert 4/6/12

Click for a post on the African American Spiritual "He'Rose".

Thanks to the composers of this song. Thanks to Youthful Praise feat Kerry Brown for their recording of this song, and to the other choirs for their rendition of this song. My thanks also to the producers of and publishers of this sound file and video.

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