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Lead Me. Guide Me (Sound File, Videos & Lyrics)

Edited by Azizi Powell

This post features two sound files and two videos of the Gospel song "Lead Me. Guide Me". The lyrics of that song are also included in this post. "

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Example #1:
Doris Akers - Lead Me, Guide Me

karma342, Uploaded on Apr 23, 2009

Another masterpiece written by Doris Akers--Lead Me, Guide Me. Recorded for the Imperial Record Label in 1953 with Doris singing all three parts. Also recorded by Elvis in 1972. Here are the lyrics:
Lead me, guide me along the way
For if You lead me I cannot stray
Lord let me walk each day with Thee
Lead me oh Lord lead me.

I am weak and I need Thy strength and power
To help me over my weakest hour
Lead me through the darkness Thy face to see
Lead me, oh Lord, lead me.

Help me tread in the paths of righteousness
Be my aid when Satan and sin oppress
I am putting all my trust in Thee
Lead me, oh Lord, lead me.

I am lost if you take your hand from me,
I am blind without Thy light to see
Lord, just always let me Thy servant be
Lead me, oh Lord, lead me.
"Lead Me. Guide Me" remains one of my favorite inspirational Gospel songs. I grew up in a Baptist church where this song was regularly sung. But I didn't know the second verse that is posted above.

Here's a link to a sound file of Elvis Presley's rendition of "Lead Me. Guide Me":

Example #2: Brother Joe May - Lead Me, Guide Me

karma342, Uploaded on May 11, 2009

Brother Joe May's amazing rendition of Doris Aker's song, "Lead Me, Guide Me". With the Pilgrim Travelers.

Example #3: Pastor Lenora Young singing Lead Me Guide Me

Allen Green, Uploaded on Jun 28, 2009

Recorded on June 20, 2009 at Tyree AME Church, 38th & Hamilton Street, Philadelphia, PA.

Example #4: Turner Hughes & Jimmy "JD" Dowell - Lead Me, Guide Me

Marcell77, Uploaded on Aug 4, 2009

My thanks the composer and the performers of this Gospel song. Thanks also to the uploaders of these sound files and videos.

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