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Andrae Crouch - Can't Nobody Do Me Like Jesus (from the Jeffersons TV Show)

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This post showcases a clip from a 1981 episode of the American television show The Jeffersons. In this clip Andrae Crouch sings a version of the praise song that he composed "Can't Nobody Do Me Like Jesus".

The content of this post is presented for folkloric, historical, religious, aesthetic, and entertainment purposes.

In addition to the song itself, I'm particularly interested in how this television clip documents, sometimes humorously, the use of call & response in African American churches. I'm also interested in how this clip documents double time and other types of handclapping as accompaniment to Gospel singing & music playing.

The Jeffersons featuring Gospel Singer Andrae Crouch - Men of the Cloth (Part 2 of 2)

Uploaded on Jun 21, 2010

George tries to fool gospel singer Andrae Crouch into singing at his grand-daughter's baptism. (1981)
Andrae Crouch sings his composition "Can't Nobody Do Me Like Jesus". That title means "no one can take care of me [care for me] like Jesus.

Can’t nobody do me like Jesus
Can’t nobody do me like the Lord
Can’t nobody do me like Jesus
‘Cause He’s my friend

[other words sung by the Lead]
I came to Jesus just as I was
weary worn and sad

I found in Him a resting place
and He has made me glad

He’s my friend over troubled waters
He’s my joy in the midst of sorrow
After it appeared that the song had ended, the singing begins again with double time clapping accompaniment. This common feature of Gospel singing can lead to extended "Praise breaks" -Definition of "Praise Break":
A praise break is an unscripted portion of a Christian worship service when individuals feel the [Holy] Spirit and spontaneously praise & worship God by “getting happy” (shouting). When people feel the spirit during a praise break they may testify (give praise to God), do a holy dance, jump up and down, speak in tongues (speak words that aren’t part of any language), cry, become distraught, lift their hand/s to heaven, etc. Click for videos of praise breaks.

Click for Part I of this television episode.

Click for a video of this song aws performed by the Reverend James Cleveland & Choir.
Thanks to Andrae Crouch for composing "Can't Nobody Do Me Like Jesus". My thanks also to the actors and actresses, producers, writers, and staff associated with the Jeffersons. Thanks also to the uploader of this featured video (as well as Part I of this episode whose hyperlink is given above.)

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