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Black Church Praise Break Videos, Part II

Edited by Azizi Powell

This is Part II of a two part series on Black Church praise breaks.

Click for Part I of that series.

Part I contains more information about praise breaks and additional videos of praise breaks are included in Part I of this series

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My thanks to the ministers, speakers, musicians, and vocalists, and other members of the congregation of churches featured in these videos. My thanks also to the videographers and the uploaders of these videos, as well as to the authors of the information that is quoted in this post.

A praise break is an unscripted portion of a Christian worship service when individuals feel the [Holy] Spirit and spontaneously praise & worship God by “getting happy” (shouting). When people feel the spirit during a praise break they may testify (give praise to God), do a holy dance, jump up and down, speak in tongues (speak words that aren’t part of any language), cry, become distraught, lift their hand/s to heaven, etc.

While praise breaks may be a spontaneous portion of a worship service, these expressions of worship may also be helped along by the minister's words, or another speaker's words which are accented by the organist, keyboardist, drummer and other musicians. Or musicians may begin a praise break and continue it accompanied by any spoken words or singing. The usually uptempo chords that the musicians play serve to galvanize the congregation to praise & worship God.

Video #1: Old School COGIC Praise and shout with Mother Willie Mae Butts

Uploaded by SamuelButts on Oct 24, 2008

Mother Willie Mae Butts Sings old school COGIC Praise "let your light shine, because theres too many people down in the valley trying to get home. They don't do it like this anymore.

"COGIC" = Church Of God In Christ, a Pentecostal denomination

Video #2: Bishop BD Moore- Praise Break

Uploaded by LilMaestr0Bishop on Oct 29, 2007

Sunday Morning Praise break

Video #3: Praise Break @Kennerly Temple COGIC

Uploaded by letme1989 on Jul 11, 2008

Saints in praise at appreciation service for Elder Robert V. Woodie, Minister of Music @ Kennerly Temple COGIC

Video #4: "Pentecostal Praise" - Bishop Leonard Scott

Uploaded by pannellctp on Jul 13, 2011

Bishop Leonard Scott Hymns & Church Songs Live From Alabama

Video #5: Juanita Bynum Praise Break for Victory

Uploaded by matthew5and9 on Jul 19, 2008

Praise Break

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