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Senegalese Music & Dance Videos

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Update - 5/30/2012

Dandan DIEDHIOU et le Baa Duwaa de Sédhiou Saaroo2

Uploaded by dandandiedhiou on Sep 4, 2009

This post showcases selected videos of music & dances from Senegal, West Africa.

"Senegal is known across Africa for its musical heritage, due to the popularity of mbalax, which originated from the Serer percussive tradition, it has been popularized by Youssou N'Dour and others. Sabar drumming is especially popular. The sabar is mostly used in special celebrations like weddings. Another instrument, the tama, is used in more ethnic groups. Other popular international renown Senegalese musicians are Ismael Lô, Orchestra Baobab, Baaba Maal, Akon Thione Seck, Viviane, Titi, and Pape Diouf.

Senegal is well known for the West African tradition of storytelling, which is done by griots, who have kept West African history alive for thousands of years through words and music. The griot profession is passed down generation to generation and requires years of training and apprenticeship in genealogy, history and music. Griots give voice to generations of West African society."

Click the above link for more information about Senegal, West Africa.

Thanks to all performers featured in these videos. Thanks also to all the uploaders of these videos.


Video #1: This video is posted at the top of this page.

From some of the comments in this video's viewer comment thread I gather that the music & dance featured in this video are from the Casamance area in the Southern part of Senegal.

Here are three other comments from that viewer comment thread that refer to the music/dance:
-ridim2007, 2011

"Ndaga & Mbalax & Manding Fusion at it's best. I want to see this band LIVE!"
-RaytubeX; 2011

In response to my question "What is the name of the masked dancer:
"You are probably talking the Kankourang. I cannot do it justice to start explaining his role in this society. During the summer vacations, kids gets circumcised unlike in the US where it is done at birth. Over there, it is a very important stage in the life of a boy since it marks his passing to adulthood. They are isolated from parents and gathered in groups where they receive instruction about their future responsibilities and life in general. The Kankourang is there to keep them feeling safe."
-MultiOulil; 5/30/2012

Video #2: ucas04.avi

Uploaded by TheSegastube on May 25, 2010

Video #3: Youssou Ndour: lang

Uploaded by lulu814 on May 4, 2008
Here's a comment in French that I believe explains the meaning of the word "lang".
"'Il chante l'amour en gros. Le refrein dit : "Chacun avec sa chacune, dans la joie comme dans la douleur, telle est la réalité de l'amour"

Mbeguël = amour

Lang = fleurter (dans le sens, passer du temps agréablement)

:-) "
-95Madmad; 2010
I don't speak French but I'm guessing from reading this that "lang" means something like "flirtatious or sensual movements".

Video #4: baba maal olel

Uploaded by kkanealvine on Jun 27, 2009

Video #5: Sabar dancing in Senegal

Uploaded by sophieschouwenaar on Jan 16, 2007

This short documentary was made for my master research in Dakar, Senegal. I was there during 4 months doing my research on sabardancing. This documentary serves a an introduction to my master's thesis.

Here's a viewer comment about this video:
"I am senegalese and I think that this video is very great and very accurate. I love the dancing. I am a muslim but this does not contradict with my beleifs at all. it is beautiful and playful and a celebration of life.the music of senegal is very high energy and it reflects the spirit of the land and the people. senegal is about teranga "hospitality".everybody is welcome.everyboby. as long as you humble we good.the sabar is a space where certain things are allowed for woman.notalibanbusiness"
-koccone; 2011

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