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Rockin Robin (Tweeleelee) - Videos

Edited by Azizi Powell

Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5 - Rockin' Robin

stardustdays, Uploaded on Jan 2, 2012

From 1972

This is Part II of a two part series on the playground rhyme "Rockin Robin" (also known as "Tweeleelee", "Tweet Baby" and similar sounding names). Part II of this series showcases selected videos of the Rock & Roll records that inspired this rhyme, as well as selected videos of the rhyme itself.

A general overview, performance information, textual analysis, and text examples of "Rockin Robin" ("Tweeleelee") are provided in Part I of this series. Click for that post.

My thanks to the musical artists and handclap performers featured in these showcased videos. My thanks also to all the video uploaders.

[Warning: YouTube viewer comments may contain profanity, and otherwise may not be suitable for children.]

VIDEO #1: Michael Jackson - Rockin' Robin
This video is posted at the top of this page.

"Michael Jackson recorded and released a cover version of "Rockin' Robin" in 1972, which was taken from his first solo album titled Got to Be There. It was the biggest hit from the album, peaking at number two on the Hot 100 and R&B charts."
I showcased Michael Jackson's version of the "Rockin Robin" song first because it and not the 1958 version by Bobby Day appears to be the inspiration for the handclap rhyme. In support of that position, there doesn't appear to be any examples of "Rockin Robin" handclap rhymes prior to Michael Jackson's recording of that song.

VIDEO #2: Rockin' Robin (Original)

Buddha Mist Uploaded on Feb 10, 2011

Bobby Day_Rockin Robin
From the Pop's Chart
"'Rockin' Robin' is a song written by Leon René under the pseudonym Jimmie Thomas and recorded by Bobby Day in 1958. It was Day's only hit single, becoming a number-two hit on the Billboard Hot 100."

VIDEO #3: Tweet Baby

bkmamii | May 25, 2008

The girls playing waiting for the train

VIDEO #4: Rockin' Robin part 2

Posted by OMGxxWeeWaa / July 01, 2007

"science class, last day of school"
This version of "Rockin Robin" includes lines from the playground rhyme "I Woke Up Sunday Morning." Examples of that rhyme are posted on this Cocojams page:

VIDEO #5: Rockin' Robin Clapping Game [edit]

braellyra, Uploaded on Mar 5, 2010

We finally succeeded at the 3 person version of the Rockin' Robin clapping game. You wouldn't believe how difficult it is until you try...

VIDEO #6: Rockin' Robin

uploaded by KatiiV3nom / February 20, 2009

"My friends and I after school: Kari(orange), Jalen(brown), Jetrin(navy blue), Me(black). Shake, shake, shake to the bottom of the lake!"

VIDEO #7: Jamaican Ring Games

ochoriostube | June 13, 2009
Clord playing ring games with children of the Epworth All Age school
It appears that the Jamaican definition for "ring games" includes hand clap rhyme routines and other children's movement activities that isn't done in a ring. This is different from the definition of that term in the USA ("ring games" = "singing games performed by people standing or sitting in a circle".

The way these Jamaican children and woman perform this hand game is very similar to the American way this game is played, except for the hand shaking at the beginning. It appears that a version of "Oh Ah I Wanna Piece Of Pie" ("Take A Peach Take A Plum") rhyme was chanted after the version of "Twee Twee Twee".

Click this page of my cultural website for American versions of that rhyme:

This concludes this two part series on "Rockin Robin" ("Tweeleelee"). Click for additional text versions of that rhyme.

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