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Songs About Strong, Positive Black Men

Edited by Azizi Powell

Black Brother Tribute

Uploaded by quepasse2008 on Dec 24, 2008

This post features video performances of songs about strong Black men.

Enjoy and be inspired!


Video #1: Black Brother Tribute

This video is posted at the top of this page.
Here's the video uploader's comment:
"i wanted to show my apprieciation for all black men regardless.**NO COPYRIGHT INTENDED** **ALL PICTUES, MUSIC BELONG TO THEIR RESPECTIVE OWNERS**"
The vocalist is Angie Stone.

Video #2: 'John Henry' BIG BILL BROONZY (1951) Country Blues Guitar Legend

Uploaded by RagtimeDorianHenry on Apr 2, 2009
A summary of the fictitious story of "John Henry" is found in the uploader's comment from "Legends & Tales - John Henry", a video compilation of pictorial depictions of the fictitious character "John Henry":

"John Henry was an African American who was born with a hammer in his hand. Strong, resourceful, John Henry becomes king of the railroad camps, known far and wide for his prowess with a hammer. He can drive more steel than any man alive. To prove it, he is engaged in a contest with a new superior steam drill. Man goes against machine, and man wins! But it kills John Henry, leaving only a legacy of pride and perserverance."

Video #3: Isaac Hayes - Shaft [Live In Montreux 2005]

KAD MUSIK, Published on Oct 8, 2012
"Shaft is a 1971 American blaxploitation film directed by Gordon Parks, released by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. An action film with elements of film noir, Shaft tells the story of a black private detective, John Shaft, who travels through Harlem and to the Italian mob neighborhoods in order to find the missing daughter of a black mobster....

The film was one of only three profitable movies that year for MGM, grossing what Time magazine called an "astonishing" $13 million on a budget of $500,000. It not only spawned several years of "blaxploitation" action films, it earned enough money to save then-struggling MGM from bankruptcy....

Shaft was well received by film critics and is considered by many as one of the best films of 1971."

Video #4: 4X4 - Waist & Power (African Man)

Uploaded by kwamejoe on Apr 2, 2011
...Visit & for all your New Ghanaian / African Music 2011 !!

All Music and/or Videos (Including this one) belong to respective owner(s)
Here's information about this Ghanaian (West African) group from another video of the same song:

"4x4 is made up of Captain Planet, DeCODED (formally Abortion) & Fresh Prince
Cameos from Nana Boroo, Chase & More
Label - X4 Records / One8 /"

Video #5: Heather Headley's "He Is"

Uploaded by stingstungme on Aug 29, 2008

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  1. Positive songs about black men; I feel like I've heard quite a few over the years, especially in soul music. Here is one that comes to mind.

    U Will Know by Black Men United

    The song has lyrics like:
    "And then I got stronger
    Inside of the pain
    That’s when I picked up the pieces
    And I regained my name"

    I compiled a longer lists of songs (over 100), which featured another song that applies. It's now part of a positive music ebook which I'm putting together, available on happyrnb.

    Check out my pinterest page for more inspiring quotes, music quotes and uplifting words: