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How Do Deaf People Experience Music? (YouTube video of Shaheem Sanchez, African American dancer/dance instructor who is Deaf)

Edited by Azizi Powell

This pancocojams post showcases a video about how Deaf people experience music.

This video [which includes captions] focuses on Shaheem Sanchez, an African American man who is a Deaf dancer and instructor with his own method of feeling music's vibrations to learn a song.

This post also features a few comments from this video's discussion thread.

The content of this post is presented for cultural and educational purposes.

All copyrights remain with their owners.

Thanks to Shaheem Sanchez and all those who are featured in and/or are associated with this video. Thanks to all those who are quoted in this post and thanks to AJ+ for publishing this video series on YouTube.
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SHOWCASE VIDEO: How Do Deaf People Experience Music? | AJ+

AJ+, Nov 27, 2018

Shaheem Sanchez is a Deaf dancer and instructor with his own method of feeling music's vibrations to learn a song.

Want more? Check out this similar video from AJ+:

"#DeafMusic #MusicforDeafPeople #DeafDancing

Watch Part 1:
Watch Part 2:
Watch Part 4:

It's a common misconception that Deaf people can't enjoy music. But there's actually a whole community of Deaf dancers and sign language music interpreters. Shaheem is also an instructor at ASL Music Camp, which is making music more accessible to the Deaf community.

Transcript available in the comments.*

Archival photos courtesy of Shaheem Sanchez.
Music tracks courtesy of APM and Audio Networks.
Special thanks: Justin Kirk, Hugo Lopez, ASL Music Camp, Melissa Elmira Yingst

Note: When "deaf" is capitalized as "Deaf," it's referencing the Deaf community, an important and empowering distinction to those in the community."...
*The transcript that is found in this video's discussion thread is actually the transcript for Part I of this series. That same incorrect transcript is also found in the discussion thread for the other video of Shaheem Sanchez that whose link is given in this embedded video's summary.

I wrote to these video's publisher (on Feb. 12, 2020) to inform them of this mix-up. Hopefully, the correct transcript/s will be uploaded for these videos. If so, I will add that transcript to this pancocojams post.

(with numbers added for referencing purposes only.)
1. Sandy Germain, 2018
"Love this video very inspiring! We need more off this beauty in our world."

2. Underrated Art, 2018
"Made me realize how much I take my hearing for granted. Thank you for sharing his perspective."

3. Nikki, 2018
"The production on this is great! You guys did a phenomenal job :)"

4. Eugene Fisher, 2018
"I'd love to learn sign language"

5. POLM PHOTO, 2018
"Awesome video. Great information and great stories"

6. Melissa Mitchell, 2019
"I la la love this video and this guys great energy vibes! I shared this on my Facebook so some people understand how I’m trying to explain n this is how I memorized the beats and I dance to it!! ❤️"

7. Chickity Chick, 2020
"Very educational and appreciated. ❤️"

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