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Examples Of The Phrase "Shame Shame Shame Hit It" In "Brick Wall Waterfall" Hand Clap Rhymes (Part IV of a 4 Part Series)

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This revised pancocojams post was originally published October 2013 with the title "Shame Shame Shame Hit It" Line In "Brickwall Waterfall Rhymes". Additional text examples have been added to this post.

The three other posts in this series have also been revised on July 13 2018.

This is Part IV of this pancocojams series on children's playground rhymes that include the phrase "shame shame shame" or similar phrases and/or end with the word "shame".

Part IV of this series provides examples of the line "shame shame shame hit it" in "Brick Wall Waterfall" children's hand clap rhymes.

Click for Part I (Shame Shame Double Shame" rhymes).

Click for Part II. Part II features early text versions of the rhyme that became "I Don't Want To Go To Mexico" as well. Part III also features text examples of and comments about "I Don't Want To Go To Mexico" (and similarly titled rhymes) that begin with the phrase "shame shame shame" and/or ends with the word "shame".

Click for Part III. That post features videos of "I Don't Want To Go To Mexico" that include the "shame shame shame" introductory line and/or the "shame" ending.

The content of this post is presented for folkloric, recreational, and aesthetic purposes.

WARNING: Some websites which provide examples of children's rhymes includes examples & comments that include profanity, explicit sexual content, homophobic references, and other content that I consider to be inappropriate for children. There is also a Hip Hop record that has a title that is the same or similar to this. I consider that record to be very inappropriate for children.

All copyrights remain with their owners.

Thanks to all those who are quoted in this post. Thanks also to those who are featured in the videos that are embedded in this post and thanks to the publishers of these videos on YouTube.

In the United States there are numerous children's rhymes with the title "Brick Wall Water Fall". The examples that are featured in this post can be considered variant forms of that rhyme as most "Brick Wall Water Fall" rhymes don't begin with "Shame Shame Shame Hit It".

Here's an excerpt from a 2013 pancocojams post on "Brick Wall Water Fall" :
"Brickwall Waterfall" is a self-bragging/taunting playground rhyme. The rhyme appears to be either chanted while performing partner handclap routines*, or chanted while standing still & acting out (doing mime-like movements) for certain recited words.

Judging from the frequency of internet postings of "Brickwall Waterfall" (including the number of examples of this rhyme that had been sent in to my Cocojams website which I deactivated in 2014, "Brickwall Waterfall" appeared to have been one of the most widely known contemporary playground rhymes in the United States since 2003. I'm not sure how familiar American children are with this rhyme as of this date [2018). However, various examples of that rhyme continue to be published as YouTube videos and a number of text versions of "Brick Wall Water Fall" are shared as comments in those YouTube videos' discussion threads.

The popularity of "Brickwall Waterfall" is probably due to that rhyme being featured two times in the 2003 American movie Dickie Roberts, Former Child Star.....

Here's one "standard" example of that rhyme without the Shame Shame Shame Hit It" introductory line:
"Brick wall water fall
girl you think you got it all, but you don't i do
So boom with that attitude, peach punch captin crunch, i got something you can't touch, Bang bang choo choo train
wind me up and i'll do my thing
resses peices 7 up
you mess with me i mess you up!"
♥CanadaRox♥, 2008;

Shame Shame Shame (hand game)

Elizabeth Brooks, Uploaded on Aug 27, 2011

Alexis and Laysia performing hand game
Note that many examples of "Brick Wall Waterfall" don't include the "shame shame shame hit it" line.

Several commenters in this video's discussion thread wrote that that wasn't the "Shame" hand game. Those comments reflect the apparently rather widely held opinion that the title "Shame" refers to the "I Don't Want To Go To Mexico" rhymes.

Other commenters in this discussion thread indicated that this featured rhyme's title was "Shame Shame Shame Hit It" and not "Brick Wall Waterfall" (or "That's The Way I Like It")

Here's my transcription of the rhyme that these girls chanted in this first embedded video. I've numbered the lines in this rhyme for the purposes of text analysis. This version is given as Example #1. These numbers are given for referencing purposes only.

Example #1:
line 1: Shame shame shame Hit it!
line 2. That’s the way un hun un hun
line 3. I like it un hun un hun
line 4. Rain fall waterfall. Girl you think you know it all
line 5. You don’t. I do.
line 6. So poof with that attitude.
line 7. Welcome to McDonalds.
line 9. May I take your order.
line 10. Big mac. Fillet of fish
line 11. Quarter pounder french fries.
line 12. See my pinky.
line 13. See my thumb.
line 14. See my fist.
line 15. You better run.
This example demonstrates the way that children create hand clap rhymes by combining lines from various rhymes & songs.
Text analysis:
Line #1: The introductory line "Hit it" is lifted from music and means "Let's begin.]

Lines #2-#3: This verse is lifted from the 1975 hit record by that title which was recorded by KC and the Sunshine Band. These lines are found in a number of hand clap rhymes.

Lines #4-#6: This is part of a version of the rhyme "Brickwall Water fall"

Lines #7-#11: This is part of the "Welcome to McDonalds" rhyme.

Lines #12-#15: This is the "See My Pinky" rhyme. This is the only portion of this rhyme that I chanted in my childhood [Atlantic City, New Jersey, 1950s.] I recall it as being just a taunting rhyme with no hand claps or any other accompanying movements.

Example #2:
Thats different then how we do it. we do it like
"Shame shame shame hit it
thats the way uhhuh uhuh i like it
uhhuh uhhuh (X2)
brickwalll waterfall
girl u think u kno it alll.
u dont i do
so boom witcho attiitude
so boom withcho attitude.
wait come back
i think u need a tic tack.
not 1 not 2
but the whole 6 pack.
sorry to be mean
but u need somme listerene
not a sip not a swollow
but the whole dang bottlle."

then we see who yells shame on u 1st @ the end of it.
-paris porter, , 2013 [This is the link for the first video that is embedded in this post.]
Paris Porter also wrote:
an sometimes after that we go like
"You lost a dime u drunk some wine
now u look like frankenstein.
yo mama yo daddy
yo baldheaded grannny
she 99
she think she fine.
She going out with frankenstein"

Example #3
It goes shame shame shame hit it that's the way uh huh uh huh I like it uh huh uh huhx2 splish splash waterfall girl u think u know it all u dont I do so boo with yo attitude wait come back u need a tick tack not one not two but the whole six pack see my pinky see my thumb see my fist u better run peanutbuutter recee cup u mess with me ill jack u up!thats how my school says it,butt theres many different versions. 
-Alexa 29, 2014;

SHOWCASE VIDEO #2: Shame Shame Shame hit it handshake

Ravenashlee Cross, Published on Apr 25, 2015
The numbers for this example continues from above.

Example #4
Shame shame shame hit it,
that's the way un huh un huh,
I like it un huh un huh,
that's the way un huh un huh
I like it un huh un huh.
Big fat water fall girl
you think you know it all,you don't I do
so push away that attitude
push away that attitude
push away that attitude
see my pinky,
see my thumb,
see my fist
you betta run
see my fist.
See my thighs.
Girl you think you satisfied.
-Nyiah and Raven, April 25, 2015 [These girls' names where published by the video uploader in the video's discussion thread.]

Click for a version of a completely different hand clap rhyme posted by GUEST,Tianna Date: 30 Dec 05 - 11:42 AM. That example begins with the introductory line "shame shame shame/alla bostia"* WARNING: That example is a sexualized version of the rhyme that I call "We Wear Our Hair In Curls".

My guess is that "alla bostia" is a folk etymology form of thee lyrics "tra ra ra boom de a".

Also, click for Example #1 of the hand clap rhyme entitled "The Simpsons". That rhyme begins with the introductory line: "sin,sin,sin". In the context of that rhyme, I believe those words are a form of the words "shame shame shame".

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