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Five YouTube Hair Styling Videos For Females With Type 3 Or Type 4 Hair (The Most Common African American Hair Types)

Edited by Azizi Powell

This is Part II of a two part pancocojams series on an African American hair typing system and video examples of those hair types.

This post showcases several tutorial or hair styling several videos for females with type 3 and type 4 hair.

Click for Part I of this pancocojams series. Part I also includes some definitions for Black natural hair care and hair styling terms. By "Black natural hair" I mean type 3 and type 4 hair that is in its natural state (without the addition of heat or chemicals).for Part I of this pancocojams series. Part I provides text only information about the Andre Walker hair typing system with a focus on its descriptions of the most common African American hair types: type 3 and type 4 (with type 3c and type 4c additions).

This post also includes some definitions for Black natural hair care and hair styling terms. By "Black natural hair" I mean type 3 and type 4 hair that is in its natural state (without the addition of heat or chemicals).

The content of this post is presented for cultural and educational purposes.

All copyrights remain with their owners.

Thanks to all those who are featured in and who published these YouTube videos.

Example #1: Night to Morning Natural Hair Routine

Mini Marley, Published on Jul 2, 2015
Some people use twists to develop dreadlocs. If so, they wouldn't "take out" their twists.

A commenter wrote that she's noticed the pineapple nightly hair care custom (putting her hair up and covering the back and sides of the hair with a scarf has also been used as a daytime hair style for some females.
I think that this video blogger (vlogger) has type 4b or 4c hair (or a combination of both 4b and 4c hair).

Example #2: Yemi Alade inspired detailed hair tutorial. #3/5 Fulani

Hair By Habiba, Published on Sep 15, 2016
Yemi Alade is a famous Nigerian Afrobeats singer. Click that name for pancocojams post on that singer.

Here are some selected comments from this video's discussion thread:
KeeNa Makiba, 2017
"How would someone with 4C or 4B hair achieve be this look with not having long hair like ur daughter?"

. Hair By Habiba, 2017
"Just use some kinky textured extensions or even Marley hair ! Hope this helps 😀"

KeeNa Makiba, 2017
"Hair By Habiba
Ok thank u very much ..I have very short hair and I love this video very much very helpful ..I'm going to try this style for a concert...I'm just starting out natural hair this style will be my first!"
These comments document the way that some Black people are reclaiming the word "kinky" which once was (and often still is) considered a very negative descriptor of [a lot of] Black people's hair type (texture). "Kinky" means "full of tight curls". Type 4 hair is the most tightly coiled (curled) hair texture.

In my opinion, "tightly curled" is probably a more socially acceptable way for people-especially non-Black people - to refer to this hair type.

Note that people (like me) can have more than one type of hair in different parts of their head. For instance, some strands of my hair in the front and the sides are relatively straight and the rest of my hair is tightly curled. So maybe my hair types are 3b & 4a or 4a & 4b. By the way, I didn't really know what my real (natural) hair texture* looked or felt like until I began wearing my hair naturally (in an Afro) when I was 17 years old.

*Back in the day (in the 1950s t0 1970s) Black people used to refer "good hair" and "bad hair". "Good hair was hair textures that most White people had/have (now refer to as "type 2" and "type 3" hair textures). "Bad" hair was hair like most Black people had/have (now called "type 4" hair textures.) We (Black people) used to refer to people's "grade" of hair rather than type or texture of hair.

I think the hair type of the girl in this video has 3a or 3b or 3c hair.

Also, "Marley Hair" that is mentioned in one of these comments is a specific brand of fake hair that is sold for extensions (weaves).

Example #3: 10 Quick and Easy Hairstyles on Natural Hair - 3B/3C

Jasmine D, Published on Oct 18, 2015

Example #3: 6 Cute Ways to Style Your natural TWA 3c 4a 4b & 4c friendly

DISCLAIMER: The small white buds in my hair is the build up of both products used( gel and leave in conditioner). When 2 products don't have the same base they don't mix well.

Hi Guys, So today i decided to show you 6 styles I do with my TWA. For everyone who has a Teenie Weenie Afro knows its difficult to style it, because its so short and you don't know what to do with it. Been there Done that. I got sick of the regular curly fro after a week so I started to play around and experiment with my hair and came up with these 6 styles. They're different and easy to achieve. I hope this video helps.

1.) The Wash N Go Revival is reviving my 4 day old wash n go. I do his by applying water to reactivate the product already in my hair.
2.) The Side Part is pretty self Explanatory, lol.
3.)The Afro is my curls and kinks being picked out.
4.)The half up is like wearing back fro but instead I sleek the sides down and pin the top half up.
5.) The back Fro is my edges sleeked back but the back of hair is in an Afro.
6.) The Sleek Slick Back is brushing ALL of hair down and to the back.

Markia Daily

Products Used:
Spray bottle ( filled with water)
Cantu Shea Leave In Conditioner
Detangler comb
Soft Bristle Brush
Hard Bristle Brush
Olive Oil ECO Styler Gel

Example #4: 7 NATURAL HAIRSTYLES (For Short to Medium Length Natural Hair) (4B/C Hair)

Healthy Afro Hair, Published on Mar 23, 2018

Natural hairstyles created on my natural hair. So this is the first hairstyles video I’ve done on my channel since going natural.

By the way, prior to styling my hair I used a small amount of the following products for some of the styles;

1. Water
2. Aunt Jackies Knot On My Watch Instant Detangling Therapy
3. Eco Style Black Castor & Flaxseed Oil Gel.

These are not shown in the video, as the main focus was on the hairstyles and NOT products. So feel free to use ones of your choice.

Let me know which one(s) you like best!

Hope you enjoy the video 😊

Example #5: Perfect Twistout EVERYTIME on Type 4 Natural Hair // Lasts 7 Days+

Halfrican Beaute, Published on May 2, 2018

This concludes Part II of this two part series.

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