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Liberia, West Africa Gospel Singer Kanvee Gaines-Adams - "Heart Desire" (information, video, comments, & partial lyrics)

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This pancocojams post presents information about the Liberian Gospel singer Kanvee Gaines-Adams and showcases a video of hit song "Heart Desire".

Selected comments from this video's discussion thread are also included in this post.

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Thanks to Kanvee Gaines-Adams for her musical legacy and thanks to all those who featured in this video. Thanks also to all those who are quoted in this post and thanks to the publisher of this video on YouTube.

"Name: Kanvee Kamara Gaines Adams
Stage Name: Kanvee
Date of Birth: July 13, 1978
Place of Birth: Monrovia, Liberia


Work/Artistic Experience:

2004 – 2010, National Coordinator – Liberia Association of Gospel Musical Artists (LAGMA)
2006 – 2008, Advisor for the first vice President (Federation of Liberia Youth)
2002 – Present, Founder/Head (Kanvee Adams International Ministries Inc.) Legally registered in Liberia and the United States of America.
2011 – Vice Head, Concern Artists of Liberia (Advocacy group for all artists in Liberia).
2002 – 2014, producer of 15 gospel albums

Artist of the year (2004 – 2005) – LAGMA
Best Inspirational Artist of the year (2007 – 2008) – LAGMA
Artist of the year (2008 – 2009) – LAGMA, Musician Union of Liberia & LMA(USA)
Gospel Artist of the year (2008 – 2009) – Musician Union of Liberia & LMA(USA)
Best-selling Album of the year (2008 – 2009) – LAGMA
Best Gospel song of the year (2008 – 2009) – LAGMA
Best Female Artist of the year (2008 – 2009) – LAGMA & Musician Union of Liberia
Best Inspirational Artist of the year – (2009 -2010) – LAGMA
Best Gospel Artist of the Year – (2009 – 2010) – Liberia Entertainment Awards(USA)
Artist of the year (2011 – 2012) – LAGMA
Best Song of the year (2011 – 2012) – LAGMA
Female Artist of the year (2011 – 2012) – LAGMA
Conferred Ambassador of Charity, Liberia, 2013
Africa Gospel Music Awards (AGMA) Special Award for the Promotion of Gospel Music of the year (2013)"...
"LAGMA" = The Liberian Association of Gospel Musical Artists (LAGMA), a conglomerate of Liberia’s inspiring Gospel musicians and lovers which is unarguable the country’s best organized musical industry

"AGWA" = Africa Gospel Music Awards

SHOWCASE VIDEO: Heart Desire (Preview)

Kanvee Adams, Published on Apr 16, 2014
Statistics (as of April 13, 2018 9:04 PM EST)
1,048,132 - total views

3,500 - total # of likes

576 - total number of dislikes

353 total # of comments
Selected comments from this video's discussion thread (with numbers assigned for referencing purposes only)

1. Rebecca koroma, 2014
"Indeed Lord has given me my heart desire"

2. Guessand Charly, 2014
"i discovered this song only yesterday. it's as i knew it since years. I love it and i like Kanvee. I did not know you now i'm one of your fan in Côte d'Ivoire. God bless you!"

3. Zargweah Gompue, 2014
"Thank u for putting liberian Gospel musics on the map, may God continuing blessing u and ur career to do more in the house of The Lord"

4. Michael Slewion Tiabor, 2015
"Thanks Kanvee, Your songs continue to inspire and make me feel that I am back home. Though I am far away."

5. Monyouke James, 2016
"when they say you I doom, say I will boom. Life and deaf is in the power of the tongue."
"deaf" = "death" ; i.e. "life and death is in the power of the tongue"

I think this comment quotes this song's lyrics. Read #11 below for another version of these lyrics.
6. Diana Deah, 2016
"Love this song and never stop listening and dancing to it, becaus it bring joy and happiness to my heart"

7. Sengbah Foley, 2016
"You are a complete pride to mama Liberia may God keep on giving your heart desires....I love all of your music"

8. Bahati Kuderha, 2017
"This song will be play at my wedding day. I love you kanvee your very beautiful and talented"
From reading several YouTube video discussion threads for Liberian music and events, it appears that Kanvee Gaines- Adams' "Heart Desire" is a very popular song for Liberian weddings.

9. Weah Page, 2017
"God bless you ,showing some love las Vegas"

10. Grace Tomah, 2017
"Thanks so much for this music Kanvee, i am a Muslim but i really like your music."

11. Kabbah Patricia, 2017
"Indeed woman of God,....though they said iam a doom,,,but I shouldy boom ###cause He gave my heart desire"
I think the words in this comment that begin with "they said" may be an attempt to quote part of this song's lyrics.

12. Allieu brima Koroma, 2017
"I am a proud Muslim from Sierra Leone and i lives in the USA but I always listening to this powerful gospel singer Woman's music."

13. Marie this people are bless with a easy life Conteh. 2018
"Yes my God really gave me my heart desire"

14. Melvin George, 2018
"Yes.. she is one of our Liberian Gosple Music QUEEN"

Soloist: Today o You have put my heart on fire
Group- Today o I will lift my voice in praise
Soloist-I'm so happy 'cause you give my heart desire
Group-Now today o I will lift my voice in praise

Verse [Soloist]
I have come to testify
what the Lord my God has done
From the beginning of my journey
Many thought I wouldn't make it
There were too many battles
That I fought along the way.
And they thought I was a fool
But I only kept my cool
With Jehovah by my side
I was ????
And ???



This is my attempted transcription from this embedded video (with help with one two lines from a comment from
Joseph Zelee (2015) in the discussion thread of another copy of this video (

I haven't found the complete lyrics to this song online. Additions and corrections are welcome.

From reading online, I believe that in Liberian English "o" after a word or at the end of a sentence adds emphasis to that word or sentence. I've also noticed this custom in Nigeria.

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