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A Vice Sport Documentary Video Of The Bayou Classic Battle Of Marching Bands (Grambling State University vs Southern University) And Five YouTube Videos Of The 2017 Bayou Classic Battle Of Bands

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This pancocojams post provides information about Grambling State University's World Famed Tiger Marching Band and Southern University's Human Jukebox Marching Band and provides information about the Bayou Classic Battle between these HBCU (Historically Black Colleges & University) marching bands that are located in the state of Louisiana.

This post showcases a Vice Sport documentary video about both bands' preparation for the Bayou Classic as well as five YouTube videos of the 2017 Bayou Classic. Those five videos consists of each bands' entrances into the stadium and exits from the stadium, and each bands' field show (halftime show).

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"The Bayou Classic is the annual college football game between the Grambling State University Tigers and the Southern University Jaguars, first held under that name in 1974 at Tulane Stadium in New Orleans, although the series itself actually began in 1932. A trophy is awarded to the winning school.

Since 1990 the game has been held the final Saturday in November (i.e., the Saturday after Thanksgiving) at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. Following the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, organizers moved the 2005 event from the Superdome to Reliant Stadium in Houston, Texas, where many of New Orleans' evacuees were living. This was the only time that the Bayou Classic was held outside of Louisiana. The 2006 Bayou Classic returned to the Superdome.

It is the best known annual game and rivalry in historically black college or university (HBCU) football and was nationally televised in the U.S. by NBC from 1991 to 2014. Since 2015 it has aired on the NBC Sports Network.[1] The Bayou Classic was the only National Collegiate Athletic Association Division I Football Championship Subdivision game to be shown regularly on broadcast television. Fans have been known to refer to it as the "Black Super Bowl", although that name is not used in any official capacity by either school due to the National Football League's restrictions on the use of the "Super Bowl" name. Both schools typically forgo FCS playoff eligibility to participate in the Bayou Classic. The game is one of two black college football classics to be associated with Thanksgiving weekend; the other is the older Turkey Day Classic.
The game had State Farm Insurance as its title sponsor from 1996 to 2011.[2]

Other activities
Of the many festivities held in conjunction with the game, the most well-known and well-attended is the two-part Battle of the Bands, where both universities' marching bands—Grambling's "World Famed" Tiger Marching Band and Southern's Human Jukebox—perform. Following the Greek show, the two renowned bands stage elaborately choreographed performances on the Friday night before the game.


The Bayou Classic is a source of tourism revenue ($50 million) to the city of New Orleans and the state of Louisiana.[6] 250,000 visitors descend upon New Orleans over the course of the events leading up to the game, and the national television audience has attracted between four and five million viewers.[7] The success of the game has inspired the promotion of numerous other HBCU rivalries and "classics". In the past the stadium attendance had averaged between 50,000–70,000 annually. Hurricane Katrina brought some challenges, first with a one-year move to Houston, then with a slight drop-off in attendance upon the classic's return to New Orleans—all while the Florida Classic and Magic City Classic gained significantly in prominence over that same time period. Though the Bayou Classic also lost its title sponsor in 2011 and GSU faced numerous issues during its 2013 season, officials in 2014 rejected suggestions to remove GSU as a participant and instead resolved to quickly rejuvenate the classic.[8] Attendance has now climbed significantly each year since 2011 and is again near pre-Katrina levels.[9] The game also remains nationally televised, although NBC did move the game broadcast over to its sister sports-only network in 2015.

Series history
Historically, Grambling State and Southern have arguably had the two most successful football teams in the Southwestern Athletic Conference. Through the 2017 season Grambling has more SWAC football titles than any other school (25, not including their vacated 1975 title); Southern has the second most with 19. Grambling and SU also have more black national titles than any other SWAC schools; as of 2017 Grambling has the second most in the entire country with 15 total, while SU has the fourth most at the FCS-level (11)

Through 2017 Southern leads the overall series with Grambling, begun in 1932, by a 36–33 margin. Grambling leads the Bayou Classic era 23–21, after winning in 2017, and claims the longest winning streak in the all-time series, 9 games from 1970 to 1978 (including SU's 1972 forfeit). Southern claims the longest winning streak in the Bayou Classic era, 8 games from 1993–2000 (the Jaguars also had a previous 8-game winning streak at the start of the series, in the games played between 1932–46). Grambling's 43–6 victory in 1980 ranks as the largest margin of victory in the Bayou Classic, while SU's 1935 victory (64–6) is the largest margin in the all-time series.”….

(given in alphabetical order)

Grambling State University:
"Grambling State University (GSU) is a historically black, public, coeducational university, in Grambling, Louisiana. The university is home of the Eddie G. Robinson Museum and is listed on the Louisiana African American Heritage Trail. The university is a member-school of the University of Louisiana System and Thurgood Marshall College Fund.


GSU's [Grambling University's] World Famed Tiger Marching Band is a historic marching band with many special accolades and accomplishments. For instance, they are the only HBCU marching band in the nation to perform at two consecutive U.S. presidential inaugurations.[12] "World Famed" was founded in 1926 and serves as one of the premier ambassadors of the university. One of the band's most anticipated traditions is the annual nationally televised "Battle of The Bands" against Southern University's Human Jukebox marching band during Bayou Classic weekend in the Superdome. The yearly event attracts tens of thousands of alumni, fans, and spectators.[13]

"World Famed" is led by two drum majors and features a danceline from the university's Orchesis Dance Company."...

Southern University:
"The Human Jukebox is the internationally renowned marching band representing Southern University and A&M College located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Band profile
T. Leroy Davis is credited for establishing Southern University's marching band. Davis served as the band director between 1947 and 1964. He helped organize the first Southern University Band Festival and Band Day and was nationally known for his contributions and achievements in music. Davis was given the title of Professor Emeritus for his many years of service to the university in 1989.[1]

The band is anchored by the Isaac Greggs Band Hall on campus. Dr. Isaac Greggs (Doc) was an award-winning band director and alumnus of Southern University that led the band for 36 years (1969 - 2005). Under his leadership, the band grew in popularity and established a distinctive identity. In addition to having the band hall renamed in his honor, he was inducted into the Louisiana Black History Hall of Fame in 2013 and had a display case dedicated in his honor at the National Museum of African American History and Culture in 2016.[2][3]

The Human Jukebox has been consistently recognized as one of the best marching bands in the nation by USA Today, NCAA, ESPN, and Time.[4][5][6][7] The band is highly regarded for its powerful arrangements, extensive song catalog, and entertaining showmanship.


Since 1969, the Human Jukebox has been accompanied by The Fabulous Dancing Dolls. Gracie Perkins co-founded the Dolls with Dr. Greggs. The Dolls are best known for their stylish dance uniforms, beauty standards, and graceful dance style...

One of the most anticipated traditions of the Human Jukebox is the Friday night "Battle of the Bands" versus Grambling's "World Famed" Tiger Marching Band during Bayou Classic weekend in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. The annual event draws tens of thousands of alumni, fans, and spectators. Clips of it is aired on NBC's nationally televised broadcast of Saturday's football game. A YouTube video of the Human Jukebox's soulful rendition of Adele's hit single "Hello" from the 2015 Bayou Classic Battle of the Bands went viral which resulted in the band garnering overwhelmingly positive press both nationally and internationally citing their excellent performance. The video received over 1 million views in less than two weeks and was one of the nation's top trending topics on social media the week of its release.[13][14] In 2016, Vice Media released a documentary detailing the historical and cultural significance of the Human Jukebox and their annual band battle against Grambling's "World Famed" Tiger Marching band in New Orleans.[15]"...
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During the 2017 Bayou Classic, both Grambling State University and Southern University got a chance to once again duke it out in a halftime battle of the bands. This time, it was televised on NBC Sports Network. Who do you think won this battle?

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