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Four Renditions Of The Classic Blues Song "Call It Stormy Monday" by T-Bone Walker, Albert King, Bobby Blue Bland, & B B King

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This pancocojams post presents information about the Blues classic "Call It Stormy Monday" (most commonly known as "Stormy Monday").

This post also provides four YouTube examples of this song as performed by T Bone Walker, Albert King, Bobby Blue Bland, and B B King.

Lyrics for this song are also included in this post.

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" "Call It Stormy Monday (But Tuesday Is Just as Bad)" (commonly referred to as "Stormy Monday") is a song written and recorded by American blues electric guitar pioneer T-Bone Walker. It is a slow twelve-bar blues performed in the West Coast blues-style that features Walker's smooth, plaintive vocal and distinctive guitar work. As well as becoming a record chart hit in 1948, it inspired B.B. King and others to take up the electric guitar. "Stormy Monday" became Walker's best-known and most-recorded song.

In 1961, Bobby "Blue" Bland further popularized the song with an appearance in the pop record charts. Bland introduced a new arrangement with chord substitutions, which was later used in many subsequent renditions. His version also incorrectly used the title "Stormy Monday Blues", which was copied and resulted in royalties being paid to songwriters other than Walker. The Allman Brothers Band recorded an extended version for their first live album in 1971, with additional changes to the arrangement. Through the album's popularity and the group's concert performances, they brought "Stormy Monday" to the attention of rock audiences. Similarly, R&B singer Latimore's 1973 hit recording made it popular with a later R&B audience.

"Stormy Monday" is one of the most popular blues standards, with numerous renditions. As well as being necessary for blues musicians, it is also found in the repertoires of many jazz, soul, pop, and rock performers. The song is included in the Grammy, Rock and Roll, and Blues Foundation halls of fame as well as the U.S. Library of Congress' National Recording Registry."....

(T-Bone Walker)

They call it stormy Monday
But Tuesday's just as bad
Yes, they call it stormy Monday
But Tuesday's just as bad
Wednesday's worse
And Thursday's also sad

Yes, the eagle flies on Friday
And Saturday I go out to play
Yes, the eagle flies on Friday
And Saturday I go out to play
Sunday I go to church
Then I kneel down and pray

[Instrumental bridge]

Lord have mercy
Lord have mercy on me
Lord have mercy
My heart's in misery
Crazy about my baby
Yeah, send her back to me

Online source:

Example #1: T-Bone Walker - Call It Stormy Monday

Shady Ahmed, Published on Sep 1, 2012

A rare studio record of T-Bone Walker's timeless classic. Enjoy!
Here's a comment from this YouTube sound file:
Bob Benham, 2013
"Smooth... thanks for uploading this classic blues recorded in 1947."

Example #2: Albert King-Stormy Monday

DrLearyUSA, Published on Feb 9, 2010

Albert King's Blues Record "Born under a bad sign" released in 1967
Here are three comments from this sound file's discussion thread:

Blackbond11, 2015
"There's no way I can choose between T-Bone walker, Bobby Bland or Albert King's version. They are all incredible...smh"

Edward McLaughlin, 2017
"Imagine if we had none of them. We have them all. How lucky are we?"

woodey028, 2016
"Time will have no affect on this.. in another 100 years and beyond, this will still move the soul"

Example #3: Bobby "Blue" Bland - Stormy Monday 1962

Gollincho, Published on Sep 6, 2008

Bobby "Blue" Bland,vocal
Wayne Bennett,gtr
Here's a comment from this sound file's discussion thread:
Delois Roberson, 2014
"Words cannot express the impact that Bobby's singing and his talent that brought throughout the world!"

Example #4: B.B. King, "Stormy Monday Blues," ACL 1996.

AustinCityLimitsTV, Published on May 15, 2015

B.B. King takes on T-Bone Walker's immortal blues standard "Stormy Monday" on Austin City Limits, broadcast in 1996.

Here's a comment from this sound file's discussion thread:

richard bowes, 2017
"What a full life this man had. Having such an affect on a number of people in a positive way."

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