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Video & English Lyrics For The Maasai Social Commentary Song "Kaningeji" ("Rumours") by John Ole Asman

Edited by Azizi Powell

This pancocojams post showcases a video of and lyrics for the Maasai song "Kaningeji" by John Ole Asman.

Maasai singer John Ole Asman's "Kaningeli:" song 's is a winner. Its uptempo beat and call & response pattern with its "Yelp!" or similar sounding utterance throughout give it a very contemporary sound. The song's video includes a bit of a story line and its visuals and sound are high quality.

I wish I knew what genre of music this is. Does anyone else agree with me that this song has a kind of Caribbean flavor to it? Also, the "Yelp! utterance reminds me of the currently popular African American "ayye!" call."

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Thanks to John Ole Asman and all those who are featured in this video. Thanks also to all those who produced and filmed this video and thanks also to the publisher of this video on YouTube.

(John Ole Asman)

Nowadays we live a life of rumours
Everything that you speak about is rumours
Something that you are not privy to*
The husband hates his wife because of rumours
The wife hates her husband because of rumours
Brothers hate each other because of rumours
You hate your neighbor because of rumours
because of rumours


When shall you stop rumours
And the husband doesn't go to church because of rumours
Something you are not privy to
You move from one church to another because of rumours
something you are not privy to
And the clothes you wear you had that is on fashion**
When shall you do your own work that you never***
something that you are not privy to
You hate your neighbour because of rumours
When shall you say the truth
You hate your neighbour because of rumours

We are tired of hearing your rumours
It's good to say the truth
Stop going around the village spreading rumours
Don't let pressures get into you because of rumours****
Don't let diebetes get into you because of runours *****

Others don't go to church because they think church is for kids

The leaders that you elect you heard them
You never saw what they did you just heard
You elect a leaders that comes from our tribe******

Stop rumours
Stop rumours
Stop rumours
Stop rumours

[continue with musical riff [saying these words along with other improvised words]
Here are some suggested improvements for the English translations:
*Here's something that you may not know

** "in the latest fashion".

** "When shall you do your own work that you never do now"

*** Don't get high blood pressure because of rumours

**** Don't get Diabetes because of rumours

**** You elect leaders who come from our tribe (ethnic group) [or "You elect a leader who comes from our tribe (ethnic group).


Dee Videos, Published on Feb 1, 2017

A Masai Gospel song Kaningeji
Although this description refers to this as a "Masai Gospel song", I think its lyrics fit better in the "social commentary" category than the Gospel category.

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