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Ghanaian Neo-Soul/Jazz Singer Efya - "Life" (videos and lyrics)

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This pancocojams provides information about Ghanaian singer Efya (Jane Awindor) and showcases two videos of her song "Life".

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"Jane Awindor (born 10 April 1987),[1][2][3] better known by her stage name Efya, is a Ghanaian singer, songwriter, and actress from Kumasi. She is the daughter of Nana Adwoa Awindor, a filmmaker and celebrity host of the late television show Greetings From Abroad.[4] Efya got her first exposure to fame when she participated in the maiden edition of the Stars of the Future talent show.[5] She won the Best Female Vocal Performance category at the Ghana Music Awards in four succession, beginning in 2011. Moreover, she was applauded for her performance at the 2013 Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards.[5]

Her debut mixtape, T.I.N.T., was released on 11 November 2013. It consists of songs that were released from 2011 through 2013.[6] The mixtape was supported by the singles "Getaway" and "Best In Me". She released her long-awaited debut studio album, Janesis, on 22 April 2016.[7] It was previously scheduled for release at different times between 2013 and 2015. "Forgetting Me", the album's lead single, was released on 11 January 2014.[8][9][10] On 8 May 2016, Efya was announced as one of the newly signed acts to Wizkid's Starboy Entertainment. The announcement came following Wizkid's performance at the Ghana Music Awards.[11]

Life and music career

Efya was born in Kumasi, Ghana. She has two brothers and a sister; she obtained her secondary education from Yaa Asantewaa Secondary School.[12] She relocated to Accra when her mother enrolled at the NAFTI film school. Efya received voice trainings from some of her family members at a young age.[13] She graduated with a degree in theatre and music from the University of Ghana. In 2008, she gained national acceptance throughout Ghana by becoming the first runner up in Charterhouse’s Stars of The Future television show. She lost to Irene Logan, but secured herself a three-year recording deal.[14] The recording deal enabled her and Irene to do a collaborative album titled Unveiled, which was released in South Africa. Following the conclusion of her recording deal with Charterhouse, Efya continued to record songs and perform at local gigs. She changed her stage name from Miss Jane to Efya prior to going solo. In an interview posted on Modern Ghana, Efya said: "When I decided to go solo, it made sense at the time to reinvent myself in every way, I wanted a name that was African and unique but at the same time relevant to me in some way. My manager Jimmi helped me come up with the name Efya".*[12] In 2011, she signed a recording deal with One Nation Entertainment.[1]

Background information
Native name Jane Fara Fauzzier Afia Boafowaa Yahaya Awindor
Birth name Jane Awindor
Also known as Miss Jane
Born 10 April 1987 (age 30)
Kumasi, Ghana
Origin Accra, Ghana
Neo soul afro-soul pop jazz
Singer songwriter actress"
*My guess is that the name "Efya" is a stylized form of this singer's traditional name "Afia". "Afia" is one form of the Akan day name "Afua" (female born on Friday").

Example #1: Efya - Life

EfyaVEVO, Published on Oct 29, 2014

Efya gives life to "Life" single with a new music video.

Her new single “Life” is a mellow song chronicling her trials and rise to her present status as a music icon in the making.
Here are a few comments from this YouTube video's discussion thread

Kwesi Gaituah, 2015
"Strong vocals + Great visuals...undeniably one of the best to ever do it in her genre!!! Long may her success continue."..

Melinda Kalenga, 2015
"no matter what circumstance of life I will make it through,Nelson Mandela said "Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world". anything is possible if you believe in yourself" 

NaijaCINE, 2016
"I love how creative she is that every version she does of this song is different from each other, but I must say the Lagos Jazzhole is the best I've heard, Efya is simply amazing with a live band!"

Bilhakoi, 2017
"Love you Efya. Keeeeppp the music going mama. From Nairobi, Kenya"

Example #2: Efya - Life (Live at Jazzhole - Lagos, Nigeria)

efyamusic Published on May 10, 2013

Performed at her Live showcase at Jazzhole in Lagos brought to you by Eclipse Productions. Shot by Remi (jazzhole) & 37th State.

This was the second performance of Life following her mind blowing perfomance at Africa Magic viewer's Choice Awards. Footage from both performances coming soon....

"Life" is the next single from her upcoming debut album due for release this year.
Here are a few comments from this YouTube video's discussion thread:

1. J. Gyau Kusi, 2013
"I dont think Ghana has ever had someone like EFYA. She sings her heart yet she's always had the right punch lines whether she's singing JAZZ, SOUL, BLUES, HIGHLIFE, REGGAE ..................She's always on point"

2. Emily Quarcoopome, 2013
"Efya killing it EVERYTIME!"

3. Lovinglyfe Osei, 2014
"Such a great addition to the music world. In love with what she does with that voice!"

4. Thierry Francois Michel Bodog, 2014
"Very creative, Efya, to me you are one of the best Afro-Jazz voice in Africa, I saw you performing in New York, I was more than impressed. Keep the hard work!"

5. Rebecca Mabea, 2015
"Her voice live and her video no difference . This is what you call true talent"

"so glad I came across this extremely gifted and soulful artist.. Big up yuhself sister Blessings!!!"

7.  Nigeria Topten, 2015
"Efya's is in a class of her own. You be too much, cha!"

(composed by Efya)*

Tryin' a tell a story
Listen to my story
24 years
Ready, yes prepared
Wasn't always easy look at me now I'm here
Breaking all the rules
So inspired music
Going deep down and your system gonna busy
Can you here me yeah
Listen to me clearly
Breaking it down for you
So sometime of you air please
Comes on within
Yes I believe!
That you will achieve
If you should percieve
All of the things that you want
Wait a minute, Stop! ×2
Take a minute please
Wait a minute, Stop!
When you did, now stop!
It takes sometime to get to the top
Make up your mind
To never ever stop
No one said it'll be easy
But this how I'm living
Make then music for the oh
For the living

This is my life
What more can I say
This is my life
Tryin' a make a way
This is my life
Won't stop today
This is my life
It's the only way

Yeah, mama was right
Listen to your heart
She will say every night
When I used to dream of being me
Taking my music that rescued me
In my nightmares
I do this for the music
That li la la li
That makes you wanna boogie
The highs and the lows
Say Do-Re-Mi-Fa-Sol
African music, up-rising music
Classical music, passionate music
Old-time is music, your love is music
The music in me
Be in drums
To the rythms of life
Everyday, after day
Din't know how I'll do without
The music today
The music todaaaaaaa-aaay
Say I'll be in drums
To the rythms of life
Everyday, after day
Din't know how I'll do without
Music today

African music, up-rising music (This is my life)
Classical music, passionate music (This is my life)
Old time is music, your love is music (This is my life)
The music in me (This is my life)

Can you feel the music?
Music in me

*I believe that Efya wrote this song, but I might be wrong about that. Please correct this information if it is mistaken.

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