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Bojo Mujo - Shiwelele (South African House/Kwaito Song -YouTube sound file, & comments)

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This is Part I of a two part pancocojams series on the South African song "Shiwelele".

This post provides information about Bojo Mujo, the record producer, singer, and composer of the 2003 House/Kwaito song "Shiwelele" and other songs. A YouTube sound file of "Shiwelele" is showcased in this post along with selected comments from the discussion thread of that sound file and from another YouTube example of this song.

Click for Part II of this series. Part II provides information about South Africa's #FeesMustFall student protest movement and showcases several YouTube videos of the South African struggle song (protest song) "Shiwelele". Selected comments about and partial lyrics for that song are also included in that post.

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Excerpt #1
"Jacki Lehlake aka Bojo Mujo was born in Limpopo Province, South Africa in a place called Modimole. Bojo Mujo became known with his debut album ‘Shiwelele’ (2003) and the house remix he made of Craig David's 2007 hit ‘Summer’. Bojo Mujo began as a singer in a church choir but today he is big in the South African house scene with five albums under his belt. He is named alongside house kingpins such as DJ Fresh, Oskido, DJ S'bu and DJ Cleo. Bojo Mujo has his own reording studio called Bojolution from where he records talented artistes such as Biblos, Moneymaker, Tea Kay and Maeli.

Bojo Mujo released a ‘House Therapy Session 2’ with the hit ‘Shine On Me’ in 2002. In 2003 he signed up Tea Kay and Maeli and released the album ‘Loop and Drums’ featuring Mujava soon followed by ‘House Therapy Session 3’ (2004) featuring the gospel hit song ‘Hlonolofatsa’. ‘House Therapy 4’ followed in 2005 and in 2008 he dropped ‘House Therpay Session 5’."

Excerpt #2
From Jan 31, 2015 "SA music producer Bojo Mujo dies"

SOUTH AFRICA – We are receiving reports that talented South African music producer Bojo Mujo has died. He is best know for hits like Summer Rain, Hlonolofatsa and Thando Lwami among many others.


Just where did Bojo Mujo, aka Jack Lehlake, get his name from?

“In the Antonio Banderas film, Desperado, the baddie who turned out to be Antonio’s brother was named Bucho. I wanted the mojo that Bucho had and thought to myself that I was going to use that guy’s name in the future,” he said in a 2009 interview.

“In 2001, when I first became serious about recording music, I went under the name Bujo Mojo, but everyone got it wrong. They called me Bojo Mujo so I just stuck with it.”
According to another article about Bojo Mujo that I read, Jan 31, 2015 was the day he died. He was 36 years old.

Excerpt #3:
Bojo Mujo’s Funeral
"Bojo Mujo’s funeral is today at Modimolle, Limpopo.

Bojo Mujo’s real name Jacky Lehlake died as a result of a respiratory failure, leaving music fans and the entertainment industry shocked.

He broke into the music scene in 2001, and rocked it until he died.

He was 36 at the time of his death, and he leaves behind his 12 year old son, his mom and 3 brothers.

May his soul rest in peace. He will be surely be remembered for his music!"

SHOWCASE EXAMPLE Bojo Mujo - Shiwelele

Thembile Dzanibe, Published on Nov 17, 2013
I've not been able to find any lyrics to this House/Kwaito song (besides the refrain "Shiwelele" or any information about what this song is about, besides that it was a popular, feel good party song that was blasted in South African taxis and elsewhere. If you know some or all of the lyrics and/or a summary of the song's lyrics, please add them to the discussion thread for this post. Thank you.

Pancocojams Editor:
I particularly focused on comments about Bojo Mujo, comments that provide information about the House/Kwaito song Shiwelele song, and comments about people's memories of this song. Numbers are assigned for referencing purposes only.

From [YouTube sound file that is embedded above]
sindisiwe Sothondoshe, 2014
"RIP Bojo Mujo, you may be gone from our sight but your music will forever live"

Lena Monyane, 2016
"Wow!this song reminds me of when I was so young,still a lovely song."

Whoonga Goat, 2017
"there was a remix of this song back in the day in PTA, it was more popular than the original, I've been looking for that version for years, but I can't find it."

Comments from another YouTube example of this song by the same singer [WARNING: This video constantly flickers because of flash photography or some other technique."Shiweleles, uploaded by kweeza on Nov 23, 2006

robbie2g2, 2007
"Cool Song!!!"

K Yan, 2007
"omg i love this song,reminds me of the gud days in botswana"

khanya allery, 2008
"this song reminds me of zimbabwe wen we were all dancing with friends"
pamzozo, 2009
"yo yo luv this song it reminds of those street bashes bac in the day...haya ahh gone are the makes a gud house beat to shake yo botty to.."

cutenessZhabit, 2009
"i love dis songg to death! ndumiso, nokwanda, vicus and mbongeni i miss u guys sooO much!! i miss ziMBAbwe perIOd!!!!!!!!!!!! ughh i wanna scream!"

Zee Zamar Mabuza, 2009
"this song neva gets old"

Pacman Mahapa, 2010
"this song reminds me when i was still in grade 3, when i was still a pantsula dance...i miss my crew man,ngwayi,ntsantsa,nthete,tsebase,kgonhlo,lebuza all of you guys miz u a lot!!!!!!!!"

Manita Lane, 2010
"I really like this tune reminds me of the old days booting with my chinas. Zim I miss you too much can't wait to go back and eat some good old sadza ne nyama :)"

Nyasha Noreen, 2013
"jaaaaaaaaaaaam for years!"

mosima collin Tlabela, 2013

nosiphiwo tonjeni, 2016
"shiwelele still rocks#2016"

This concludes Part I of this pancocojams series on the song "Shiwelele".

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