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Emmy Kosgei - "Taai" (We Are Moving Forward), Kenyan/Nigerian Gospel Song Video & Lyrics

Edited by Azizi Powell

This pancocojams post showcases Kenyan Gospel singer Emmy Kosgei's song "Taai" (We Are Moving Forward).

I've categorized "Taai" as a Kenyan/Nigerian song because it includes one line in Nigerian Pidgin English and one Igbo word (repeated twice). These Nigerian words- and its Naija flavor (according to one commenter in this song's YouTube video's discussion thread) are likely because in 2016 Emmy Kosgei married a Nigerian pastor and moved to Nigeria.

Selected comments from that YouTube video's discussion thread are included in this post.

The content of this post is presented for religious, cultural, and aesthetic purposes.

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Thanks to Emmy Kosgei for her musical legacy and thanks to Tiger and all others who are featured in this video or had a role in producing this video and song.

Thanks to all those who are quoted in this post and thanks to the publisher of this video on YouTube.

Click for information about Emmy Kosgei and the Kalenjin people of Kenya.

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Emmy Kosgei Published on Jun 3, 2016

Uploaded on June 3, 2016 by Emmy Kosgei. The official video of the track Taai from Emmy kosgei's upcoming 6th Album.

LYRICS - TAAI (WE ARE MOVING FORWARD) [with English translations]
(Emmy Kosgei)

(Chorus )
Taai .. Taai .. Taai x2. Kibendi tai
(We are moving forward)

Verse 1
Kimite bandaoo, kimite Safari
(We are sojourners .. Embarked on a journey)

Ngandamite kipsulienyit ,kiaisoti ainet
(Despite the raging storms..we shall triumph)

Kigetebi eng Komosi mising kogoyam kebe komosina,
(..We've been on this side for too long: it time to cross over -Jesus told the disciples)

Amun mitei Cheiso nyanjet orit atatuliza bahari ,hatutaogopa kamwe : tunasonga mbele'
(We shall not fear the tides because Jesus will calm the storm)

(Chorus )

Verse 2
Magibo chelite let,ama kibo chegachuchandos , kibendi eng nyiganatet Ama kitoptobeni...
(We are not of them that look back or them that get intimidated: we are moving forward boldly)

There are many mountains to conquer,many victories to be worn [probably a typo for "won"]...

We go carry dey go there is no stopping ([Nigerian] pi[d]gin English)

Gaba .. Gaba.. X3 egu atulagi

Taai Taai .. Taai tai... Taai Taai .. Kibendi tai

The words and letter in brackets are my additions or corrections to those lyrics notes.

With all due respect, instead of the translation that is given for "We are sojourners .. Embarked on a journey", a more likely standard English translation would be "We are travelers starting our journey".

Also, I think that the translation "We are moving forward boldly" would probably be given in Standard American English as "We are boldly moving forward".

My guess is that "We go carry dey go" means something like "I'm determined to move forward".

I based that translation on these online pages:

Definition: Let. Used to signify that you are going to do something. Example: Make I see you for hia again! You go chop pepper! (Let me see you here again. You will taste pepper.)

Synonyms: let, we should"

Definition: 1. to be, or to be alive
2. in the process of doing something Example: 1. I dey
2. Where una dey go?"

In Naija we dey hear Pidgin well well, January 18, 2011 by Cara Titilayo Harshman
..."Where you dey go? Where are you going?


Se you fit carry me go? Can you take me there?"

"Gaba" [Google translate from Igbo to English = proceed]

However, the standard American English translation for "Gaba" would probably be “Keep going” or “Go forward” or "Move forward" as the title indicates.

Read the comment given as #27 below and my note about "egu atulagi" that is given below it.

Please add any corrections of these notes about these lyrics. Thanks.

Here are selected comments from the discussion thread for this post's YouTube showcase video. Comments are numbered for referencing purposes only.

1. James Makau
"Don't understand Kalenjin but this lady's music is awesome."

2. Titus Kibet
"From the beginning (Taunet Nelel) bado Tunasonga Mbele (Taaai), Your songs are a progressive journey dear

3. Violah Mitei
"the first was katau banda( i have started a journey) she is really amaazing on her journey"
These titles refer to some of Emmy Kosgei's records.

5. Gilbert Nnaji
"Yes, make we carry de go, egwu agagh atu anyi. You are great, Madam. God bless you."

6. mark kosgei
"wow apart from the great message, the kalenjin language is sweet"

7. fred sagala
"Be blessed Emmy you're an inspiration to many,when you got married far away from from home i thought it was the end of listening to our Kalee songs from you,i have been proven wrong.Go Go Go .........I LOVE" TAAI.
"Kalee" is a colloquial way of saying "Kalenjin".

This commenter refers to Emmy Kosgei's marriage to a Nigerian pastor and moving to that West African Nation. Click for the article "Emmy Kosgei reveals why she married Nigerian Pastor Madubuko" By Wesley Kipng'enoh | Tuesday, Mar 29th 2016
"Gospel singer Emmy Kosgei Madubuko has revealed why he got married to Nigerian pastor Apostle Anselm Madubuko.

In an interview with Nigeria’s The Sun, the Ololo singer opened up about her marriage and music career since moving to the West African country"...

8. Muthemba Faith
"love , love this song.. Taaai...(we are pressing on)"

9. Agnes Muchemi
"Now waohhh my sister the oga touch must dy now, niger is too much ohhhh. I love the song is sweet and i love kalenjin language. Beautiful get great voice wish would go more internation with a song in English sure next time"

10. Jennifer Chebor
"This is waay international, just the way it is"
"Niger" in this comment probably means "Nigeria".

11. hellen njaraganu
"beautiful...i like the new twist: more languages, and studio work"

12. Ai Sam
"Love the Naija feels in this! no missing the Etigi moves. Welldone Sis Emmy and the team!! Great music!!"
"Naija" is a colloquial term for "Nigeria". Etigi is a traditional Nigerian dance form.

13. Kimtai Elly
"wow..awesome track legendary emmy..grt rendition n sound,,its all kale all kenyan all east african n ofcourse naija ooh..big up all the best as u progress further n further ahead no turning back"

14. Elizabeth Payne
"Great song. How many languages are here?"

15. Lilian Maxwell
"Mama Emmy has nailed it again! Beautiful masterpiece @Taai. We go carry dey go there's no stopping!"

16. chichi4praiz
"Hey Sis, this is extra ordinary, marvelous and unique. I love it, Nothing is holding us back, we are pressing on"

17. Gladys Mathu
"The long awaited video is out absolutely amazing feeling blessed Emmy you are just a blessing. one day ago shake hands with you mum."

18. Moses Ochieng
"And here it is finally! ..... tai tai... Hiyo bass ni ya Meshak... Wah! hi song inabamba. The dance and that intro! Asante sana Emmy for bringing this fresh music."
"Asante sana" is KiSwahili. Its English translation is "Thank you very much". I dont know what language inahamba are. Google translate from Swahili to English gives "That bass is Meshak." for "Hiyo bass ni ya Meshak" and just repeats the word "inahamba".

"U SIMPLY make me love kaleee wow"

20. Millicent Langat
"wow! I love this song ohh."

21. Janet Ogolla
"mek I carry dey go. wetin Papa God put His hands is blessed. dalu dalu"
I think that the Nigerian Pidgin English word "wetin" in this comment means "Whoever". I'm not sure what "dalu dalu" means

22. Sarah Asalwao
"waoh waoh ...... kibendi taai no more turning back ,nice song ,be blessed sister Emmy"

23. Raquel Kimani
"Waoh ...............I love it.............lovely on to our higher mark.........Halleluyah........"
My guess is that this commenter refers to the Christian hymn "Higher Ground". The first verse in that old hymn:
"I’m pressing on the upward way,
New heights I’m gaining every day;
Still praying as I’m onward bound,
“Lord, plant my feet on higher ground.”

24. Richard Ruson
"Gaba.. Gaba.. Gaba... Egu a tulagi, I love it. Am blessed."

25. Nicholas Karani9 months ago
hujaanza imba ki-nigeria ama hukijui???......lovely song though. super!!!!!!!!!!
Google translate from KiSwahili to English: "you start singing ki-nigeria or you do not know"

26. cheb1987
"There is Nigerian dialect Igbo and pidgin in the song unless you didn't watch till the end"

27. Gilbert Nnaji
"Yes, make we carry de go, egwu agagh atu anyi. You are great, Madam. God bless you."
According to Google translate "Gaga" from Igbo to English as "proceed". "Move Forward" is probably a better standard English translation for that word.

Google translate indicates that "egwu agagh atu anyi" is Igbo and its English translation is "We will never be". Google translate gives no Igbo to English translation that makes sense for "egu atulagi" [translation: the caterpillar tulagi]]. Are those words Nigerian Pidgin English or Kalinjin?

28. Ben Kabii
"African tune, African attire, African dance
Show them how it is done Emmy"

29. alfred tomno
" it moving forward no stopping"

30. Evarlyn Kavaya
"awesome song big up."
"Big up" is Jamaican slang for "Big up yourself"; It's meaning is very much like "Give yourself a pat on the back [for what you have done or said].

31. Qui ngugi
mad love💓💓💓💕
"Mad" here is African American Vernacular English and means "lots of"; as in [I have] lots of love for you or for this song.

32. Daniel Kimilu
"Who is reading the comments and watching at the same time ???? This is DOPE!!"
"Dope" is an African American Vernacular English word that means "very good".

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