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(Portuguese African Band) Buraka Som Sistema -"Sound of Kuduro" (information, lyrics, & video)

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This pancocojams post provides information about the Portuguese music group Buraka Som Sistema and showcases a video of that group's 2007 song "Sound of Kuduro". Selected comments from that video's discussion thread are also included in this post.

The lyrics to that song are also included in this post (via Google translates' results: English translation of the Portuguese words in that song along with the English words that were originally used for that song).

The content of this post is presented for cultural, entertainment, and aesthetic purposes.

All copyrights remain with their owners.

Thanks to Buraka Som Sistema for their musical legacy. Thanks also to all those who are quoted in this post and thanks of the video that is embedded in this post.

Click for a companion post about Kuduro music. That post includes information about Kuduro music, a contemporary music/dance form that originated in Angola, Central Africa.

"Buraka Som Sistema was an electronic dance music project from Portugal, specializing in a fusion of techno beats with the African zouk and kuduro genre. It is generally credited with creating the "zouk bass" and "progressive kuduro" variant [1] and has received an MTV European Music Award. [2] In 2015 Buraka Som Sistema said they would be taking an hiatus starting in 2016, and on July 1st 2016 they performed live for the last time in Lisbon.

Buraka Som Sistema was founded in 2002 by João Barbosa (Branko), Rui Pité (DJ Riot), Andro Carvalho (Conductor) and Kalaf Ângelo.

Barbosa and Pité were producers from the Cool Train Crew collective, for which Kalaf was a frequent vocal collaborator. They were interested in creating a kuduro project, and had previously worked together as 1-UIK Project. They met Carvalho, a hip-hop producer from Angola and member of the hip-hop band Conjunto Ngonguenha, while he was in Portugal.[3]

Buraka Som Sistema is the Portuguese word for word translation for Buraka Sound System, keeping the English word order (the correct translation would be "Sistema de Som da Buraka"). They took their name, Buraka, from the freguesia (urban district) of Buraca in the city of Amadora, in the suburbs of Lisbon.

... After touring in several European countries, including playing at the Glastonbury Festival and Roskilde Festival,[3] the three producers released "Sound of Kuduro" in 2007, which features rapping by M.I.A., DJ Znobia, Saborosa and Puto Prata."...


Kalaf: Yo! We made it, we're here, Buraka Som Sistema
Lil'John: Andro even appears in the shoot
Andro: For the first time, huh?
Lalaf: The driver is him

All Aboard!
One, drop, two, drop, three, drop, four...
Sound of Kuduro knocking at your door

Kuduro arrived, I opened the doors.
Any question will answer
Many criticized, doubted
But nowadays they dance with force
Kuduro was raised in Angola
Heavy style, the people vibrate
Angolan woman is full of fiber
Kuduro is the fruit of nature
Or a very heavy product
Thank you for creating it.
Tony Amado and quota Sebem
I consider you
When I sing, I only give
With the Buraka, it only causes confusion.

One, drop, two, drop, three, drop, four...
Sound of Kuduro knocking at your door

[Puto Prata]

Puto* Prata in the house, this is Buraka.
Kuduro is civilized
This is more than proven
It is together, it is not mixed
Repair doctoral profile
Portuguese people looking for me
I make kuduro with pure rhyme
That's why I'm in height.
Crazy rain type crazy
Up DJ, let's go
I sing very coherently
Mostly intelligence
But I'm still a gangsta
Are you reviewing? Do you want to compare?
Look at the flying babe
Good beat, are you okay?
Doctor okay

And you feel the sound of frustration
And feel the sound

One, drop, two, drop, three, drop, four...
Sound of Kuduro knocking at your door

*This rapper's name is fully spelled out although the first word in the name is profanity.

Source: Visit that site for the original Portuguese lyrics for this song.

SHOWCASE VIDEO: Buraka Som Sistema - Sound of Kuduro

BURAKA, Uploaded on Mar 3, 2008
The song begins at .19 in this video.

Here are some selected comments from this video's discussion thread. These comments are given in relative chronological order with the oldest comment published first, excerpt for replies. Numbers are assigned for referencing purposes only.

There are a lot of comments in this video's discussion thread. I chose to quote selected comments from 2011 and 2012, with particular focus on information and opinions about Kuduro music, information about Buraka Som Sistema, and comments critical of Brazilian Kuduro compared to Kuduro as it originated in Angola. I've also quoted a few comments from those two years that use superlatives (complimentary words) from African American Vernacular English.

1. FabioMansville

2. rabeandre2
"kuduro, doesn't that mean hardass?"
The Portuguese words “ku duro” literally means “hard ass”.

3. gajo cemjuizo
"@douglascgc é isso mesmo cu duro, mas em portugal, e creio que também em angola, não fazemos distinção entre cu e bunda... cu é o todo, por isso dizemos "levas um pontapé no cu, não sentes o cu aí, aquela gaja tem cá um cu" para no referirmos às nádegas... o nome do estilo de dança vem de se ter de dançar isto com as nádegas hirtas, ou melhor, com o cu duro.
(Google translate from Portuguese to English)
"Douglascgc is really hard, but in portugal, and I believe that also in angola, we do not distinguish between cu and ass ... cu is the whole, so we say "take a kick in the ass, you do not feel cu there, that Gaja has a cu cu cu "so we do not refer to the buttocks ... the name of the dance style comes from having to dance this with the buttocks hirtas, or better, with the hard ass."

4. andycloned
"man, this here is amazing!! im a hiphop head but got so much appreciation for all urban music styles and this goes hard. one love"

5. Lazers N Stimulants
"This was honestly cool!"

6. 1undread
"Pure Fire!!!!"

7. Governor Oliveira
"@xMamush angola\portugal, attention, this is not just african, the real band was all born in portugal"

"Adoro Kuduro e sou portugues.. mas temos de ser sinceros. Kuduro nao é portugues. Temos de dar valor à gente que merece. Big Up aos paises lusófonos de Africa!
(Google translate from Portuguese to English)
"I love Kuduro and I'm Portuguese .. but we have to be honest. Kuduro is not Portuguese. We have to give value to the people we deserve. Big Up to the Lusophone countries of Africa!"

8. Antonio M
"LOLOLOLOL ... how is it possible to say that Buraca Som Sistema is Brazilian?

Buraka (coming from Buraca, located in the county of Amadora, which belongs to the zone of the rue Lisboa.

Search on google.

Kuduro is music originating in Angola"

9. Archangel Smith

10. Fernando Gonzalez

11. Mamanché
"@prettyboyswagnyc Don Omar is reggaeton, not Kuduro..."

12. pc
"Don Omar is kuduro? Don Omar is boricua! He's a reggaeton legend from PUERTO RICO!! Kuduro is from ANGOLA, AFRICA! And Buraka Som Sistema is from Portugal!

Let's try to focus a little, please!"

13. thelastDAN
"Defjamaica chill out man at least give don omar some props for taking that style out to the masses....for a puerto rican cat i think he did a good job considering the music isnt from PR....."

14. chefzef
"@prettyboyswagnyc hum... I think you need to put your "google" actualized. Real Kuduro is from Angola, in Africa actually... Don Omar is from Latino America(?). And if Don Omar have the music "Danza Kuduro" (one big SH&T* in my opinion) it's because one Portuguese emigrant on France called "Lucenzo" made duet with him. And made the duet just because this music style (i don't know what is, but isn't Kuduro) had selling very well on France with Lucenzo.
*This word is fully spelled out in this comment.

There are A Lot of comments about how the Brazilian music that purports to be kuduro (and specifically Don Omar’s "Danza Kuduro") isn’t real kuduro.

Click for Don Omar's "Danza Kuduro ft. Lucenzo"

15. Rui Fernandes
"Kuduro é originário de angola, mas os buraka som sistema são uma mistura de portugal e angola, entre seus elementos... agora dizerem que em portugal ñ há isto ou aquilo ,isto é uma fusão entre portugueses e angolanos, são raizes diferentes mas quando se juntam dá algo de brutal... tanto que na minha opinião actual, o dj mais internacional e que mais vende em portugal, é luso/angolano... MASTIKSOUL, mas o sucesso foi reconhecido cá.."
(Google translate from Portuguese to English)
"Kuduro is originally from angola, but the buraka sound system is a mixture of portugal and angola, among its elements ... now say that in portugal ñ there is this or that, this is a fusion between portuguese and angolans, they are different roots but when They join together gives something brutal ... so much so that in my opinion today, the most international and best selling dj in portugal, is Portuguese / Angolan ... MASTIKSOUL, but success was recognized here."

16. Legend Historyy
"o Brasil não é só funk e samba também tem forró, sertanejo, axé, rap, tecno melody etc isso tudo está em nossa cultura e agora tem kuduro o Brasil tem muita cultura da Europa e África e também de índios. Gostei do ritmo é bem alegre quem nos trouxe esse ritmo foi um cantor de apelido latino
espero que toda essa cultura não seja esmagada pela globalização do mesmo jeito que vem coisas boas também vem só lixo como fast food, cassinos, justin bieber iron maider"
(Google translate from Portuguese to English)
"Brazil is not only funk and samba also has forró, sertanejo, axé, rap, techno melody etc this is all in our culture and now has kuduro Brazil has a lot of culture from Europe and Africa and also from Indians. I liked the rhythm is very cheerful who brought us this rhythm was a singer with Latin nickname
I hope that all this culture is not crushed by globalization in the same way that good things come, it also comes just like junk fast food, casinos, justin bieber iron maider"

17. Mrcerelak
"Kuduro parte tudo!! A minha mãe é angolana e tenho pena que ela nao me tenha ensinado/mostrado os ritmos africanos :("
(Google translate: from Portuguese to English)
"Kuduro leaves everything !! My mother is Angolan and I'm sorry she has not taught me / shown the African rhythms :("

18. zolispics1
Just saw them at Sziget festival a few hours ago. They were the bomb!!! Insanely good concert 😃

19. Iskra Ramirez
"I saw them at sziget festival too, best concert ,no one stopped dancing!!!!! demasiado bueno!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
(Google translate from Spanish to English) "demasiado bueno" = too good

[The following comment was written in response to a commenter who expressed a desire to visit Angola.]tr
20. Archangel Smith
"@sloan785 you are well come African Culture lives in ANGOLA, where there is new dance everyday..kuduro NA KAZA.."

[The following comment was written to explain the commenter's first comment that he didn't like Brazilian music that is called Kuduro.]
21. Alejandro Quetzalli
@donputo69 You take it BAD this comment. I mean i Love kuduro and this is REAL music
Don Omar make a version Called Danza Kuduro and that is alem cuz it´s not kuduro.
I really love the REAL kuduro
I´m not Racist

22. chumbrega2
"my grandma is black, and I am white, so I got a white skin and an African mind ;)"
I realize that this comment doesn't fit the categories of selected comments that I indicated I would feature here. But I couldn't help but add it. I wonder "What is an African mind"?

23. JenniferDiasChannel

24. Rafaella Barros
"I love this song so much that my neighbours thought it would be cool to invite the cops to listen as well...

25. DeeChantaL
"People love the sound of kuduru even in Bosnia"

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