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Senegalese Singer Baaba Maal -" Yela" (with a showcase video of the Dancehall dance "Bogle")

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This pancocojams post showcases a YouTube video of Senegalese vocalist Baaba Maal's song "Yela" (also known as “Hamady Boiro”).

Selected comments from this video's discussion thread are also included in this post.

That video features Jamaican movie star Carl Bradshaw (as the teacher) and includes scenes of dancers performing the "Bogle", a Jamaican Dancehall dance.

The Addendum to this post showcases a video of the 1990s Jamaican Dancehall dance called the "Bogle".

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Thanks to Baaba Maal for his musical legacy. Thanks to all those who are featured in Baaba Maal's video. Thanks also to Latonya Style for showcasing bogle dance steps. Thanks to all those who are quoted in this post. Also, thanks to the publishers of these videos on YouTube.

SHOWCASE VIDEO: Baaba Maal – Yela Uploaded on Oct 7, 2009

Music video by Baaba Maal performing Yela. (C) 1992 Island Records Ltd.
This song was featured in the 1994 American movie The Air Up There.
Selected comments from this video's discussion thread (Numbers are assigned for referencing purposes only):
1. mali9566
"The DJ is a Jamaican actor by the name of Carl Bradshaw."

2. Carlos Cooke
"i know cause i was at vid shoot with Carl Bradshaw in the vid he played the teacher
who points to the map , please note the dance is called "Bogle"
Buju Banton recorded a song by the same name ....

1 i was at the vid shoot
2 the dance the jamaican dancers did is called "Bogle"
3 i am a jamaican so i should ( them shudda know) red hotttttttt..

3. MsPrincessaj

Big ups to you, as I was just about to explain the connection between Senegal, Jamaica, the Yela rhythm, reggae, and the Bogle dance. Yela is from the north of Senegal - Baaba's home of Podor. Amazing to see Senegalese yout doing the Bogle. I think this is one of the best videos that shows the connections within the African Diaspora. I was humbled when I met Baaba Maal this summer in DC."

4. LeeFelo
I did some research and it is Macka B. Thank you for pointing it out, I don’t know much about reggae and dance hall. Also find out that the song its actually named “Hamady Boiro”, Yela I think it is the name of this Senegalese style of music."

5. Monsieur Africain
"@LeeFelo you are sort of correct, but Yela is the form of Fulani music sang by Fulani women, not really limited to Senegal but all of West Africa."

6. Monsieur Africain
"@toryor if You were from Adamawa state you would understand the language since it is Fulani."

7. desertsidewinder
"Remember Baaba Maal is Peul
he sings in peular
he is one of the best singing poets of Africa today"
“Peul” = “Fula”/”Fulani” ethnic group

8. Susie Q
"Awesome! Thank goodness for YT or we would never hear this music in the US."

9. Mouhamed Thiam
"The blend of the 2 style is extraordinaryilly wel done"

10. Ras Sjamaan
"Yeah it's a big tune and really special because Carl Bradshaw is a famous actor from Jamaica movies like " The Harder they come, Third World Cop, Smile Orange & County Man. Baaba Maal is Senegals #2 most famous artist (after youssou n'dour) singing in the traditional Fula/Fulani language. Beautiful combination!"

11. Tomas Gulas
"This is the opening song for "sounds of Africa" on kdvs radio station in Davis California. Fayia Sellu is the host."

12. 2014
Joi M Joaquin
"I love it .... de mix West African Senegal with a bit of Reggae sounds nice ... <3" **** 13. Delvia-Dean Henry-Cason "Jamaican and African link up music. Husey and Baaba Maal" -snip- “Husey”= Jose. According to a commenter, Jamaican rapper Carl Bradshaw is sometimes called known as Jose based on a character he played in a movie. **** 2015 14. Brett Fella "hey guys whats the name of this tutor in the video,the one on the Yela hook, he's Jamaican right??" ** Reply 15. Michael Denton "+Brett Fella His name is Carl Bradshaw , he is a very popular Jamaican Actor." ** Reply 16. djdancingangel "+Brett Fella The voice and the style is the one of MACKA B but the artist in the vidio is not him for sure. MACKA B - one of the British rasta reggae elders - true teacher and messenger of Jah spirit on this planet. Respect!" **** 2016 17. kirk "Yes. Carl Bradshaw, Famous Jamaican actor/musician. Most of the video was filmed in Jamaica and the dance they're doing mostly is called the "bogle" from the early 90's." **** ADDENDUM: Video Showcasing Bogle Dance Steps 22 BOGLE STEPS (Authentic Dancehall)

danceja Published on Oct 8, 2014

LATONYA STYLE demonstrates Dancehall Steps created by the legendary Gerald "Bogle" Levy aka Mr. Wacky (The Man, The History and The Dance)
Latonya Style is a Jamaican Cultural Ambassador and Dance Extraordinaire specializing in DANCEHALL, Reggae Jam'n, AfroJam, Stylish Moves, Bumpa Twerkout, Brukout Dancehall and more...

This Video is dedicated to Bogle, Boysie Roses and all the versatile female dancers who can do the male steps.
Location: Stand Pipe, Jamaica
Filmed By: Laddy Mack
Edited by: Krushaz Production
Dancer: Latonya Style of First Class Dancers and DanceJa

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