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Some Distinctive Haitian Male Names (with information about some Haitian naming customs)

Edited by Azizi Powell

This is the third post in an ongoing pancocojams series on Caribbean names. This post provides examples of some distinctive Haitian male names. Information about some Haitian naming customs is also included in this post.

For the first post in this series, click That post provides information about the female name "Wideline", includes examples of some other Haitian names, and provides information about some Haitian naming customs.

For the second post in this series click That post contains examples of distinctive Haitian female names and information about some Haitian naming customs.

The content of this post is presented for etymological and cultural information.

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Thanks to Issendai for her? his? research work that is quoted in this post.

Thanks also to those who compiled the list of pen pal names that is partially quoted in Excerpt #4 of the section entitled "Distinctive Haitian Male Names". And thanks to the editor of who compiled the list of Haitian Creole names that is quoted in Excerpt #5 of this post's section entitled "Distinctive Haitian Male Names".

I consider myself a volunteer community folklorist. In addition to other aspects of African American, African, and African Diaspora cultures, I'm interested in naming customs. By no means am I an expert on name origins and meanings (onomastics).

I'm not Haitian and I'm not of Haitian descent- that I know of. However, my maternal grandparents are from the Caribbean (Trinidad & Tobago and Barbados). And my granddaughter's paternal great grandfather was Haitian.

I started looking online for information and examples of Haitian names largely out of curiosity- mostly to ascertain whether the naming traditions of Haiti were similar to some of the contemporary naming traditions of African Americans. From perusing online web pages of Haitian names*, it appears to me that there are some general similarities but also considerable differences between Haitian naming traditions and African American naming traditions. Some of those similarities and differences will be noted in posts that are part of this series.

As is the case with my documentation and study of African American names, I'm most interested in "distinctive" Haitian names. By "distinctive" Haitian names, I mean personal names from Haiti that are unfamiliar to me and I think unfamiliar to most African Americans and most other people in the United States. I realize that many or most of the names that I consider to be "distinctive Haitian names" might not be considered "distinctive" by many or most Haitians.

*I'm particularly thrilled to have found the wonderfully rich (for people interested in names) pages at Special thanks and special hat tip to that blog!

My prayers, concerns, and well wishes remain for the people of Haiti. Here's a link to one Haitian relief organization:

Here's another link to a relief organization which works in Haiti and elsewhere:

Excerpt #1
From name your son -son
"A South American and Caribbean-wide fad for English names like Wellington and Wilson developed into a Haitian taste for names ending in the quintessentially English name ending -son. Haitians treat -son like a French name ending, attaching it to English, French, and foreign names alike: Jude becomes Judeson, Kervens becomes Kervenson. Like a French name ending, -son can stack with other endings: Yves becomes Yvens becomes Yvenel becomes Yvenelson."
A few of the names given on that page are used as or resemble surnames (last names) that are found in the United States. But, as a reminder, these examples are used as personal names (first names, middle names) in Haiti.

Here's a randomly selected excerpt from that page: personal names beginning with letters "b through d" and personal names beginning with letters "o through r". I've added numbers to this list for referencing purposes only.


"1. Beethovenson
2. Benson
3. Beramson
4. Berson
5. Bertheson
6. Bikenson
7. Billdawson
8. Billyson
9. Bobson
11. Brinelson
12. Broonson
14. Carlson
15. Charleson
16. Chatenson
17. Claudelson
18. Clauderson
19. Cleuvenson
20. Clobeneson
21. Clodeson
22. Colson
23. Dackson
24. Dahelson
25. Dakenson
26. Damickson
27. Datson
28. Davicsonn
29. Davidson
30. Davilson
31. Davinson
32. Dayson
33. Denickson
34. Denicson
35. Denson
36. Dickenson
37. Diemson
38. Dierson
39. Dieudson
40. Dieunaldson
41. Dieuson
42. Dieuvalson
44. Dikenson
44. Djebenson
45. Djempson
46. Djemson
47. Djenaison
48. Djetson
49. Djiferson
50. Djohnson
51. Djoubenson
52. Djoufkenson
53. Djvenson
54. Donaldson
55. Donalson
56. Doninson
57. Duderson
58. Dugenson
59. Dukenson
60. Dulson


61. Oberson
62. Odelson
63. Odson
64. Ofnisson
65. Olenson
66. Olivenson
67. Olson
68. Pakison
69. Patherson
70. Patterson
71. PaulKenson
72. Paulson
73. Pearson
74. Peterson
75. Ralphson
76. Raymondson
77. Rebenson
78. Redson
79. Remerson
80. Remyson
81. Renalson
82. Ricarson
84. Richelson
85. Rickson
86. Rignelson
87. Rikenson
88. Rivalson
89. Robenson
90. Roberson
91. Robinson
92. Robson
93. Rodson
94. Ronalson
95. Roodelson
96. Roodson
97. Roovenson
98. Ruchadson "

Excerpt #2
Updated 1/17/2014 "the most popular haitian baby names"
"In the interest of getting you what you're looking for, this page makes a terrible fudge of the statistics. The truth is, it's impossible to know what the most popular Haitian baby names are. There's no central authority gathering and collating data, no registry that's open to private citizens--no data, basically. But by mining a couple of unofficial sources of data, I've created lists of the most common names among Haitian university and graduate school applicants, and among babies, children, and teens in sponsored school programs and other relief programs aimed at the rural working class."...

City names
The most popular names among educated young Haitian men born in 1981 to 1993 are:
1. Junior
2. Emmanuel
3. Mackenson, Makenson
4. James
5. Peterson
6. Samuel
7. Ricardo
8. Jeff
9. Stanley
10. Ronald
11. Johnson
12. Jackson
13. Evens
14. Daniel
15. Frantz
16. Josué
17. Gregory
18. Robenson
19. Jude
20. Jonas
21. David"
Some names on this list aren't "distinctive" (as I defined that word above). However, I'm quoting this complete list for folkloric purposes.

"Country names
The most popular boys' names among rural Haitian children and teens born in 1995 to 2013 are:
1. Stevenson
2. Stanley
3. Samuel
4. Peterson
5. Daniel
6. Wilson
7. Jameson
8. Evens
9. Ricardo
10. Emmanuel
11. Junior
12. Wilguens
13. Simon
14. Schneider
15. James
16. Mickenson
17. Wilky
18. Kervens
19. Sandley
20. Wesley
21. Davidson
22. Joseph
23. Anel
24. Watson"
Some names on this list aren't "distinctive" (as I defined that word above). However, I'm quoting this complete list for folkloric purposes.
This page also includes a list of female names.

Excerpt #3
From Haitian Kreyol Names; Issendai | February 26, 2016
..."Rural Haitians have a long tradition of names in Kreyol—not Kreyolized names like Jan-Jak for Jean-Jacques (although there’s a tradition of that, too), but names composed of Kreyol words. Some are religious: God-Is-So-Great, God-Given, Jesus-Is-Here. Others are the parents’ wishes for their family: Enough-Boys for a son born after a long string of boys, Enough-Girls for a daughter born after a long string of girls. Or the parents’ wishes for their child: No-Misery, Faith, Hope.

Non-Haitian parents looking for a Haitian name for their child should be aware that middle- and upper-class Haitians think these names are hilaaaarious. With the exception of some of the Dieu- names, these names are borne mainly by peasants, so middle- and upper-class Haitians think they’re too hick for words, the Haitian equivalent of Jimbo, Billy-Bob, and Cletus. When I was collecting Kreyol names, the richest source by far was Haitian-run comment threads with titles like “Funny Haitian Names,” “Ugly Haitian Names,” and “Names I Would Never Give My Baby.” While these names are beautiful and evocative, you may want to think twice about giving one to your own child.

Some of the names on this list, particularly names beginning with Ti-, “little,” are nicknames rather than formal names. I’ve put them on the list for two reasons: First, because rural Haitians often go by nicknames that are so strongly associated with the person that they effectively become the person’s real name. And second, because I can’t tell the difference. Aheh. If you know more about Haitian names and want to weigh in on this, comment below.


Name Meaning
1. Apredieu, Apredye =Apres Dieu = after God
2. Amondieu
3. Aselhomme, Aselom, Aselòm -Assez l’homme = enough males/men/boys. A name given to a boy born after a long string of boys, in the hopes that the next child will be a girl. The female equivalent is Asefi.
4. Beniswa, Benisoit= Blessed be
5. Charitab= Charitable, merciful, kind
6. Delivrans=Deliverance (also the Kreyol name for Passover)
7. Dieudonné, Dyedoné-Dieu donne = God-given
8. Dieujuste=God is just
9. Dieulifet, Dyelifèt=God was born
10. Dieumeme, Diemème
11. Dieumerci, Dyemesi-Dieu merci = God’s mercy
12. Dieunel
13. Dieupanou, Diepanou, Dyepanou=Our God, God still lives? God yet lives?
14. Dieusel=God alone
15. Dieusibon, Dyesibon-Dieu est si bon = God is so good
16. Dieuvilhomme, Dieuvelom=God sees man
17. Dimase “Dis-moi, assez” = “Tell me, please”
18. Dyekifel, Dyekifè, Diekifè=God’s work
19. Dyelimèn
20. Dyemima, Dieumima
21. Dyenò
22. Elifèt, Elifete, Elifaite, Lifet =And he was born
23. Jezilóm
24. Mesidieu, Mesidie, Mèsidye, Merci a Dieu = Thank God
25. Plairadieu=Will please God
26. Presandieu
27. Pwofèt=Prophet
28. Samféyo, Sanmfeyo=What did I do to them?
29. Sedieu, Sedye, Cédieu = It is God
30.Selondieu, Selondye = As per or (by) God
31.Seradieu=Will be God
32. Sidyevle=If God wishes, God willing
33. Silibrèk
34. Tipiè, Petit Pierre = little Peter
35. Unseuldieu=One God alone "
I've added numbers to this list for referencing purposes only. However, note that some of these entries consist of multiple names.

This page also includes a list of female names.

Excerpt #4
From Students of the World
Penpal Statistics : Haiti; Top 100 Haitian names - Haiti, 175 penpals

[This excerpt presents the first 25 of 91 male names. The first two names were found three times, the third through fifth names were found two times, and all the other names were found one time.]

" 1. Emmanuel
2. Wood
3. stanley
4. Ed
5. James
6. Heddou Marco
7. Escthkenaz mathercol
8. Makenley
9. Frandy
10. pierre
11. Dieter Adler
12. Hercule
13. Jn Jacques
14. Estherson
17. kenny
19. Pierre stephane
20. prince-jey jey
21. Hans Whalter
22. Billy
23. Danley
24. Michael
25. Ed Allen
Some names on this list aren't "distinctive" (as I defined that word above). However, I'm quoting this complete list for folkloric purposes.

This page also includes a lists of 74 female names. With the exception of the first three names Christelle Annoa, Kensia, and Melissa which were found two times, all the other female names were found one time

Excerpt #5
From July 10, 2012 "what are some popular haitian baby names for boys and girls. i've done multiple google searches without much luck. can you help me out?"
"For boys:
Leandre, Osse, Eliasen, Jonassaint, Jonasen, Renaud, Fritz, Elifèt, Jean-Jean, Jean-Pierre, Pierre-Phillipe, Pierre-Alexandre, Frantz, Wilner, Fritzner, Fritznèl, Kristòf, Rinya, Andre, Wilfrid, Pierre, Claude, Ronèl, Etienne, Michaël, Siméon, François, Jean-François, Paul, Jean-Paul, Patrick, Emmanuel, Manno, Telly, Metellus, Casseus, Moise, Elifort, Emile, Yvon, Leroi" ...
Some names on this list aren't "distinctive" (as I defined that word above). However, I'm quoting this complete list for folkloric purposes.

This post also includes a list of names for girls.

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