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Westover High School, Fayetteville, North Carolina - "Shoot Shoot For Two" Basketball Cheer

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This post showcases a YouTube video of a North Carolina high school's stomp & shake squad performing the cheer "Shoot Shoot For Two".

This is part of an ongoing series that documents attitudes and opinions about stomp & shake cheerleading, including opinions about using other squad's cheers.

The words to this chant are included in this post along my brief analysis of the upstomp technique Selected comments from this video's discussion thread is also included in this post.

The content of this post is presented for cultural and recreational purposes.

All copyrights remain with their owners.

Thanks to all those who are featured in this video and thanks to all those who are quoted in this post. Thanks also to the publisher of this video on YouTube.

SHOWCASE VIDEO: WHS Cheerleaders...We got the Juice

jalin94, Uploaded on Oct 23, 2011

This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
The title of this video is a folk processed version (a misunderstanding) of what the cheerleader were chanting.

The words to this cheer are given in comment #15 below.

This video appears to have been taken at a cheerleader training session. Unfortunately, the name of the high school isn't given in this summary or in the discussion thread. But I think this is Westover High School, Fayetteville, North Carolina. I reached that conclusion because other comments confirm that the high school is in North Carolina. A commenter referred to the high school as "WS" and another commenter asked if this was "Westover" (but to date, no response has been given to that question). Also, a commenter wrote "My school Fayetteville, North Carolina and, according to Google search, there is a Westover High School in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

My apologies if this isn't Westover High School, Fayetteville, North Carolina. If you know the correct name for the high school please, add it in the comment section below.
[Update: September 18, 2016]
There are a number of YouTube videos of other high school cheerleading squads performing stomp & shake routines while chanting "Shoot Shoot for two". Here's a video of another squad performing "Shoot for two as a sideline cheer:
HHS Falcons Varsity Cheer - Shoot Two!

HHSCheeringFalcons, Published on Jan 11, 2016

Huguenot Falcons vs. Thomas Jefferson Vikings
The words "shoot for two" mean "Make a basket" since in basketball shooting the ball into the basket is worth two points.

These comments are numbered for referencing purposes only.
1. MrsNickxxJonas
"Umm .... You stole this cheer from West Charlotte"
"West Charlotte" is a high school in Charlotte, North Carolina. That high school has a number of stomp & shake cheers on YouTube, although I haven't found a video of West Charlotte's squad chanting "Shoot for two:. Click for a video example of that squad. Note that the summary of that West Charlotte video is "WCHS Cheerleaders performing at the FIRST annual Stomp n Shake Competition 2/23/2013". A representative from that competition wrote this comment:
Tahvyea Rains, 2014
"As the Co-Director of the NC Stomp and Shake Competition, I am so excited to see your energy and enthusiasm over the competition! I hope to see all of you and you teams compete this year. We are opening new divisions and letting other states compete!!!! National Stomp & Shake Cheerleading Championships coming FEBRUARY 2014!!!!" 

2. Sara Red
"@MrsNickxxJonas Alot Of School Steal Cheers , Who Really Cares . You Can Go To Any School I Bet You They Got At Least One Of Their Cheers From Another School"

3. Reanna Sims
"@MrsNickxxJonas naw we took it frum them cause west charlotte looked to ghetto and trash in the bag so we stole it from WHS Cheerleaders cause they did id better thanks !

4. jalin94
"Ok get over it...You act like we the only school stole from people. Name 1 highschool Cheerleading Team that didnt stole from another school with a cheerleading team....Sooooo you be Aite.."
I think "Aite" here is a form of "hate", meaning that jalin94 thinks that MrsNickyxxJones is "hatin" (on that cheerleading squad).

5. Reanna Sims
"@MrsNickxxJonas and ur point is we all steal cheers and i mi team just took this one and we live all the way in indiana so [profanity initials deleted]"

6. jalin94
"@ayeeyoprettay Thanks cus @MrsNickxxJonas was acting like this shid was something new and mad cus WHS Did it better then her team."
"Shid" may be a typo of a curse word or may be a vernacular way of saying/spelling that curse word.

I don't see any comment from @ayeeyoprettay. That may have been a previous screen name for Reanna Sims.

7. edniyja pretty
"omg you'll good my entire school almost know this cheer.. fRom my cheer squad doin it all day even @ home jst screamin out shoot shoot for 2!!. then my friends start singin it WITH ME lol dis cheer hard it get ppl ATTENTION"
ppl = people

[This comment was written in response to a comment that insulted the heavyset cheerleader in that squad.]
8. Ximmoria Love, 2013
"I've been cheering since I was 5 and this stomp cheer go hard. Beat is clean. Arm motion is clean. Love this cheer. And the thick in the back was hittn it. And I'm a thick cheerleader. And everyone says I'm a beast. So stop hating on What your cheer team ain't got."
"Thick" here means "heavyset", "big boned" ("overweight"; "fat")

9. ChelseaSworldd
"This is my cheer! Love this one... Its alot of people that do this, high schools and colleges... I mean you make a good cheer, and its powerful... It'll happen!"

10. Adrian Lewis
"This cheer is a disgrace, motions are sloppy, people are off, you sound a hot mess when you say it and i can barley understand you. (jussayin) #ProudCheerleader4YEARSSTRONG"

11. Teya J
"@adrian Lewis it's really not. This cheer go hard, their moves aren't sloppy, and they are tight in arms and hip movements. Y u raining on somebody's parade? Back back b&&ch!"*
*This word was fully spelled out in this comment.

14. DeMecca Prude
"What are the words to this cheer ?"

15. Tamara Coleman
"Shoot 2 (aye) shoot shoot for 2 x2
Shoot 2 ( aye, aye)
Take it to the hoop and shoot for 2"

16. thalia walls

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  1. To reiterate something that I've alluded to before if not directly noted, one of the reasons that stomp & shake cheerleading fascinates me is how that relatively new style of cheerleading (beginning in the late 1960s/early 1970s) is considered not really cheerleading by traditionalists (including some Black folks). However, slowly but surely elements of those new styles of cheerleading become "integrated" into the mainstream cheerleading cultures, including children's cheerleading squads until - they become more and more accepted/acceptable by mainstream and non-mainstream societies.

    One of the things that I've seen happen with African American originated cultural products is that once they become integrated into mainstream (i.e. mostly White) society/ies, people purposely or otherwise forget that they came from Black folks.

    I want to document and share information about stomp and shake cheerleading -the cheers as well as the performance styles- as a means of helping to ensure that credit for the origin of this performance art is given to its creators- African Americans.

    I'm also interested in discussions of whether university squads such as Winston Salem State University Cheer Phis and Virginia State University's Woo Woos who create iconic cheers "own" those cheers (words and performance routines) or do they become part of folk culture's public domain? In other words, when other squads -including children's squads use cheers and their routines that are known to have been created by a specific university squad (or a high school squad for that matter) is that stealing?

    I've noticed that embedding is now no longer permitted for some old (and iconic) WSSU videos, for instance, videos of the cheer "You Get No Respect In Here".

    I'm assuming that other HBCU cheerleading squads wouldn't consider performing a cheer such as that which is so closely associated with one of their competitors. And there may have been a time when high school, middle schools, or elementary school cheerleading squads-particularly squads that are in the same geographical area as that university wouldn't perform a university squads signature cheer without prior permission. But I think nowadays, the fact that a signature stomp chant/cheer is closely associated with a very well regarded university stomp & cheer squad, serves as even more of a reason why high schools, middle schools, and elementary schools squads want to perform that cheer, and often want to perform it the same way that squad that created it performed it or still performs it. Perhaps unless the squad is located close to that university, they don't seek permission to do that cheer.

    I believe that credit definitely should be given to a university (or high school etc.) squad that creates particular cheers/cheer routines. But-especially as a result of YouTube- the horse is already out of the barn when it comes to trying to keep other squads from performing any stomp and shake cheer...